Getting to and from Zurich Airport to the city and beyond

Getting to and from Zurich Airport to the city and beyond


One of Europe’s most connected airports to the world also boasts great connectivity to the city of Zurich and beyond. Since the country plays host to business travelers, tourists and even people on layover and it is quite an expensive destination the use of public transit is appreciated and reliable.  A reminder that all public transport of this sort is free with the purchase of a Swiss Pass, so if you will be using the public transit a lot it is worthwhile. 



The overall region of Zurich and surrounding is known as the Glatt Valley, Zurich, Zurich Unterland and Zurich Oerlikon. Simply walking outside the arrivals area one can follow signs to the covered bus terminal where buses arrive on time and in an orderly fashion. This is the largest terminal in for buses. Departures vary from every 10 minutes to hourly for further routes. Routes number 10 and 768 stop along some of the main city hotels.


Tram Service

The no. 12 tram runs from the to Stettbach station via Glattbrugg and Wallisellen station. It departs every 15 minutes. The route is especially useful if you already know your way around town, are staying near the central station or are departing on an outbound train to another city or country.  As the buses and trams operate within zones simply buy a ticket for  Zone 21 it is all you need for the whole of the tram 12 journey.



The airport train station can be found at the lowest level of Terminal B “Level -2”. It is a 10 minute train ride to the Zurich main station. Small towns as well as major tourist cities are also on the airport  train route, if they are not or the train is past the best plan is to go to the Zurich terminal and take the next outbound train for your destination. 


Airport bus tour

If you have some time to spend but maybe not enough to go into town, consider the Zurich airport behind the scenes bus tour. It must be booked several weeks in advance, but it is over an hour guided tour into hangars, nature conservation areas, runways and cargo areas with guided commentary. It costs a fee to participate and is available only on certain days, but if you know you’ll be spending hours on a layover it is a curious display to indulge in.



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