A recommended supermarket in Venice, Italy

A recommended supermarket in Venice, Italy


Experienced or potential tourists to Venice know well that although the island has a lot to offer, it is compact and space of all sorts, , restaurants, apartments and even supermarkets is a premium. 


That is why if you are looking forward to cooking your own delicious Italian meals like we do, at the prices and places everyday Italians shop, you should know there aren’t many locations on the island of Venice at which to shop.


Coop Supermarket of Venice

It seems the best grocery on the island is the one we conveniently chose. Coop is a cooperative chain that is well established in . Not only does it have the whole range of Italian essentials, but the products taste good, fresher, more earthy and they have a good business model which supports smaller growers.


The location 

The Coop Adriatica we found to have the best selection and prices sits at the intersection of Calle Cappucchine Castello and Fundamente Nove street walkway and it might not be readily visible at first. Simply follow the signs that sit near the edge of the waterway.


What to expect

This Coop is especially good because it sits just next to a set of docks which besides serving as a school for training Gondoliers, allows for grocery products to arrive quickly and easily. This means that it often has good deals and better prices.


Venice has just a handful of grocery stores and many specialty shops for meats, cheeses, fresh produce, wines etc. These places are often made for tourists who want to bring home a particular delicacy or for locals doing their high end . This Coop carries their own brand of products as well as the full range of Italian well known names, shopping here can give one the experience of how local Venetians select, shop and prepare their daily delicacies.


Helpful info:

In Italy you pay for grocery bags, it is cheap, but most people bring their own bag to carry food home. Shops can close for holidays and Sundays. This shop runs from 8:30am – 6pm most days.



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