How much does it cost to get a taxi from Dehradun to Mussoriee, India?

How much does it cost to get a taxi from Dehradun to Mussoriee, India?


If you are traveling to the scenic and beloved town of Mussoriee in you’ve most likely done some real research, as it isn’t a place you just stumble upon. This panoramic city and its environs are the gateway to India’s Tibetan region of the Himalayas. 


Logistical Challenge

There is not much to be found online about the logistics of getting a taxi to Mussorie, from the nearest and big city which is Dehradun, one and a half hours away by car on winding mountain roads. Having made the journey ourselves in a hired taxi from Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport we can report that it is an affordable and easy process.


Finding a taxi

Dehradun Airport is quite small, as soon as you exit baggage claim you will see a taxi stand slightly to your left. It is called Ishwar Taxi Service (9719110191). We approached a very friendly employee and told him the hotel we were looking to reach in Mussoriee. He immediately knew it and quoted us a price of 1700 rupees which was a great deal less than the hotel car (7,000 rupees) and other sources we were quoted beforehand (Ola for 5,500 rupees) and a basic cab for (2,500 rupees).


The 1700 Rupees was a final price. We paid in cash and a receipt was written out with the drivers plate number. It is slightly confusing walking out of the terminal as several people will try to guide you to the car reserved looking for a luggage tip or to get you into their own car. I backtracked inside to ask the taxi stand to point out where exactly my driver was, which they graciously did.


The ride went smoothly and even when it is a challenging drive the driver handled it very well. He delivered us without incident and was very friendly even when we were not able to communicate at all.


Far Better than the Bus

We recommend this service over getting the local bus for several reasons. If you take the bus you will have to take a taxi to the ISBT bus stand in Dehradun (near the railway station) and most likely a taxi from central Mussoriee to your hotel. The bus schedule as well as these transfers will consume loads of time in what is already a long journey.


How much does it cost to get a taxi from Dehradun to Mussoriee, India?

Matt and George

Matt and George

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