Hotel Review: JW Marriott Jakarta Indonesia

Hotel Review: JW Marriott Jakarta Indonesia


The Jakarta hotel scene is a big one with many noteworthy names of top hotel chains around the sprawling capital. Such a display makes competition good and the local price range has some excellent rates compared to what many of these charge elsewhere around the globe. A recent trip to Jakarta provided the opportunity to explore the JW Marriott property.


At first impression the hotel occupies a beautiful roundabout development. It is settled in the diplomatic neighborhoods and everything is lush, tropical and scenic. Sometimes first impressions can leave the most lasting impressions, so prepare yourself for the regimented level of security you will undergo at check in. There is good reason as the hotel was the scene of an attack years ago, a reminder of the various ideologies that come with a population of millions upon millions. Guard staff are extremely friendly but at the same time very serious every time you come in and out of the hotel.


Check In

The lobby and social areas of the bottom floors are beautiful. Polished stone, fresh flowers and ornate furnishings allow one to feel the luxury of the hotel right away. As in many Asian countries the level of service and expectation is immediately present from the attentive check in staff to the person who walks you to your room. Our rewards status was recognized and appropriate upgrades were given. It is immediately noticeable that the hotel is a popular spot for tourists and business people alike.



In all honesty the rooms are the one part of the hotel that do not make sense. They are not too big and the furnishing is more like one would expect at a standard Marriott. They are certainly clean and functional, but nothing to write home about. A facelift would be nice, but the issue of space seems to be poorly designed especially for such a large skyscraper. Staff provided welcome snacks and turn down service was prompt too.



The lounge is set atop the hotel and it covers the width of an entire floor. This makes for a beautiful overlook as well as plenty of natural light. There are always snacks available and the staff are always at the ready to serve you something or help with business or planning needs. Breakfast may be taken here and it is quite nice. Also dinner is a conglomerate of Western Favorites, Indonesian specialties and a wide range of cocktails. All forms of media are present for viewing and reading leisure.


Recreational facilities

A few floors above the lobby sits a rooftop garden overlooking the central courtyard. It offers serene views of the downtown skyscrapers all around while creating a Balinese style tropical garden. There is an outdoor pool, an extensive gym with attendants and all forms of workout equipment as well as a sauna, locker room, steam room and Jacuzzi. Massage treatments are available for what are competitive prices in the overall picture of hotel massages.



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