Flying with Frontier Airlines: how bad is it?

Flying with Frontier Airlines: how bad is it?

Low cost airlines bring the thrill of savings but often a shudder of red to anyone who has flown them. Cramped and uncomfortable spaces, seemingly higher stress in traveling and of course the idea of why didn’t I just pay a little more comes to mind.

In our experience flying with Frontier we did not have these emotions. The airline offers a good and punctual service. There were no more delays than we would experience with any other carrier and they try hard to get out on time because they pay by the minute to be at the gate.

In Frontier our experience is you get what you pay for, it is nothing amazing, but gets you from point A to point B with little hassle. The planes do not look old or dirty but in fact are quite new and quiet. The very good fares are the most attractive part of the experience often under $100 one way. In the end the major carriers in the US do not offer that much more.

Flying with Frontier Airlines: how bad is it?

The downsides to using Frontier also fall under the adage: “You get what you pay for” too.
Carry ons and checked bags cost a lot, at the same time if there is free space in the overhead you can place your personal item up there. The personal item does have to fit in the seat in front of you however.

You won’t get any onboard service for free, not even a cup of water, but they have items for purchase. They do not accept cash onboard. Overall in our experience it is not that bad, it all depends what you are looking for in the experience of a flight and how much you are willing to pay to fly.

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