All that you need to know: going from Guatemala City to Antigua Guatemala

All that you need to know: going from Guatemala City to Antigua Guatemala


Antigua is one of the most beautiful colonial cities of Latin America. It is located 45 kilometers from Guatemala City. It was the first capital of Central America. Independence from Spain was declared there. It is a city with amazing natural beauty, incredible history and impressive colonial heritage.

From the Capital it is possible to catch a public bus. It only costs around 1 USD (8 Quetzales) it is a colorful and fun trip. The buses leave the main terminal in what is called Zona 9. It is possible to catch the bus at any of the stops along the Calzada Rossevelt (one of the main boulevards of the city). Safety is a problematic issue in Guatemala, the area of the bus terminal is not the safest one and unless one is really familiar with Guatemala I will not recommend to use the public bus even when this is how I go every time there. It is important to avoid rush hour because a trip that normally takes one hour can be double and public gets really crowded.


It is possible to take a cab from the airport or any of the . Prices will be around 35 USD, it is not customary to give extra tip to the driver in Guatemala. It is important to be sure that the taxi one is riding is an official one.


Other people just prefer to arrange a prepaid tour, it is possible to find some nice ones online or pay for them upon arrival in the airport or through the concierge of the hotel. Renting a car is another good option. The road is really good, sometimes it can be challenging to find a parking spot in Antigua. Some days of the week one has to pay for parking in public streets in Antigua, it is better to be sure about it so as not to get a fine. People are friendly and most of them are always ready to answer to questions and show where to buy a parking permit. The best thing is to park close to one of the hotels and inquire about it in the reception.


Many people arrange transportation directly with their hotels in Antigua. There are many and some excellent hotels in this colonial destination. To arrange transportation through the hotel can be more expensive, but it is really hassle free. Some of the most recommended hotels in Antigua are Convento Santo Domingo, Finca Filadelfia, La Posada de Don Rodrigo, Camino Real and La Reunion. Antigua is certainly a city that deserves more than a one day visit.



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