Airport to city transit: Hong Kong Airport Express

Airport to city transit: Hong Kong Airport Express


It always makes a journey more enjoyable when one has a good range of transit options available at the destination . After a long or short flight a quick transit to a place where we can drop our bags and rest may just seem like a means to an end, but it is heartily appreciated. One such method is the Hong Kong Airport Express.


Being a set on a mountainous series of islands and peninsulas, brings challenges about putting the airport anywhere near the downtown central district or even on the Kowloon side for that matter, but the logistics have been more than covered with an affordable and efficient high speed rail network that can get one into central within 24 minutes. The possibilities don’t end here. The express train has two or three stops along the way that connect to many of the outlying metro lines, so you don’t have to go into central and make your way out of town again. Finally for all metro lines with short to mid range distance within the city central is the stop of choice with a quick transfer onto any of these other lines.


To take the Airport Express Train pick up your luggage and pass customs. Immediately outside one can find Airport Express desks with personnel attending, go here instead of the automated machines further on. Here you can ask directions, easily pay by credit card and ask for specialized tickets for multiple passengers and return and fully integrated tickets to use on the entire metro network. The staff are friendly and informative and there is seldom any line.


Once having exited this area there will be clearly marked signs on the very same level pointing towards the Express Train. It is even closer than walking outside and indeed you don’t even leave the building to hop on. Trains depart at about 10-minute intervals from 05:54 to 23:28 and approximately 12-minute intervals from 23:28 to 00:48 daily. Take any seat you like and enjoy the ride to its final stop if Central is your destination or point of transfer. If going to Kowloon central than get off at the second to last stop. Otherwise if going further on in Kowloon or onto New Territories or even onto the Chinese Border, alight from the train at Lai King and take one of the other metro lines, it will save more time than riding into Kowloon or Central, plus there is no direct transfer to these lines from those stations.


Finally if getting off at Kowloon or Central be aware that many of the major have free shuttles right there in the terminal, so plan ahead of time to see if your hotel offers one and if not there are an abundance of taxis and metro lines right at your service.



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