Getting from Jakarta’s main Airport to Halim Airport

Getting from Jakartas main Airport to Halim Airport



The Two Airports now serving public airlines in Jakarta is a new era of travel as Halim Airport is expanding to meet the needs of its new client airlines. Travelers will now have to pay attention to their bookings, if they’ve chosen a flight that is going out of a different than they came in to.


The question arises, what transport options does one have for going between the established Hatta airport and the fledgling Halim Airport in Jakarta?

A simple answer at the present time is a Taxi is the fastest regular connection (Feb. 2015)  between the airports. Taxi’s in the Blue Bird franchise (including more expensive silver bird etc.) are generally the most reliable. The trip between the airports is around 40km and in good traffic one should plan on an hour transfer time, but this is Jakarta, it is not unknown for traffic jams and delays to make the transit time upwards of 4 hours. In light of this information we suggest travelers plan their transfers accordingly. It makes sense to plan for a whole day, or at least opposite ends of the day for flight arrival, transfer and flight departure.  Costs have been estimated between 80,000 and 100,000 Rupiah.



DAMRI the state bus group operates buses between the two airports and several major points in the massive Jakarta area. The routes and price to Halim Airport from Soekarno-Hatta is Rp 30 thousand and the same cost the other way around. The Buses are scheduled to depart from Halim at 05:00 each morning and finish at 23:30 or whenever the last flight is scheduled.


Future developments:

Jakarta and its visitors are hoping that the announced rail link connecting both airports with the city center and points in between will be a much needed relief for traffic and travelers. The link has commenced its Hatta Airport station construction but the completion is said at this stage to be in the 2016-2017 time frame. The estimated time between airports will be 30 minutes instead of the 1 to upwards of 3 hours it can take in a taxi currently.



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