How to build your itinerary of Morocco

How to build your itinerary of Morocco


Morocco is an exotic yet inviting destination for travelers with some experience. The beauty of North Africa is surreal, the mighty Atlantic, deserts, mountain ranges and various cultural traditions. Nowhere is it more concentrated in our experience than in , one of the most stable countries in the area.


Starting points:


The first thing to realize that your most affordable bet for getting into Marocco will probably be from Europe, Africa or the Middle East. The national carrier and other airlines connect to various continents, but for example you might find a more affordable ticket to Spain or Portugal and then find a ferry or low cost airline flight into Morocco for a better price.


Where to begin:

Almost anyone coming to Morocco has a couple in mind: Fez, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Tangier, Rabat. Any one of these can be a great starting point. Tangier especially if coming over from Spain in a ferry which will only run you 40 Euros or so. Flying into any of the other cities usually brings you to a nice yet small airport with a taxi ride into town that will cost around 20 Euros, but be ready to negotiate, you can get a good price if you are familiar with this custom.


Possible journeys:



This ten plus day voyage will take you North to South hitting the countries port/beach cities on each end, with time in the hills of Fes, the colorful markets in Casablanca and the beautiful and Riads in Marrakesh.  This is a city centric journey, the medinas, hotels and restaurants where the country’s various identities are blended in urban environments.


Marrakesh – Fes -Volubilis, Moulay Idriss Zerhoun & Meknes- Rabat

The journey will take you through the country’s more developed cities in a week or more and incorporate the Roman ruins of Volubilis, and to see the shrines of the country’s founding and longest serving rulers respectively. Finishing up in Rabat the country’s capital and royal city.


Marrakesh – Oukaimeden – Taghazout -Agadir 

This itinerary will bring you into one of the country’s most regarded cities, but straightaway get you out into adventure if that’s what thrills you. Oukaimeden is set right in the heart of the Atlas mountains not far from Marrakesh. It is a full blown ski resort and when you’re through with that head to the Atlantic Ocean to capture, sun, sand and surfing, if your are into any of those, you won’t be disappointed in Taghazout or Agadir.


This is a general overview, but every city along here is connected by trains, buses and you can rent a car too. Just remember the infrastructure is good with public transit, but it is not spelled out like it is in other countries, plan ahead, ask lots of questions etc. it is a doable adventure.


How to build your itinerary of Morocco


I am a medical student and a world traveler native to Costa Rica, but I have lived in seven different countries and travelled to more than 100. I am vegetarian and a lover of wines. My favourite destinations always include the mountains, wild nature and places were I can bike.


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