Four Seasons hotel St. Louis, MO

Four Seasons hotel St. Louis, MO


One of the more captivating that rises from the Midwestern plains, St Louis is a great place to visit and a city with a friendly and easygoing vibe. Put all this together with its historic displays, vivid neighborhoods and triumphant arch and it can be a real home away from home. This friendliness is further explored and felt in the cosmopolitan reaches of downtown and at the stunning Four Seasons St. Louis.


The hotel sits atop a popular casino in view of the arch and the entire downtown and riverfront district, truly a coveted spot. It depends on the season and price of the room, but for the most part, with good planning and weighing all the options this is certainly a worthwhile place to stay. In fact it has very good rates compared to many other Four Seasons properties across the globe.


Four Seasons hotel St. Louis, MOFirst off parking is included in the large parking garage that serves the hotel and casino. There are elevators that bring one directly to the spacious and plush lobby. Staff are commendably courteous at check in and we were upgraded after asking politely and informing them of a previous stay at another Four Seasons property. The lobby included complimentary wifi access and the room did for one device.


The hotel offers over 200 guestrooms and suites. Many rooms have the coveted arch view that truly makes one feel like the soaring arch is just within reach from the lofty hotel. Floor to ceiling windows make the view larger than life. The décor is a blend of traditional colors with modern furnishings and sleek styles. It is defined as urban chic.


Four Seasons hotel St. Louis, MOThe public areas of the hotel are connected on three mid level floors by an amazing glass staircase that looks out over the river. It connects the lobby with the stylish Cielo bar, the outdoor pool and lounging area, the spa and gym facilities and the lowest floor has the spacious ballrooms and conference centers.  It truly gives one a VIP feel, the public space is to see and be seen. The seven million dollar art collection is one of the most precious assets and it embraces you and draws you in at every corner of the hotel.


The most indulgent and rewarding aspect of the hotel is the spa. It dedicates a massive amount of space to an ultra modern and sensory stillness experience. Access is included with a regular stay and it boasts all glass steam rooms, whirlpools in each of the locker rooms and a common relaxation area with snacks, beverages and most scenic of all an unobstructed view of the river and the arch while you soak in a heated Jacuzzi. Music, falling waters, lazy recliners and eleven treatment rooms offer some heavenly experiences.


The Four Seasons St. Louis combines all the plush luxuries of a cosmopolitan penthouse yet stays down to earth, friendly and even trendy right at the heart of all that makes St. Louis so inviting and exciting.


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