Hotel del Coronado: Is San Diego’s icon worthwhile?

Hotel del Coronado: Is San Diegos icon worthwhile?

One of the most iconic sights of San Diego is Hotel del Coronado with its red colored Victorian spires. Known locally as “hotel del” it is actually not set in the city proper, but on the idyllic and scenic island of Coronado, connected to the downtown. Whether one is staying or visiting, it is considered a top attraction, is it worth the stay?


A hotel full of history and charm with a photogenic side too is the best way to describe it. The place is on the bucket list of many just for its renown. To be fair it is best to say that the hotel offers good service, impressive architecture and a strong tradition, but it can be sometimes overrun with guests, it relies a bit too much on its famed reputation and simply does not measure up to the service one will find in the more modern which might fall in the same price range. If one is staying here it is certainly for proximity to the lovely beach and a stay in a long standing property.


Hotel del Coronado: Is San Diegos icon worthwhile?From the first moment of entry the hotel is remarkable for its vintage . One will find wooden staircases, chandeliers, posh carpets and even a sharply dressed elevator man. As a not for guests and visitors parking on site is quite pricey for both short and long term visits. Staff were quite friendly in each aspect of the hotel service, but again sheer numbers of guests and visitors take away some of the detailed attention and privacy one is looking for in a beach resort. This is much more of a hotel to enjoy being seen at, of course some of the more private villas offer more dedicated escapes.

Rooms are well furnished with a healthy blend of new and old amenities. Many offer great ocean views while others look over courtyards and atriums.  There are many places to socialize and relax. The grassy courtyard has bars and buffet stations on occasion. The lower levels of the hotel are like a mini-mall with lots of boutique stores, themed restaurants, a café and bars with live music.  There are two major pools on site and one is adults only with an outside Jacuzzi. The Spa is a major site of pampering and wellness innovation. There are many packages and techniques one can explore here.


Excursions and activities are never too far away when one is on the beach, there are rentals for bikes, watersports and sailing. Golf, yoga and city tours are never far away either. All things considered there is a lot to do and see and much to appreciate, but if one is hoping to escape the crowds rather than join them, another location might be in order. Hotel del Coronado is certainly worth seeing as it is a beautiful structure with an impressive legacy.


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