How to get cheap airplane tickets?

How to get cheap airplane tickets?When we love to travel getting an affordable airplane ticket is a big deal. Cheap does not necessarily mean to compromise in service or the experience.  To get a good airplane ticket at an affordable price one has to do a little homework before buying.

1- Shop around:

No website sell the most affordable airplane tickets than all the rest. It is good to compare websites, and to cross check with the official airline in mind. One can be surprised how many times it is cheaper to buy an airplane ticket in Expedia or Orbitz than from the airline webpage.


2- Set up a budget in your mind:

Before for a ticket it is good to have a number in mind. What is the price I want to pay for a specific airline in a specific route? If you find something close to that budget, just go ahead and buy it, it is true that there are always chances the price can drop in the future but it is even more possible that the price will go up.


3- Consider different alternatives:

To get miles is not always the best deal, if a ticket in a different airline is cheaper the difference is substantial I do not hesitate to get it. At the same time to buy two segments separately (even in the same airline) could be cheaper, Flying from USA to the Middle East may be more affordable buying a segment from USA to and from there to the Middle East.


4- Be willing to do connections:

Most people prefer non stop flights, that is ok but they are costly. Connections after all is not a terrible thing especially in Europe, and the Middle East where airports are beautiful and offer amazing shopping and dining possibilities.


5- Not all the days of the week are the same:

When shopping online compare different dates for departure and arrival, normally Mondays and Fridays are more expensive, but just try each day of the week and you could easily be surprised with the price difference in the same route.


6- Consider flying Low Cost:

It does not necessary mean to have a bad flying experience. There are many Low Cost airlines that are even better that regular carriers, a good example of trustworthy Low Cost companies are Air Asia and Easyjet.


7- If you are willing to save, fly at weird hours:

Most flights arriving or departing late night or very early morning are cheaper. The same thing happens for some particular dates such as Christmas day, New Years Day and Thanksgiving Day that are among the cheapest days to fly.


8. When shopping around turn on incognito mode in your computer: In this way travel websites will not detect one is really looking for that particular flight or route. 




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