How to book the perfect hotel

How to book the perfect hotel


Bad news! The perfect hotel does not exist, at least not for everybody. What does exist is a good hotel for this or that traveler or for this or that trip. Everybody has different demands and expectations, as well cater to different segments of the population. It is possible to find a property that fits one’s requirements, but some very important tips have to be kept in mind if one does not want to end up frustrated with the lodging selection.


Even more important than knowing the hotel it is important to know oneself: Hotels are different and most of the time they are happy to be just like that, in this way they can target specific groups. Hilton offers a great variety of options from luxurious properties to business friendly hotels, on the other hand other brands targets the traveler looking for the All Inclusive upscale service, this kind of traveler may prefer The Luxury Included experience at Sandals Resorts, of course for more budget minded travelers the ideal option may be Country Inns & SuitesWhat is good for one person is not for another.


Read reviews but do not over trust them: Reviews are written by other travelers just like you (well at least most of the reviews) so try to understand who is writing. A family will be quite upset in a little boutique hotel that is good for business people, so they may give a bad rating to that place that will be perfect for someone else.


Knowing where to book is tremendously important, Expedia is probably the biggest online travel seller, there is a huge variety of options, but normally one in Expedia more establish properties, those looking for other possibilities may find very or those willing to push the envelop a little more may want to take a look into a vacation Rental, for this  is a great option
Location versus facilities: hotels in the best locations of the city normally sacrifice in terms of space and comfort. So if one is a traveler who intends to be in the streets the whole day the best thing is not to spend so much in a hotel night, just book a normal good place and explore the city. If the intention is to overindulge in a beautiful property the sacrifice might be the location. Many times it is good to take a look directly into the company webpage, one may find great deals with an incredible selection of properties, Radisson is one of our favorites for the variety hotels they have around the world.


Go against the season: I never get tired of giving this advice. It is just crazy to go to Paris or in August, everything is expensive, streets are overcrowded, service is not that good. Booking a hotel in low season comes with many perks, one gets to stay in better properties for excellent prices, it is easier to score a good upgrade and everybody is more rested and eager to help. A great page to find last minute deals is

If an amenity in a hotel is chargeable and you were expecting it in a complimentary basis it never hurts to ask for it, in most of the cases hotels want to make loyal customers happy and they will be willing to give you parking for free or the use of the health club with a good discount.    Luxurious hotels are opening every month around the world, a good night sleep is a very important part of the travel experience, but hotels nowadays are more than good beds, hotels have become destinations in themselves.




  1. Great tips! We read reviews and try to put the negative reviews in perspective before we dismiss a potential accommodation. We also find that places with no reviews can be great – they just need that first review to get them going!

    We’ll definitely be working on those chargeable amenities as we rarely think to ask, even when we are shocked to find it as an extra cost.

    1. Great input guys, thanks for reading see you around #TWWT

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