Getting from Jakarta city to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport

Getting from Jakarta city to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport

The recent move in Jakarta for commercial flights to begin operating on a regular basis out of Jakarta’s second and smaller Halim, has of course brought with it many questions about getting there and away. We’ve written about the present state of affairs of transferring between airports, currently and in the future, but some may be wondering what are the options to and from the city of Jakarta itself?


Present situation:



Currently the quickest real means of getting from any point in Jakarta to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in East Jakarta is by Taxi. The airport is in fact much closer to the city than the main Soekarto-Hatta airport, which should translate to a faster arrival time and less expensive fare, but remember this is Jakarta, traffic jams can last hours, so don’t take anything too lightly. An ideal arrival time from the city center would be 35 minutes, but again it could be several hours in a bad traffic jam. An estimated cost for the ride is 90,000 Rupiah



DAMRI the state bus group operates buses between the two airports and several major points in the massive Jakarta area. The routes and prices are listed here:

Halim Airport Soekarno-Hatta Rp 30 thousand
Halim Airport-Rawamangaun Rp 20 thousand
Halim Airport-Gambir Rp 25 thousand
Halim Airport-Bekasi Rp 25 thousand
Halim Airport-Bogor Rp 30 thousand

Halim Airport Depok Rp 30 thousand

Halim Airport-Pulogebang Rp 25 thousand

The Gambir Bus station is probably the most central drop off point in what is considered the city center, keep in mind this can still be  miles from the main hotel district. Gambir Station is by the national monument and not too far from Plaza

Buses are scheduled to run from 05:00 till 23:30 or until the last scheduled flight.


Future Plans:

Jakarta and its visitors are hoping that the announced rail link connecting both airports with the city center and points in between will be a much needed relief for traffic and travelers. The link has commenced its Hatta Airport station construction but the completion is said at this stage to be in the 2016-2017 time frame. The estimated time between airports will be 30 minutes instead of the 1 to upwards of 3 hours it can take in a taxi currently.




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