Happy: Bulgaria’s unique chain restaurant

Happy: Bulgarias unique chain restaurant


Bulgaria has its own distinctive food traditions which one can certainly try to encounter the country. It is also home to a great restaurant chain which is found in many across the country. Many just refer to it now as Happy. It began as “Happy Grill” but now there is “Happy Sushi” and “Happy Pizza.” What’s more this isn’t fastfood, but a chic and modern place serving up an extensive menu of delightfully tasty cuisine. The layout is artsy with bright colors, big TV’s featuring music videos and an upbeat staff who work efficiently.


The food is a combination of Bulgarian dishes, which includes lots of grilled meats and vegetables and a unique spin on popular continental dishes and even gourmet plates. The food is simply tasty, the portions are at an ideal size, (meaning good for you, not extravagant) and the price is very affordable. The menu does adapt with the seasons and it is always a creative combination of flavors. The restaurant can be found in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and many other mid to large sized cities in and in fact has opened its first international branch in Barcelona, Spain. Newest openings in the Happy franchise include fresh and speedy meal service at several locations including malls and . When in Bulgaria be sure and check out Happy Grill, something uniquely local and tasty.

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