How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry


How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry


Hong Kong International offers many international connections at an affordable price, so it is not uncommon to see travelers arriving there and jumping to Shenzhen where many international corporations have offices or intentions to connect via Shenzhen International airport that offers many domestic flights to mainland .

If you are using these ferries between the HKIA Airport and the China Mainland terminal you do not need a Hong Kong Visa, because you are never actually entering Hong Kong.

How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry

You take the airport train to the spot marked for the mainland ferries


There are several ways to from Hong Kong International airport to Shenzhen, probably the most affordable (but at the same time the lengthiest one) is using the metro all the way from Hong Kong Airport. There are as well many buses to different points in Shenzhen. I personally have used all the previous options but the last time I decided to try the ferry and I can say it is by far the best option.

How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry

Follow the signs in the airport to the ferries

It is possible to catch one of the ferries directly from Hong Kong Airport. One goes  from there to ferry port close to Shenzhen international airport. There is a second options, a ferry that goes to Shekou port. I choose the last one since there is a metro station very close by.


A very good thing is that one has not to go through immigration at Hong Kong. Once one arrives, it is just a matter of following the signs to the ticket office.

How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry

The ticket line in the ferry terminal

Once in the ticket office one buy the ticket, it is 200 Yuans, and then give to the agent the bag tag, they pick up the bag for you and deliver it at the arrival port in Shenzhen.


How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry

The security checkpoint for the ferry terminal


Half hour before the departure time one goes through a security check in and from there a train transport passengers to the departure port.

How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry


The ferries are normally very punctual and it only takes around half hour to reach Shenzhen. Once in the arrival port just follow signs to immigration. From this point everything happens just like in any other arrival points.


How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry

The waiting area for the ferry


One shows the passport to the officer and form there one goes and pick up the bag, go through customs and them go and look for the bus or metro.


How to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen via Ferry

On board the ferry


Everything is really straightforward. A good thing with Shekou port is that despite being a super modern and huge facility it is very quiet, so it is possible to do all the arrival requirements in just 15 minutes or less.





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17 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Regarding the China 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit.
    I am planning to fly from MNL to XMN and stay for 2 days then fly out of XMN to PEK to catch my flight to JFK. I will not leave PEK airport while waiting for my flight to JFK. Am i within the rules of the 72 Hour Visa Free Transit?
    By the way, you have a very simple and very informative website, please keep up the good work.
    Thanks, Paul

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Thanks Paul,

      This itinerary would violate the terms of the 72 hour visa because the city in which you use it has to be the connection point to the international destination. e.g. if you were going from XMN to JFK yes, but not with another China stop in between.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  2. Meredith says:

    Hello, I have a question about this process. I am traveling to Hong Kong Airport. I will arrive there at 7pm. From my understanding, the last ferry to She Kou leaves at 9:45pm. Is it possible to complete this process with my arrival time? From what I can see in your post, I do not have to go through immigration in Hong Kong Airport if I am taking a ferry right away, is that correct? Also, where do I go upon exiting my flight to get the ferry? Thanks a lot for your help.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Meredith, Thanks for your question. We have not used that specific route, but we can tell you that the ferries are clearly marked in the airport and you will pass through immigration as you land from taking the ferry. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  3. Helen says:

    Hi l have read your page a few times. Thanks for all the details especially.

    But do you have the departure timetable for Hongkong airport to Fuyong port please? I.e, what time the last one leaves ? For our flight arrives in Hongkong at 6pm…

    Thank you very much for your help,

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Helen,

      Thank You for your enthusiasm about our page, We love helping people travel. Unfortunately we don’t have any particular information on those transfers that are not found elsewhere on the web. We recommend contacting the port authority directly. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  4. Jeff says:

    Can I assume the going in the opposite direction (Shenzhen to Hing Kong) is the same, in that after going through in Shenzhen I can board a ferry directly to Hong Kong airport and chck in there for a flight?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Jeff thanks for your question, we have not done this exactly so we don’t want to give you misleading information. We suggest you check with the Port Authority website. Safe Travels. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  5. Josh says:

    Hi there, thanks for the great post. Can you tell me if I have checked luggage- Cam is till get the ferry? Don’t I have to go through immigration in order to collect luggage before going anywhere?

    Look forward to your response.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Josh, there is usually a service to have the luggage checked all the way to your destination or a pick up point somewhere inside, we have seen both in the past. So unless something has changed you don’t have to go out to immigration in HK. Simply ask at the check in desk and they will make you aware of the procedure.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  6. Dora T says:

    What is the earliest time the ferries from HKIA depart for Shenzhen?
    I arrive into HK IA on Cathay Pacific on Nov 5 at 0610 hrs and need to be at Shenzhen airport to catch the 11:30 am flight to Jinan.
    Is this a good option to take the ferry to Shenzhen and connect to the Shenzhen airport?

  7. fennnie says:

    hi.. as i will be travelling with my friend to shenzhen via the ferry at airport. able to advice beside shekou port is there any alight place near to “lo wu” station? can we just get the ferrybticket upon arrive at HKG airport instead of purchasing online.

  8. victor vitto says:

    hello ,
    I will be travelling from Xiamen to Manila Via HK, I’m planning to meet someone in Shenzhen, I only have only 1 valid entry visa to china. will arrived in HK 9:00, and got to Shenzhen 1PM, and back to HK at 19:00 for my flight to Manila . does this covered the 72 hours No Visa?

    Thank you

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Vic,

      Thanks for writing. If you have a single entry visa into China in your passport already you can use it for a land crossing to Shenzhen. However landing in Hong Kong is not covered under the 72 or 144 hour visa that tourists can get on arrival. This only applies at select airports in mainland China (HK and Macau are special areas) where you have to arrive and depart from that same airport within the time they give you the visa. We hope this helps.

  9. Ankita says:

    Thanks for the post. it is really helpful

    I am travelling to Shenzhen and I have a chinese visa fo my entry. However I don’t have a Hongkong transit Visa and my flight lands in Hngkong. Do you think I can take the ferry from the Hongkong airport and directly do my chinese immigration instead of passing through hongkong immigration?

    Please also let me know if the same ferry service works for the return journey from Shenzhen to Hongkong airport.


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Anika,

      We’re glad you found the post helpful, thanks for writing! Upon leaving the aircraft head to Transfer Area E2, following signs to “Mainland/ Macao Ferries” to the ferry ticketing counter. Here you can buy ferry ticket to Shenzhen or other mainland cities without needing to go out into Hong Kong.

      If you have check-in luggage, DON’T collect your luggage in the carousel area as it is located beyond Hong Kong customs. When you buy your ferry ticket, give the service personnel your luggage tag and they will collect your luggage and bring it onboard your ferry directly, so you need to collect it once you have arrived in your Chinese mainland port.

      Please like us in Facebook

  10. varthi says:

    is ferry (airport to shenzhen )service available today (02-07-2019)

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