Review of the Hilton Danube Waterfront in Vienna

Review of the Hilton Danube Waterfront in Vienna


Vienna is a town that holds mystique for visitors from all over the world. It lives up to its charm certainly, but it also comes at a cost for logistical things like , restaurants and transport.



The Hilton Danube waterfront is a bit outside the traditional center which may make it undesirable for some, but we found that Vienna is a very walkable city and has an impressively rapid and connected system which can make the journey from the hotel to the city center in twenty minutes. 


Review of the Hilton Danube Waterfront in Vienna

The hotel enjoys a beautiful location on the Danube river in a century old building that has been recently renovated. The central atrium has a splendid bar and restaurant with a view. The lounge was closed during our stay, but they sectioned off an area of the bar and filled it with a nice sampling of food and beverages which offered something for all. 



At check in we were informed that the hotel will only extend benefits to Hilton Honors members whose reservations have been made with Hilton, not any outside booking company. While this has been the case for a while, we did not appreciate the tone that was taken by the staff on the issue. After some discussion however the staff allowed an exception. 


Review of the Hilton Danube Waterfront in Vienna

The rooms are quite spacious for European standards and they offer either a city or river view. The river view is the more preferable of the two. The beds were comfortable and the overall decor was comfy with soft furniture and carpet. 



Fitness and wellness facilities are a bit small but not lacking in quality. The gym has a sampling of all the types of exercise machines one would expect. The wet area has a jacuzzi, relaxation rooms and a dry sauna. It was unattended, but well stocked for everything we needed. 



The hotel overall had a good value for the city. Its location was very well connected to the bus as well as the metro which made it a perfect go between for our trip. It is surrounded by grocery stores and a more modern section of the city which holds its own special charm in contrast to the centuries old center. 

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