The Hotel Alfonso XIII, is a living masterpiece in Seville, Spain

The Hotel Alfonso XIII, is a living masterpiece in Seville, Spain


Seville is an Andalusian treasure city, behind the walls of its ornate palaces, churches, neighborhoods and historic buildings one can find centuries old expressions of luxury. When visiting the we could not help but be immersed in the opulent layers of beauty and visit the city’s top hotel: The Luxury Collection Hotel Alfonso XIII.


The setting is an unmistakeable palace property right in the heart of the city’s pedestrian center. The hotel offers over 150 rooms to discerning guests who wish unparalleled access to the heartbeat of the city mixed with all the benefits of Andalusian, Castillan and Moorish artistic displays and architecture. The neighborhood of Santa Cruz wherein the hotel is located is full of fountains, parks, trolley’s, a historic tobacco factory and the nearby river. Tapas Bars and lively little restaurants seem to be down every alley and on every square.


The hotel’s main reception area is a bit of a high traffic zone. Not only it is the site for guests to come and go, but it also plays host to tourists and others just wishing to have a look at the hotel. Luckily it is inviting and spacious for all. Much of the amenities, restaurants and hotel rooms proper are well tucked away from the entrance. Staff have a reputation for being professional and quite helpful. While the building may be historic it is delightfully updated where it counts. Internet is available in the entire hotel, there is a modern gym with excellent equipment and a full sauna. The palace garden areas are home to the quiet pool which is nicely tucked inside. There is ample dining out of doors in the garden areas as well, when the weather permits.


Rooms are above all authentic journeys into the times and treasures of the celebrated past. Room décor varies on the style being presented along with the space dimensions depending on if the room is deluxe or grand deluxe. Spacious even moreso are the junior, deluxe, executive or royal suites which ascend in ever impressive superlatives of refined décor. For those looking for a quick refresher the American Bar is located in the lobby wing around the central courtyard. Restaurante San Fernando is perhaps the gem of the hotel and one of the city’s most celebrated spots for upscale dining reflecting the local cuisine. Terraza XIII and the Lebanese restaurant take care of outside dining on the grounds with expert skill.


There are nine meeting rooms of various sizes, which perfectly serve everything from conferences to wedding receptions. One must often recall that one is staying in a hotel when moving around the halls, courtyards and rooms as it feel more like staying in a museum in the public spaces. Alfonso XIII truly is a unique perspective and a promise of the many wonders the city will unfold to visitors.

The Hotel Alfonso XIII, is a living masterpiece in Seville, Spain


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