How to score a free upgrade in a luxury hotel? Just follow these simple tips.

How to score a free upgrade in a luxury hotel? Just follow these simple tips.


Who wouldn’t want to be upgraded when staying in a hotel? As a matter of fact it is possible to be upgraded and not have to pay a lot of money for that.  What is necessary in many of the cases is to follow the right strategy or to say the right words and one can end up scoring a great room.


In more than in any other places fidelity pays. The easiest way to get free perks is belonging to one of the many fidelity programs. Hotels value their guests and especially those who repeat their stays in the same hotel or even in the same brand. For those who reach the highest status, some of the pluses may be free breakfasts, great room upgrades, free internet, and many other things.

Something very important is to be nice, do not demand to be upgraded, but ask for it in a good way. Many of those doing the check-in are able to give you that perk, but it is a fact that if you are rude with the person he or she will not be in the mood to please you.

Dress nice! Hotels are always looking for potential loyal customers, those business or pleasure travelers who most likely will repeat their stay, and if you do not look like one of those they will certainly not give you the extras.

Ask directly. It does not hurt to ask for the upgrade. Be direct, nice but direct. It even helps if you already know what you want. Do not ask for impossibilities I have heard people asking for an upgrade to the presidential suite unless you are a diplomat or a CEO of a very important company there are very few chances to receive a positive answer to such a request. Many times it is easier to be upgraded for free to a room with a desirable view or on high floor.

How to score a free upgrade in a luxury hotel? Just follow these simple tips.Travel against the flow. As lower the season as higher, the chances of being upgraded will be. If it is a typical business hotel stay during the weekend the prices are lower, the personnel handles less stress and the place is almost entirely for oneself and of course the chances of being upgraded increases.

If you already have been in another property of their same chain, just mention it during the check-in process. The personnel will be impressed with travelers that have stayed in some of their other best hotels, and they will want to please you. But do not lie, they most likely will have records of your past stays even if you are checking-in in the Caribbean and your past stay was in .

Are you celebrating a special occasion? don’t be shy and share it during check-in. It does not matter if it is a birthday, an anniversary, graduation, retirement or even the visit of a relative from far away. Most likely the personnel of the hotel will want to do more to make your stay memorable.




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