How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport

How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport

A free shuttle bus waits outside Suvarnabhumi (BKK) in Bangkok


Many travelers to Bangkok, are surprised or confused to find the city has two major airports. Essentially both offer domestic and international flights, however one is for the major airlines and the other for low cost carriers. Many folks book flights at different ones not realizing they are on opposite sides of the city.


In this travel tip we will explain all the details of the three ways to transfer between Bangkok’s two airports: Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don Mueang (DMK).


First Option: The Free Shuttle


How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport

The buses run both directions simultaneously between 05:00 and 24:00 each day.


From Suvarnabhumi (Main Bangkok Airport)- Don Mueang:

Once you clear customs and immigration proceed down the long corridor you see in the picture below. (It is known as level two) and take a left at door number three and walk outside to the curb.

How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport


Once at the curb look to your immediate right and you will see one or two buses waiting there as well as an attendant stand. It is located between doors two and three.

How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport

In order to board the free shuttle bus you must have a copy of your reservation/boarding pass of your outgoing flight (printed is preferred) that is happening sometime in the next 48 hours as well as a Passport. You cannot ride the bus to go meet a friend, catch a ride across the city, or if you’re flying out 49 hours or more later. It’s for outbound passengers only.


How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport

The ride takes around one hour depending on traffic and there are no stops between the airports.


From Don Mueang – Suvarnabhumi:


How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport

Baggage claim at Dong Mueang, much smaller and easy to navigate airport


Once you clear customs at Don Mueang  go outside at the ground floor arrival of Terminal 1.

How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Mueang Airport

The departure spot for the free shuttle bus from Don Mueang is outside Gate 5 it is easy to find with a blue counter nearby.

The ride takes around one hour depending on traffic and there are no stops between the airports.


Second Option: Public Bus


For during hours at which the shuttle and public bus do not operate a taxi is the best option.

There is a public bus # 555 which runs between the two airports with about 5 stops along the way. There are departures every 30 minutes and the cost at time of writing is 36 baht and the bus runs from 04:00-23:00. The ride is around one hour.


Third Option: GRAB Rideshare and Taxi


If you want a pretty efficient ride at a low cost we really recommend Grab. It works wonderfully in Bangkok and it is cheap. It functions just like Uber. Download it and link a credit card or select a pay cash option and it works just the same. The base cost between airports is around 306 baht and you will have to pay 50-75 baht to take the tollway if you wish. Taxi’s are honestly a circus in Bangkok and we don’t recommend them. The prices can be much higher too. This is a good option if you are short on time or are transferring when the free shuttle doesn’t run. 



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754 Responses

  1. Lovely Roma says:

    You have mentioned a one-hour ride between the airports, but most of the information I have read online say 3 hours. So how long does it take really? Thank you in advance for your response.

    • admin says:

      The actual length can changes with traffic, but in normal circumstances it should not take longer than an hour. We have done the trip several in several occasions.

    • dan says:

      ive done this trip quite a few times, in a taxi with no traffic is about 45 minutes so always give it an hour or a bit more,
      theres a free shuttle which is true and takes around 1 hour – 1hr30 , can get sky train into town then get another train and walk to get another its quite hectic, taxi is cheap and bout 10-15 pound

  2. toska says:

    If my flight from DMK is the next morning after i land in Suvarnabhumi, can i still use free shuttle bus to DMK, and from there catch a taxi to nearby hotel? Could save me a few bucks 🙂

    • admin says:

      If you have a ticket for the next flight yes you can use the free shuttle.

      • yuna says:

        hi, i will be arriving in DMK by airasia if i want to go to Suvarnabhumi airport but without outbound ticket, can is still use the shuttle bus?

      • nitesh says:


        my flight will arrive at DMK airport at 02.00am and my next flight will depart from BKK airport at 06.25am,
        what are the routes i need to carry and shall i need to take an ON ARRIVAL visa in bangkok just to change the airport, as you see it will surely cost me the visa charges just to transfer the airports…

        awaiting reply

        • voyageurvoyageur says:

          You will need an on arrival visa even if you are just going to the other airport because you are entering the country and crossing the city of Bangkok. We recommend at that time of night you take a taxi as the free shuttle is not running and the public buses may come at longer intervals. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  3. Filip says:

    I have one question. Can you please tell me the exact time of departures from Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Muang from 9am? Are trip intervals every 30 minutes? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Dear Filip the free shuttle runs every 30 minutes from 5 Am to midnight. It is a hassle free option to move between airports.

  4. DJ says:


    I’ll be arriving at BKK on June 25, 8:55 (ETA) and have a connecting flight to Udon Thani via Nok Air at DMK, 12:20 (ETD). My only concern is that based on the predicted weather in Bangkok by that time (i.e. raining/thunderstorm), is the time travelling through this free shuttle from BKK to DMK sufficient not to miss my flight? Thanks so much!

  5. admin says:

    Hi DJ,

    Unfortunately the weather is always unpredictable. If you arrive on time with your flight there should be sufficient time to go in the shuttle from one airport to the other. Keep in mind that immigration lines getting into Thailand (if flying in from outside) can be long, then baggage claim and then security and check in at DMK are still waiting for you. The best recommendation is to see how much time you have once you’ve cleared immigration. I would say you need an hour and a half to get to DMK and past security to make your next flight. If you find yourself with less time than this a taxi is your best option.

    • DJ says:


      Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, hopefully the weather by then would not be as bad as expected. Actually, I’m heading to Vientiane via Nok Air’s Fly’n’Ride service and stay for just a day before going back to Bangkok. Hope you can provide some itineraries for a day tour for Bangkok and Vientiane in your website. Thanks a lot! Cheers!

  6. Jcab says:

    Hi there,
    great stuff, thanks for the info!
    you guys mentioned public bus # 555 as starting at 4:00am, as of late June 2013, is that still the case?

    Will be arriving at Suvarnabhumi 1:55am with a flight to catch at Don Muang at 6:45am. I am cheapo so trying to avoid taxi…Public bus # 555 an option?
    Thanks a lot!

  7. admin says:

    Hi Jcab

    It is as of the last information we have received, however if you want to have the surest info possible, the Bangkok Airport is easily called via telephone and their information operators are quite friendly and knowledgeable.

  8. RTuck says:

    Hi there,

    have a flight to catch from suvarnabhumi to sydney, australia @ 7.20 pm..will b coming from phuket on air asia flight @ 3pm…would this give us enough time to catch our flight to australia given the time allowances for the airport shuttle from DMK to Subarnabhumi plus the check time for the international flights…is air Asia pretty spot on with their flight times …ie… flight delays…etc…

    • admin says:

      Hi Rachelle. Thanks for visiting our page and asking about the airport transit. We always are eager to assist with travel questions and tips. In regards to your question about making this airport transfer in Bangkok, the time frames you have given, even when Air Asia is normally on time, are first of all very short. Second the time you are mentioning is rush hour and third Suvarnabhumi can be quite a crowded airport with long check in waits. All things considered the specific time frame sounds too short to recommend this type of transfer.

  9. Avinash says:

    Hi, I will be visitng Don Muang airport soon and i have a connecting flight from Suvarnahumi, one question that bothers me though is to catch the shuttle from Don Muang do I need to take a Thai visa? or will my air ticket suffice for the shuttle journey and entry to Suvarnabhumi airport and vice versa Suvarnbhumi – Don Muang.
    Kindly advise?

  10. admin says:

    Hi Avinash,

    The airline ticket is all you need to take the shuttle between the airports. The Thai visa is only used upon entering and exiting the country’s borders inside the airport itself at the official checkpoints.

    • Avinash says:

      thanks a lot and let me say this , the information you’ll have on this site is very useful indeed. I really appreciate the efforts you’ll have put into this. no easy task!! Cheers!

  11. admin says:

    Thanks Avinash,

    We are always happy and ready to explore the great world of travel, let us know if you ever have any questions. We invite you to follow us on facebook and twitter for the most up to date travel tips.

  12. admin says:

    Just to clarify: these two airports are not internally connected, one has to enter the Kingdom of Thailand in the airport of arrival and one may need a visa according to one’s citizenship, even if just transiting between the two airports the visa will be required to go from one airport to the other, because it means entering the country and from there one takes a bus to the other airport which is located across town. -Traveladept Team

  13. Helga Staud says:

    want to know at which Point at Don Muang i have to catch the Free shutle bus to – Suvarnabhumi.
    Where exactly is the dropp off at Suvarnabhumi?
    I have to inform the Hotel for pick me up at Suvarnabhumi because my flight to Helsinki is on the next day.
    The Hotel offers a free Airport shuttle to the Hotel.
    thanks a lot

  14. admin says:

    Hello Helga,

    As you can see in the picture above at the top of the article, this is the bus stop at Don Muang for the Free Shuttle to Suvarnabhumi, it is located just outside on the ground level of arrivals between terminals 1 and 2. The bus arrives at level 2 between gates 2 and 3 of Suvarnabhumi airport.

    enjoy the trip

    -Traveladept Team

  15. Christy says:

    How much would it cost from BKK to DMK airport by taxi? and how long?

  16. admin says:

    Hi Christy,

    When talking about taxi’s please know that one specific answer will not cover every situation. It depends on which company you choose, if the driver uses the meter or you can convince him to. All the reading we have done on the subject points to an average of 300 thai baht for the journey. This may not include the 50 baht also required if the road the driver uses is a toll road. In the end it is good to have an assortment of large and small cash quantities because many drivers will not have change for larger bills. The length of time also varies with the traffic and roadwork conditions, but again ideally it should be no more than and hour and fifteen minutes. We hope this helps and again please remember every taxi ride is different, so plan to have yourself covered as far as possible.

  17. Jacki says:

    Hi – will be flying into Suvarnabhumi at 4.30pm and flying out of DMK the next morning at 10am – would you recommend staying at an airport hotel or going into town? Which airport would we stay at?

  18. admin says:

    Hi Jacki,

    I would say first of all that you would want to either stay in town or at an airport hotel near DMK. Staying just near Suvarnabhumi would only add extra time and traffic to your commute the next day. The only reason you may want to sleep near Suvarnabhumi would be to get to rest just after landing and take the free shuttle to DMK the next day.

    Going into town has the advantage of many wonderful hotels at very good prices, still your time would be limited in which to enjoy them. From here you would take a metro/bus, taxi or metro/taxi combination to arrive to DMK.

    Finally DMK airport has some hotels nearby, most are basic places to stay that seem affordable and clean. This would be the closest option to your airport for the next morning departure.

  19. Wizzu says:


    I’ll be arriving Suvarnabhumi on 13th August at about 16.15 and have an onward Air Asia flight to Phuket from DMK at 20.35. I just want to confirm what is the cut-off time for closing of Air Asia counter for obtaining a boarding pass? Thank you in anticipation.



  20. admin says:

    Hi Wizzu,

    With Air Asia you can self check in online, but you still need to get a boarding pass in the airport. Cut off time for baggage drop is 45 minutes before the flight departs. You need to be through security and at the boarding gate 20 minutes before flight departure, otherwise you cannot board. Here is the information from Air Asia’s site directly:



  21. Dave says:

    My girlfriend will arrive on an Air Asia flight at Don Muang 3 hours before I arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport . We plant to meet at my arrival point and stay at a Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel. Can she take this shuttle bus to Suvarnabhumi Airport for free to meet my flight?

  22. admin says:

    Dear Dave,

    The official answer is that one needs a boarding pass for a flight out of Suvarnabhumi in order to use the shuttle bus, that is according to the airport office. In practice we are not sure if this is always verified by the bus driver/crew. She might approach the shuttle bus to see if transfer without the boarding pass is possible and if not take the 555 bus or a cab. If she will eventually fly out of Suvarnabhumi by the end of your trip she can of course use that ticket/boarding pass to justify her transfer.

  23. Penny says:


    I arrive at Suwarnabhumi (BKK) at 6.05 am and I plan to book a flight to Chiang Mai with Nok air. As per your earlier comments here, is 10.45am flight from Don Muang too soon to take the free flight from BKK.

    i.e. lets say if I take 8am shuttle, will I be in time for the flight leaving at 10.45 am from Don Muang

  24. admin says:

    It should be plenty of time as long as your immigration and shuttle time are normal, not too high traffic. It is best to clear immigration and then look at the time, if it is beyond 8am, you many want to consider a faster option.


    • Penny says:

      Many thanks for your prompt reply.

      I presume taxi is the best option, if I miss the 8 am shuttle? or Is taking sky train to Siam and then taking taxi to Don Muang faster than taking taxi directly from BKK to Don Muang?

  25. admin says:

    Yes if you find yourself past the 8am mark a Taxi would be the best option. Taking a taxi directly to Don Muang would be faster since you won’t have to go into the traffic congested city and fight your way back out again. Going into Siam on the sky train would just take longer transiting from one point to another with bags.

  26. What is there is traffic? Say you needed to get from BKK to DMK at 9 AM. How long would it take?

  27. admin says:

    Traffic can be unpredictable, the roadways can become congested at certain times, however most taxi drivers drive alarmingly fast and while it can inspire fear it is often the fastest way to get between two points. Any bus train or shuttle would be more limited in movement. The standard time between the airports is around an hour in good traffic.

  28. Divi says:

    Hi Admin,

    im travelling from uae, my flight reaches suvarnabhumi airport by 7.10 AM , my connecting flight is by 10.45 am in DMK, is possible to catch up.
    kindly advice me on the above

  29. Divi says:

    HI Admin,

    Im visiting Suvarnabhumi airport on 3rd week of October, how will be the season. will there be many visitors. i reach Suvarnabhumi by 7.10 AM, got my connection to phuket in DMK by 10.45 AM will it be easy to reach there without any delay. Moreover its a Sunday so will it be more traffic in the morning.
    Normally how long will it take to clear the visa procedure ?
    which is best whether to go by private taxi or use the Airport transfer shuttle bus ?
    how long before i can check in DMK., for 10.45 am flight, if i can check in online is it acceptable to reach by 10 am ?


  30. admin says:

    Hello Divi,

    October is not especially high season in Thailand. It will still be hot during day and night, however big season begins in November so you may see the first waves of big tourism. Based on the question about the connecting flight it seems you can make it in the free shuttle if everything goes well. Immigration time can truly vary and traffic is never certain. If you do clear immigration quickly and find yourself with around two hours till your next flight that should be plenty of time to take the shuttle and check in at the other airport. Anything less than an hour and a half till your next flight and you should probably take a taxi. It depends on your airline, but most of them allow online check in a few days before the flight. However you will still need to get a boarding pass at DMK anyways.

    • Divi says:

      thanks Admin,

      i would like to know that while returning, im staying at Holiday Inn Silom bangkok , my flight is at Morning 8.45. so probably checking out by 5 or 5.30 am, will there be taxi’s available at that time. is there any call taxi’s in bangkok, if so whats the contact number

  31. admin says:

    Hi Divi,

    There are always Taxi’s available in Bangkok day and night. There are so many companies you can find them listed everywhere. Hotels can call a taxi for you, but this may increase the fare somewhat. Otherwise look and see where the closet taxi gathering point is to your hotel and walk out that morning right to the taxi stand to take one to the airport. Always be sure and insist on using the meter. it is your best option at a fair price.

  32. Lud says:

    Hello Admin,

    I’m landing in Suvarnabhumi airport on september 11th 2:30 pm, then I have a connection to Udon Thani in DMK airport by 7:15 pm (another one is at 17 pm but it’s too short I think), I’d like to take the free shuttle between airports,
    is that plenty of time for immigration check, security check, bagages claim, changing money in Suvarnabhumi airport then take free shuttle, check in, security and boarding in DMK ?
    Thanks for your answer


  33. Jack says:

    Hello Admin,

    Traveling from USM to DMK through BKK October 5th. Gauging how long I need to allocated to get from BKK to DMK using the free shuttle. My flight out departs 18:45 on Air Asia.

    Should I expect traffic delays using free shuttle between airports on a Saturday afternoon?
    How long should I expect to get through customs and the airport departing DMK on a Saturday afternoon?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jack,

      it is really all relative, I would say the time you mentioned isn’t especially busy compared to real rush hours. Customs can be as easy as ten minutes or a lengthy as an hour depending on how many flights are arriving at the same time. Really the best plan is to have the shuttle as a first option, keep track of time as you clear customs and then evaluate if you have time to take the shuttle or head straight for a cab. The BKK to DMK takes around an hour and fifteen minutes with no delays.

  34. Lud says:

    Hello Admin,

    I just want to have a confirmation it’s ok to land in Suvarnabhumi airport at 14:30 pm september 11th then join DMK airport for another plane departure 19:15 pm (Nok air) using free shuttle between the two airports (I need to present my plane ticket but is it ok with an e-ticket ?).
    I’d also like to change some money during my short time in Suvarnabhumi, does it take long ?
    Tanks for you answer, it will really help me plane my first hours in Thailande.


    • admin says:

      Lud Thanks for your Question.
      It is ok to present an e-ticket to board the free shuttle.
      Changing money just will take you some minutes.
      The time sounds right, but things can change. Sometimes Immigration formalities take long in BKK, and traffic can be unpredictable in such a big city, particularly because you will be traveling during rush hour.
      I personally allow me at least 5 hours to do all that.
      It will be up to you to make the call, if you are able to go trough immigration and change money fast so it will be probably ok to take the free shuttle. But if it takes you long probably a better call will be a cab.
      You will have to use your own judging at the spot.
      Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any other question

  35. Lenn says:

    Hello admin,
    Our flight will arrive at BKK airport at 6:35AM on 29th Nov. and connection at DMK airport at 11:20AM.
    In your previous answer you said that November is a big season. So do you think that we will have enough time (including immigration, luggage, check in …) to take the free shuttle ou should we take a taxi ?

  36. admin says:

    Even with the onset of season, November is just the beginning, it really picks up around Christmas and New Years. You have a substantial amount of time between your flights so that the shuttle should be a perfectly viable option. Of course anything can happen and if once you cross immigration and you find yourself with less than an hour and a half till the next flight, best rule of thumb is to grab a taxi. Have a great trip!


  37. Sachin says:

    Dear admin
    My flight from delhi will be reaching suvarnabhumi airport at 11:20 am on 17th dec. my next flight to phuket is from dmk airport at 2:55 pm… Can i make it to dmk airport on time considering peak tourist season in december 2013? Thanks

  38. admin says:

    There are always variables Dev which could delay your transit, but in principal you have a good amount of time to work with and it is during early afternoon, not morning or evening rush hours.
    All the best,


  39. Harianto says:

    Dead admin,
    I would like to ask about this situation. My family will be taking AirAsia to Don Muang, while I will be taking another flight to Suvarnabhumi. We are going Bangkok for vacation. So my plan is after I arrive at Suvarnabhumi, I will be taking the free shuttle bus to Don Muang to meet my family. Is that possible? Because from what I’ve read, I must present an air ticket to board the free shuttle bus, but in my case, I just want to meet my family in another airport without flying. My question is, does everyone need to fly in order to take the shuttle bus?

  40. admin says:

    Hello Harianto,

    I just spoke with a Suvarnabhumi Airport official who confirmed that one needs to show a boarding pass in order to take the shuttle to Don Muang. So yes, everyone taking the shuttle bus has to have a flight to catch at the destination airport. I would suggest the #555 public bus to get to Don Muang.


  41. Harianto says:

    Dear admin,

    Can you guide me step by step how to take the public bus from Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang?
    Where do I buy the ticket? Can I bring my luggage inside the bus? Will there be a lot of people?


  42. admin says:

    Hi Harianto,

    Both buses 554 and 555 will take you to Don Muang airport via the expressway. At Suvarnabhumi airport simply follow the signs for public buses and it will take you to a pavilion like structure in front of the airport. Tickets can be bought on board for around 25 Baht. Luggage can be brought on board as well. There may be a charge if you have a lot of extra bags. The bus can be crowded sometimes and at other times no. It just depends on how many people are going.

  43. Mahua says:

    Hi, We are arriving at Bkk airport,getting visa and then after 8 days we arrive back at Bangkok airport from Chiang Mai at 6.30 pm and then next flight to India is from Don Meang at 01.00 A.M. So since we will already have a visa the day we reach Bangkok, can we just walk out and take the airport shuttle or a taxi to reach DM airport? I hope we dont have to clear immigration that time? Kindly provide your ever helpful advice. Thanking you.

  44. admin says:

    Chang Mai is within Thailand, since you are not leaving the Kingdom after your arrival into BKK, until your final departure at Don Muang you will not have to cross immigration when coming from Chang Mai to Bangkok.


  45. Jesal says:

    HI. We are a group of 11 persons. Scheduled Arrival at Suvarnabhumi is at 13:50. We have a connecting flight (which goes to krabi) to catch from Don Muang at 17:20 . If we take the bus shuttle service , do you think we can make it to Don Muang in time? Please advise. THanks.

  46. admin says:

    Dear Jesal,

    As we have stated previously there are several factors you need to consider. First you have a large group. Second if you are coming from outside you may take time clearing customs and immigration. This leaves you with the hour and fifteen minutes (in good traffic) of transit time between the two airports. It is conceivable that if everything goes smoothly you can make it. However once you clear customs and immigration, if you do not have 2 hours time remaining until your 17:20 flight departs I would look for other transit besides the free shuttle. Due to the possibilities of traffic delay and a large group at that time of day.

  47. Neha says:

    Hi, free shuttle service starts at 5 AM or 6 AM?
    Thank you 🙂

  48. Mohammad says:

    Hi, after arriving at BKK @12:20 PM my fnext light’ll be from DMK to KBV @1540 PM via AK. Hopefully, within 40 min we can leave Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang. Please advice, whether 2 Hr 40 Min is not enough via Taxi to catch my next flight at noon? Your kind advice is much appreciated. Thanks, Mohammad.

  49. Mohammad says:

    Hi, after arriving at BKK @12:20 PM my fnext light’ll be from DMK to KBV @1540 PM via AK. Hopefully, within 40 min we can leave Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang. Please advice, whether 2 Hr 40 Min is not enough via Taxi to catch my next flight at noon?

  50. admin says:

    2 hours and 40 minutes should be enough time in taxi between the airports as long as your first flight arrives on time.

  51. Aditya says:

    I will arrive Bangkok international airport on 11th Dec 2 am early morning. I have a flight to Krabi from Don Muang airport at 7.30am. what is the best way of commuting between airport during early morning?

    • admin says:

      Hi Aditya,

      Taxi is an option any time of day, also the #555 bus which is mentioned above. This bus as of our last update runs from 4am onwards, however it would be best to call the airport and confirm that schedule. The free shuttle would be too late for you to catch your flight.

  52. Sid says:

    I am arriving at Suvarnbhumi airport at 8.10 am on 7 Dec and need to book a Air Asia flight onwards to Phuket from Don Muang. How much time gap should i account for immigration and transit between the airports for catching my next flight?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sid,

      Generally we recommend 4 hours between flights. In high season immigration can take around and hour and you you looking at an hour of transit to the other airport. Thus it could be done in 3 hours, but giving yourself 4 gives you plenty of breathing space for a late arrival.

  53. Jessica says:

    I am flying into the main airport at 3:05pm and looking to book a flight at Don Muang at 7:35pm to Chiang Mai. Do you think that leaves me enough time to get from one airport to the other using the free shuttle bus?

  54. Rishabh says:


    My flight reaches BKK at 1 am, and i have an air aisa flight taking off from DMK at 6 am.
    As per the comments i can see that the shuttle service wont be available at that time.
    will it be possible to collect the check in luggage, get a VOA, catch a taxi, transfer to DMK in 2 hours, as I dont think, the traffic would be very dense during these hours. and is VOA the only option? is it possible to get a visa from India so that VOA time can be saved?


    • admin says:

      Hi Rishabh,

      As you can see in the article above yes you have plenty of time for the transfer and the taxi is the only option. Visa on arrival is the only option available for Indian citizens staying for 15 days of tourism. If you get a longer stay visa you may be able to request the visa at home, but there is no reason why the process in the airport should take up all the time you have to transfer, it should be a straightforward process if all your preceeding paperwork is in order since Thailand has Visa on Arrival for many countries.

  55. Ioana says:

    Hi there.

    We are a group of three, arriving at DMK from Phuket on the 9th of December at 8:05 AM. Will that give us enough time to get to catch the Suvarnabhumi international flight back home, which takes off at 12:20 PM? What do you recommend: taking a cab or the free shuttle? Is the free shuttle a riskier option?

    Many thanks for your help,

    • admin says:

      Hi Ioana,

      As you can read from the article above we estimate around and hour and a half transit time between airports. Assuming your flight arrives on time and even with some traffic you have four hours at your disposal to make it. The best call is to see what amount of time you are left with when you exit DMK and decide if you have time for the shuttle or need to take the taxi.

      We invite you to like us on Facebook:

      and follow us on Twitter: @traveladeptcom


  56. Richard Middleton says:

    Hi I’ll be flying to Thailand international on the 21st December, arriving at 3.05pm, I will need to get a connecting flight to Phuket from don mueng. I have looked at the flight times and if possible would like to get the 4.55pm flight to Phuket. Do you think there would be enough time to get from airport to airport?

    • admin says:

      Dear Richard,

      As per our recommendations above the shuttle and or taxi journey would take around an hour and a half alone. This is also Christmas vacation season which would mean increased immigration lines etc. The timeframe you suggest here looks too close. It would be better to give yourself at least another hour or so.

      We invite you to like us on Facebook:

      and follow us on Twitter: @traveladeptcom


  57. Andy says:


    I’m touching down BKK at Bangkok main airport 415pm on 17th Dec and need to transits to Don Mueang airport that departs at 635pm to Chiangmai (Airasia).

    What are the shuttle bus schedule time table? Secondly do you think the timing is sufficient or better to Delay my departing time at DM airport? Not sure about the traffic at that timing in Bangkok.

    Pls advice

    • admin says:

      Hi Andy,

      The timeframe you mention will be close under ideal circumstances, that is big tourism season because it is Christmas and he afternoon rush hour. There is no official timetable online for the shuttle buses, they usually depart three times per hour. Your best bet may be a taxi if you cross immigration with good time or trying to get a later flight from DMK. See our article above for some of those logistics.

      We invite you to like us on Facebook:

      and follow us on Twitter: @traveladeptcom


  58. Roshan says:

    hI….I m flying to phuket from bangkok ,with Air asia 4.30 pm flight.I t would be almost 7.00 pm when landing to phuket.
    Is it safe to go to patong beach straight away,in the evening by a taxi,or is it safe ,and better,to stay at a hotel close to the air port and move next day.

    • admin says:

      Hi Roshan,

      There are taxi’s, hotel pick ups and shared taxi’s available always at Phuket airport. We recommend you negotiate a price with a shared taxi company. It is one of the van’s out in front of the airport and you give them your hotel address and discuss a price. They put you in a van with other people and go around Patong dropping people off at their hotels.



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  59. Fran says:

    Dear Admin,
    I will land in Suvarnabhumi airport at 6 pm on November 11. I am planning on catching the 22 pm train to Chiang Mai on the same day and wondering if you would suggest that I go to Hua Lampong train station or the train station in Don Muang?
    Which one would cost me less money and of more convenience? I don’t have any luggage with me.

    Is the train station connected to the Don Muang Airport?

    I have been trying to book the 2nd class sleeper train ticket to Chiang Mai, having contacted the travel agency and the train station itself but no reply. Since I’m coming during the loy khratong festival (november 11), do you think I’d stand a chance at getting the ticket without pre-booking it?

    Thank you very much, I’d really appreciate your assistance.

    • admin says:

      Hi Fran,

      It seems like the Don Muang Airport stop would be better, it will be less crowded than Hua Lampong, price wise it seems like it would cost about the same in a taxi and be around the same amount of arrival time. The train station is connected to the DMK airport, just walk outside and follow an elevated walkway that goes across the street and that’s the station.

      The one caveat is that we have read it is possible the train is sold out if you cannot get the tickets ahead of time. This is entirely unpredictable. If this is the case that you are going to buy on arrival, it might be better to go to Hua Lampong, it is the departure point for the journey, so assumedly they would have more tickets and should you get stuck in Bangkok for the night there are many affordable hotels in the area you could stay at on a last minute notice, Don Muang wouldn’t have so many.



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  60. Katie says:


    My family (2 adults and 2 young children) is traveling to Chiang Mai via a red eye flight into Bangkok and early morning flight out of DM. What is the safest option for us to go from one airport to the next at this time of night. I am concerned about safety.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Katie,

      No matter if you take an official taxi, free shuttle or public bus, transit should be very safe. We have been in and around Bangkok at all different hours in public and private transit and there has never been a sign of a safety issue. If your transit time to DM is too early for the free shuttle just take a taxi or public bus.


  61. Patrick Henry Canon says:

    Im patrick canon, Filipino Citizen. i had booked my flight Dec. 21, 2013 from Ho Chi Minh going to Don Mueng and be back Dec. 22 from Don Mueng to Ho Chi Minh. my purpose of going is to have passport stamp. can you pls help me while waiting for my flight for the next day. i want to roam around the place in Don Mueng or near malls or tourist spot for picture taking. thanks you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Around Don Muang you can find several malls and attractions such as Future Park Rangsit, Royal Thai air museum, Chatuchack park with its famed weekend market, and IMPACT exhibition and convention center which is always showcasing various venues and shows.


  62. Dee Parmar says:

    We land in Bangkok (sur) airport at 5.40pm and wanted to get the domestic flight up to Chaing Mai (with Air asia) the same day. How much time do you think we need to allow to get from one airport to the other? Do you think it is better to get the train directly to Chiang Mai? Thanks Dee

    • admin says:

      Hi Dee,

      You should give yourself from 3.5 to 4 hours transit time total which includes your arrival through customs, transit and getting through check in and security at Don Muang airport. The train is an option, but sometimes getting tickets on the same day you arrive can be problematic as it is sold out, some have complained that the train is a bit slow for their taste, but it depends if you are taking an express option or a local line with many stops.


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  63. Sonia says:


    I have a flight to catch from Suvarnabhumi to San Francisco, USA at 12:30pm on Sunday, December 29th. I will be flying from Phuket on an air asia flight that morning. What time do I need to arrive at DMK to ensure that I make it to BKK Airport on time (given time frame for airport shuttle from DMK to BKK plus the check-in time for international flights at BKK)? If I arrive at DMK from Phuket at 9:10am, is that enough time?

    Thanks for your help!


  64. T Rosete says:

    Hello, I will be arriving at Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 11:50PM and need to transfer to Don Mueang International Airport for a 6AM flight to Chiang Mai. Will buses still be available to take me from Suvarnabhumi to Don Mueang at that time?

    • admin says:

      It depends, the free shuttle buses should be finished by that time but the public bus whose details you can see above should still be running, if not a taxi is the last option.


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      • T Rosete says:

        Thanks for your help. It really looks like I will be forced to take a cab, hopefully it is not too expensive and safe for a solo female traveler.

        • admin says:

          Dear Rosete,

          The cab may be around 350 baht up to 500 baht depending on the time of day and the company. Don’t be afraid to bargain a bit and know if you are responsible for any tolls on the highway. Safety is normally quite good, you can be more assured if you use any official cab company whose desk you will find in the arrivals hall, that way there is more accountability on the part of the driver.


      • Tess P says:

        Hi T Rosete! I am in the exact same boat as you! fly into Bangkok at 11:50pm and need to catch a flight to a different country as early as possible. Have you already done this trip yet? Can you tell me how safe you felt taking a taxi, etc. Not looking forward to being alone as a female in Bangkok but that’s my fault for not booking an earlier flight out of BKK when fares were cheaper.

  65. Xavier says:

    Hi, I want to check if there is any way to take a train between DMK to Suvarnabhumi Airport. My family and I would really want to avoid being caught in the traffic jam. Our flight arrives at DMK at 5.45pm on a friday, which is right smack in the rush hour.

  66. toulany says:

    Could you please tell me if I have to check in at the Suvarnabhumi airport immigration checkpoint after my flight lands there as I will have to go catch another flight at DMK?

    Thank you for your help,


  67. Shingirirai says:

    Hie, thanks for the service. If you can advice, am travelling from phuket arriving at DMK 1550hrs with a flight to cnnect at 2000hrs at BKK, we are 2 persons. are we going to have enough time connecting with shuttle.

    • admin says:

      It seems like enough time to use the shuttle… It is rush hour so you may need to go fast. Please keep us update with any news, we will appreciate if like us in Facebook

  68. Viki says:

    Hi Team,

    Wow, what a fantastically helpful website, thank you so much! I just wanted to clarify about the boarding requirements for the free shuttle. I’ll be transfering from DMK to BKK (4.5 hours, which thanks to you I know *should* be enough). Is it enough to have a printout of my BKK ticket confirmation, or must I have the actual boarding pass to be able to use the shuttle? And if I absolutely need the boarding pass, are there by any chance check-in machines for BKK flights at DMK? (I doubt it, but worth a shot…)


    • admin says:

      Hi Viki,

      We are glad you found the information here helpful. A print out of your ticket is fine and come to think of it, if you have a mobile device with the ticket on it you could probably use that too. There are no check in machines at one airport for the other as you said. Have a great trip.



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  69. oscar de la calle says:

    Hello I am taking a plane from Chiang Rai to DMK, And I will arrive at 2305 as it is a local flight i guess I don´t have to get through the inmigration line, and my departing flight to Spain is from BKK at 0210 AM, so i am wondering if it will be enough time , it is at night so i assume that the traffic will be much better and then faster, but I don´t know if is ok using a taki or i don´t have enought time

    best regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Oscar,

      If you are able to get the shuttle it will be one of the last ones otherwise a taxi is the best call. As we have pointed out, it is a judgement call on your part when you arrive, if you find the shuttle smoothly and have an hour and a half for transit it can work out well. You are right that traffic should be less and departure at BKK should not be too time consuming.

  70. Nani says:


    My husband and I will travel to Thailand in December. We arrive Bangkok in 23 Dec. and wants to go to phuket.
    I want to ask:

    Is it necessary to book Bangkok-Phuket ticket in advance? or we can buy it in Bangkok airport.
    If it is necessary, which airline is cheaper?

    Each of us has its own luggage, 15-20 KG. Is it possible to take free shuttle by our luggage?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hi Nani,

      You should book the Bangkok Phuket ticket in advance, it is the only way to guarantee you will have a seat. Good airlines to reserve with online are Air Asia or Nok Air. You are able to transit in the shuttle with your luggage and you will need to bring your ticket showing you have a flight to phuket to be able to use the free shuttle.


  71. Nikhilesh says:

    I will be arriving at Don Mueng Airport and have to take the bus service from Suvarnabhumi airport for Hua Hin. I dont have an air ticket for Suvarnabhumi. so will there be a problem

  72. Tido says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am trying to figure out the actions I have to take for the transfer from BKK (main) to BKK DMK, which is part of my trip to RGN and Thailand.
    I guess this is the plan: Arrival at BKK main (18.00Lt)– disembarking – Immigration VOA in – Luggage take off– Free shuttle bus to DMK (with my ticket DMK – RGN the next day).
    The next day at DMK: (05.00Lt) Check in to RGN – Immigration VOA out – int. Flight to RGN.
    After 20 days I’ m returning from RGN to DMK for a staying from 25 days in Thailand. That’s the second VOA (30 days) I guess?
    Short in time will be not the problem I think but do you think I have this routing sharp. Please let me know.
    My thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Dear Tido,

      It depends where you are from for how long your visa on arrival is good for, be sure to check the webpage of the Thai Consulate for the most accurate details of your VOA. Otherwise your routing sounds fine, that is the way to proceed back and forth from both airports.


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  73. Htin says:

    Dear Admin,

    As the first time trip to BKK, I bought online ticket (Airasia) wrong destination to DMK instead of Suvarnabhumi airport and cannot change the date & flight.
    My girlfriend will arrive to Suvarnabhumi airport almost same timing flight.
    I would like to know what is the best option and fastest way to go to Suvarnabhumi airport (taxi or shuttle bus)?
    What is the necessary documents to go there?

    Appreciate your answer.


    • admin says:

      Dear Htin

      Air Asia only flights to DMK. They used to flight to Suvarnabhumi but not now.
      The faster way to go from one airport to the other is Taxi. To use the free shuttle you will have to proof that you have a flight out from the other airport (normally you show your reservation or boarding pass).
      It takes a little longer with the shuttle. In your case public transportation may not be a good call since it will take even longer.
      We wish you a happy trip to Bangkok.

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  74. Htin says:

    Dear Admin,

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

    I wanna ask one more thing.
    We will stay at First House Hotel.
    If take taxi, should I better go to Suvarnabhumi airport or directly go to Hotel?
    Which one is nearer and faster?

    Thanks a lot,

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your message
      If you are taking a Taxi you should go straight to the hotel, It is half way between Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airport. It will cost you half of the money and it will take half of the time.

      Best Regards.

  75. Shallender says:

    After arriving to Suvarnabhumi I have to pick my friend from don who is coming from other location , how can i pick him , is shuttle bus will also drop me at arriving gate of the DON airport

    Thanks ………..

  76. Tom says:

    Is the shuttle free and available only for AirAsia ticketed passengers, or, can those flying Nok Air use this inter airport shuttle?
    Thanks much, Tom

  77. Dips says:

    Just wanted to know if it would be possible to board flight from DMK to Phuket at 8.40 am, if we reach swarnabhumi airport by 6 am from bangalore

    • admin says:

      It seems very tight. I do not think you will be able to get trough immigration, pick up your luggage, catch a cab, and do the check in everything in such short time time. Maybe it is is possible but I do not think I will take that risk.

  78. Simon says:


    Thank you for a very informative website…
    My GF and I are wondering if we can make the next flight when we arrive at Bangkok Airport.. We arrive at 6.30 in the international Department, and then we have to catch a flight to Krabi from Don Muang Airport at 8.25.. (2 Hours Later).. We arrive from Denmark, which means we have to clear security and immigration as well.. How long time do you think we need between the two flight to make it??

    Hope You can help 🙂

    Kind Regards.

    • admin says:

      Hi Simon,

      We are glad you like the website. The general rule is that you need an hour and a half to transit in traffic in car or taxi or shuttle between the two airports. The added time of clearing immigration, getting luggage at BKK and checkin to security at DMK you should give at least another hour. All around 3 hours total is a good time to put between flights, Your current timeframe might work if everything went perfect, which seldom happens in the crowded city of Bangkok.


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  79. Sayantan says:

    Thanks for you support. I and my wife will be visiting Don Muang airport at around 8 P.M on 6th of Feb, 2014 from Phuket through Air Asia. We have a flight to India on 1.05 AM on 7th of Feb, 2014 from Subarnabhumi Airport. Is this time enough for us or we might be in trouble?

  80. Jürgen says:

    Hello Admin
    My plane lands at 11:12 at 0:20 clock in Suvarnabhumi Airport, my flight to Koh Samui with AIR ASIA goes at 7:00 clock from Don Muang weg.Gibt it at this time only the taxi?
    Thank you very much.


  81. David says:

    Hi Admin! We are thinking about booking a flight with AirAsia from Krabi to Don Mueang. It would arrive at Don Mueang 2:50pm on the 12th of March. Our flight back to Germany will depart 7:50pm from Suvarnabhumi Airport. Would you recommend booking the flight with AirAsia? We are a slightly bit concerned about possible traffic jams because it is rush hour. Your reply is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, David

    • admin says:

      Dear David.
      Thanks for your message.
      We never have had any problem flying with Air Asia. They are normally quite punctual, of course that anything is possible but it will be something unusual.
      Traffic jams can be a problem at that time, indeed it is rush hour, but it seems you have enough time, I think I will not be to worried.
      Enjoy your trip, we will appreciated you comments once your are back.


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  82. Vignesh says:

    Dear admin,

    I’m reaching Swarnabhumi airport at 11PM, need to get visa and stuff. I need to go to DM airport to meet my friends who are arriving next morning 4AM. Since I don’t have flight ticket to fly from DM airport, I need to catch public bus or taxi I guess. How much roughly will the taxi cost to reach DM from swarnabhumi?

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Dear Vignesh,

      Yes you will need to take the public bus which costs around 36 baht or a taxi which can range anywhere from 150baht upwards of 350baht. You will have to negotiate the rate or pay at a cab stand, the price can vary.


  83. Yunita says:

    Hi Admin..
    We ( group of 5 ) will be arriving at DMK on January 13 at 12.40 & need to go to Pattaya.
    Could you please advice the best way to go ?
    Do we have to go to Suvarnabhumi first to catch bus there to Pattaya ?
    We have ticket out from Suvarnabhumi on January 15.
    Can we use free shuttle bus ?
    Thanks in advance.

  84. admin says:

    Hi Yunita,

    To catch a bus to Pattaya you can go to Suvarnabhumi (but You cannot use the free shuttle for that) you will have to take a taxi or a public bus. The closer option however is to take bus A1 or A2 just outside of Don Muang to Mo chit Sky train (bts) station. At Mo chit bts ride the train to Ekkamai station. Ekkamai bus station is just there next to the train station. Buses run about every 30 minutes to Pattaya during normal daytime hours.


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  85. Chris says:

    We are flying into BKK from Osaka arrival 6:05 pm and need to catch an 8:30 pm flight out of DMK for Phuket on Air Asia. We do not have any checked baggage. Do you think we have enough time to catch the free shuttle or should we get a taxi? How much should a taxi ride cost if that is the best option?

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris,

      That timeframe is a tight squeeze in order to get the free shuttle. You would have to clear immigration quickly, get a shuttle right away and then pass security at DMK without any delay. So we do recommend a taxi. The rates can vary between 150 and 350 baht normally.


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  86. kj says:

    Hi admin, im staying at nasa vegas hotel which is located neae ramkhamheng airport link station. my flight is 735pm at dkn muang. could i take train to suvarnabbumi airport, then show them my booking pass and take the free shuttle to don muang? if shuttle bus is not available, where can i take the 555 public bus? how long i will take?
    is it enough time if i depart frlm suvarnabbumi around 430pm?

    • admin says:

      Hi KJ,

      The requirements to take the shuttle are having a boarding pass and since you have one there should not be any trouble. Related with the time we normally give ourselves 3 or 4 hours to transfer and pass security, so plan accordingly on that.


  87. stephan says:

    wir kommen am 28.1.14 um 7.10h in BKK an und fliegen um 10.10h ab Don Mueang weiter. Gibt es da Probleme zeitlicher Art?
    Wo startet der Shuttlebus? Ist es in dem Flughafen gut ausgeschildert? Ist auch im DM gut ausgeschildert und der Anschlussflug leicht zu finden?
    Danke für eine Info.

    • admin says:

      Dear Sthephan.
      It seems you have quite a short time to be able to take the shuttle. You may have to take a cab, since the trip itself takes around one hour and you need to be at least one hour before your other departure flight.
      The shuttle departs from level two between gates 2 and 3. It is clearly marked but you can ask about in information. Don Muang is not a huge airport, so I do not think you will have a lot of problems finding your connecting flight.
      Best regards

  88. Jessika Berge says:

    We will arrive saturday 18/1 at 9:45 at Suvarnabbumi and has a conecting flight at 14:00 at Don Mueng.
    Do you think this will be ok, I have heard that it can be tricki considering the demostrations ect


    • admin says:

      Hi Jessika,

      Of course we cannot guarantee anything, but it seems that even with some of the recent delays, tourist logistics have been moving along ok and you have a considerable amount of time to work with between flights, so it seems the time will be sufficient.



  89. winston says:


    I will be arriving Suvarnabhumi in the evening and will be off by ARL to Nasa Vegas hotel for the night.
    The next morning I will travel to Suvarnabhumi by ARL again.
    My query is, how can I access level 2 to exit gates 2 & 3 and take the shuttle bus to Don Muang, as I have
    seen on many occasions the escalator entrance is guarded, and no one except employees are allowed.
    The lift also doesn’t stop at level 2. I do not speak Thai and I doubt very much the young guards I have seen
    would speak English.
    I have booked a flight with Air Asia DMK to Chiang Rai.


    • admin says:

      In our experience taking that same train we never have had any trouble going to the level where the shuttle is located, there are many public elevators and escalators to got to that level, if one is block for some reason just look for another one, there are several around.
      Almost everybody speak some english.

  90. Yulia says:

    What’s the approximate price for the taxi to get from the main airport to the other one? Is it safe?
    And how often this public bus 555 is not operating?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yulia,

      The taxi prices between the airports range between 150-350 baht depending on the taxi. The safety factor is comparable any other major city around the world, fine just exercise normal precautions. The 555 bus stops running in the early hours of the morning from midnight to 4am.


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  91. Walter Hashimoto says:

    What is the situation with bus from Suvarnabhumi to Don Mueang-airports with the current Bangkok protests.
    I arrive Suvarnabhumi Tuesday, Jan 14th at 13:00 and muy flight leaves Don Mueang for Chuiang Mai
    at 14:55 pm. Is 3 1/2 hours enough time for the airport shuttle with the current protests?
    My email is Thank you for any current info.

    • admin says:

      Hi Walter,

      In general the protests have not affected tourism infrastructure too much, sometimes it may cause some traffic delays, but it is really unpredictable. We have suggested travelers to keep a 4 hour time frame of transit time so as to avoid any delays.


  92. Karan says:

    My flight arrives at Suvaranbhumi at 11.35 AM and I am thinking of booking flight to phuket at 4.55 PM same evening. Do you think that this time is sufficent considering, bagage collection, Immigration clearance and Visa on Arrival and then transfer through shuttle?
    Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Hi Karan,

      Normally we suggest 4 hours total for transit, but be aware that in these days the Bangkok shutdown has slowed much of the roadway traffic and in some cases public transit is unavailable. We are recommending around 7 hours transit time as ideal, but perhaps you might make it in less time, it is really unpredictable. It is currently recommended to transit between airports with private transit companies for the most efficient service.


  93. R1 LT says:

    If I come in on the last flight from Chiang Rai to Don Muang (arriving at 23:05) will there still be a shuttle bus to Suvanabhumi Airport or will I need to get a Taxi???

    • admin says:

      Hi LT,

      Normally the last bus departs sometime close to midnight, so it depends on when you exit the airport, however with the current protests and shutdown, the shuttle may be limited or not running at all. It is currently recommended to transit between airports with private transit companies for the most efficient service as even taxi’s have been affected by the delays. The best thing is to check with airport staff on arrival as to what your best option is.


  94. DGk says:

    Hi there,

    20th Jan 2014: My flight lands at Suvarnabhumi airport at 6:15 AM. I have to reach the Don Muang airport as I have a flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia the same morning at 10:20 AM. With only 4 hours in between, I am little worried now as I have to collect my baggage and clear the immigration? (Note: we already have visa stamped on our passports).

    Does this protest start early in the morning?
    What do u think is the BEST way for ME to transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Muang? Please help us out.



    • admin says:

      Hello DKG,

      With all the variables you are presenting: clearing immigration twice, collecting and checking in bags and four hours of transit, depending whether or not the protests are affecting your area, we would recommend looking into booking a private company car transfer. The kind where the driver is waiting for you at baggage claim with a sign and can get you on the road quickly and smoothly. This seems to us to be the best call for your situation.


  95. vipul says:


    I am reaching new bangkok airport from india at 12 in night on 21st april and have a flight of airasia to bali in morning at 6 am could you please let me nkow how to reach the old airport from new airport and how much it will cost and could we book in advance and pick up and rop service and where to book it how much ti cost


    • admin says:

      Hello Vipul,

      We refer your question to the article above, as it contains all the information about transiting between the two airports, public buses, shuttles and taxi’s, their times of operation and estimated costs.


  96. Hannah says:

    Hi ,

    I reach BKK airport tomorrow (18th jan) at 12.10am and have a flight to catch at DMK at 5.50am. I’m a little worries about transit time between the two airports at that time and realise I won’t be able to catch the shuttle bus. Will that be sufficient time to catch a taxi between the two airports at that time? What is the traffic like in the night with the protests at the moment?

    You have mentioned the best option at the moment is to book a private company car transfer. I’m not sure how to do this before hand do you have any names of companies I could use at all?

    Thanks for all the up to date info at the moment!

    • admin says:

      Hi Hannah,

      There will be no shuttle running at that time so yes a taxi or private car would be our most recommended option. If you go with a taxi check with the airport staff on the conditions of transit and any protest updates or concerns. For a private car pickup Bangkok Airport Limousine offers private car and van transfers between the airports. Enjoy your trip,


  97. Andrea says:

    I am arriving at BKK at 12:10 am…and have to be to DMK to catch a flight at 645am. With everything going on, do you think I will be able to get a private car pick-up at the airport when I land?? Or is there any way to book one in advance??

    • admin says:

      Hi Andrea,

      A private car pick up would work best if arranged ahead of time so that you can be assured of your transfer. Bangkok Airport Limousine is one company to contact. Also you may phone the airport +66 2 132 1888 to see what companies or transfer options they might recommend in advance or once you are there.


  98. Volodymyr says:

    I’m arraiving at BKK in few days and have 4 hours for transfer from BKK airport to DMK airport. I’m wondering – may be it’s possible to get to Mo Chit subway station from BKK airport and there get taxi to DMK airport? Would be it faster then transfer by shuttle bus?
    Thaks for advance.

    • admin says:

      Hi Volodymyr,

      To take the train into Bangkok and to Mo Chit would take longer than a direct taxi between the airports or the free shuttle. It is going into the city and out again which is not direct and increases your chances of getting stuck in some kind of traffic.


  99. akshay says:

    Hey! Very useful info thanks a lot.

    I will be flying in to Don Muang early morning and need to get to Lumphini park by 2PM. How should i do this and how much will it take?


    • admin says:

      The best way to get to Lumphini park would be to take the airport train to the city. It will drop you off right at the BTS Skytrain, take the skytrain to the BTS Si Lom Station and from here it will be a 10 minute walk to the park. The total cost for the public transit should be something under 100 baht.


  100. Ray says:

    I’ll arrive at DMK 09:00 25th Jan and I have to go to BKK to catch another outbound flight which will take off at 12:55, and I’m concerning if the protests would affect the transit between these two airports and cost much time than it used to be. That will be a big trouble for me if I miss the flight. Any advice?

    • admin says:

      Our advice would be to see if you can request from the airline to get a later flight out of DMK if at all possible. Otherwise perhaps a private car transfer leaving from BKK would be your best way of navigating the traffic, which is impossible to predict.


  101. Naima says:


    Firstly, thank you for the really useful, and current information on this website.

    I hope you can help. I have a few questions. I’ll be landing in Don Mueang Airport on 27th Jan at 12:50 pm, I then want to catch the free shuttle bus to Suvarnabhumi Airport to pick up my friend who lands at 15:55 pm. First, would I be allowed to board the shuttle bus, as I am not going to catch a flight, but pick a friend up? If not what is the other cheapest and most convenient way to get there?

    Secondly, on the same day, my friend and I then need to come back to Don Mueang Airport to board our flight which leaves at 9:10 pm. Again, what is the quickest way to get to the airport? We would probably want to find some local shops to buy a few clothes beforehand. So, taking the current situation into account do you think it’ll be wise to head straight to the airport, and skip shopping?

    I hope you can help. Any suggestions or advice would be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    • admin says:

      Hi Naima,

      We are glad you find the information helpful.

      If you do not have a ticket for a flight departing Suvarnabhumi then you are not allowed to take the free shuttle. A taxi would be the quickest way to arrive costing around 150-300baht. Otherwise more affordably, but more time consuming you could take the A1 bus from Don Munag to the Mo Chit stop at the BTS Skytrain. Board the Skytrain and take to Phaya Thai stop and there get off and board the Airport train: Express (150baht) or regular (45 baht) to Suvarnabhumi.

      In regards to your second question, it would seem best to take a taxi or the free shuttle depending on the traffic and protest situation at the time. (since you have a flight out of Don Muang you are able to take the shuttle from BKK to DMK) Any idea of shopping would seem imprudent at this time to us with the uncertainties of traffic jams and delays.


  102. Yoel Abrams says:

    Is the a1 bus from dmk to mo chit working as usual during the shutdown?

    • admin says:

      The updates we have is that it is working, some days it has experienced disruptions but for the most part is working as normal.

  103. Walti says:

    I have to do the transfer from DMueng to Suranab. on Jan 27 and have 6 hours between flights. I thought i would take the shuttle-bus, but i read its not working now? Is that true? So taxi is best option?
    Thanks a lot for info and help!
    Best, Walti

    • admin says:

      Hi Walti,

      The protests have affected taxi and shuttle transit in recent days. But to really know the most up to date information its best to phone the airport before you depart or inquire on arrival what’s the status +66 2 132 1888. If neither shuttle nor taxis are available then we suggest go for a private car transfer.


      • Walti says:

        Hey thanks a lot for the information!
        Your website is really amazing, and all the work and effort you put in, great!! Thanks a lot!
        Cheers Walti

        • admin says:

          Thanks very much for your message. We love traveling and we love to help others to discover the world! We invited you to follow us in any of the social networks to keep receiving updates and trip ideas.

  104. Jabar Inda says:

    ur site is pretty amazing and a real help…

    im comin to thailnd with my wife…for 13 days..
    Out of which last 3 days was supposd to be in bkk but lookin at the protests and the state of emergency which ur govt. has declared for 60 days….i hav cancld the last 3 days bangkok stay….

    im continuing with my plan for rest 10 days in phuket krabi and samui…

    1. can u please suggest if it is safe to be at these places..? are they not affected at all by protests?

    2. arrivin bkk suwarnbhumi arprt at 2 am…will complete visa and immigration and wl try to take the free shuttle at 5am…
    havn’t booked the next airasia flight from DMK to SURAT thani…
    wut time do u suggest which i should book the flight for..
    keeping in mind the protests delays affecting the transfer time from swrnbhumi to Don muang

    3. from surat thani from where will i get bus and ferry tickets to reach koh samui…

    ur valuable reply will be appreciated…


    • admin says:

      Hello Jabar,

      1. Everything we have read about the protest situation suggests it is centered in Bangkok. The resort places you mentioned have remained stable and undisturbed so far. It is always best to exercise normal prudence in any place where one is traveling, but we haven’t heard of any reason to be alarmed.

      2. Transferring at 5am means you should give yourself in our suggestion something around five hours, to avoid any delays. So we would suggest something around 9am-midday.

      3. No one of our team has made the ferry trip from Surat Thani to Koh Samui but online information says tickets for the ferry may be purchased at the airport itself or at the main pier of Surat Thani where the boats are parked. There are packages of transfer from the airport that include a trip to the ferry pier and ferry ticket to Koh Samui.


      We invite you to like us on Facebook:

      and follow us on Twitter: @traveladeptcom


  105. Francesca says:

    HI!! On February 21st my flight will land at Don Meung airport (DMK) at 15.30 and I have a flight to catch at Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) at 20.10. Am I going to have enough time to reach the aiport with the free shuttle or the taxi? Or should I change my plans and arrive in Bangkok the day before?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Francesca,

      In general the time frame you mention between flights is adequate for the free shuttle and plenty of time for a taxi. The only variable will be the state of things with the traffic due to the protests. It is a long time from Feb. 21 to say one way or the other if you will have enough time. We recommend you follow the news as to the state of things closer to your travel date. If you must solidify your plans now, it cannot hurt to plan prudently and spend the first night in the city.


  106. albert says:


    Next June, I will land at 9.40 am (on a Wednesday) and I have booked a flight with Nokair from Don Mueang to Udon Thani at 13.20… Will I be ok in normal traffic conditions?

    • admin says:

      Our recommendation is 3 hours for transit in normal conditions, so insofar as everything goes normally you should be ok.


  107. Rishi says:

    Hi Team,

    I am reaching BKK airport at 00:45 and have a connecting Airasia flight from DMK at 8:40. What mode of transport would you suggest and what time should i depart safely. Is it ok to leave at around 3 am morning from BKK through taxi. How much would taxi cost from BKK to DMK. The other option is free shuttle, but this will start only at 5am, so if I start at 5am.. will it be too late?


    • admin says:

      Hi Rishi,

      Since you have so much time during the nighttime hours it would be better to take a taxi and not wait around for the first shuttle. A taxi should cost between 150-300 baht depending on the rate you are able to get.


  108. kami says:

    I am arriving at bkk airport at 9 pm, my next flight is from dmk next day at 6 am, if I want to stay in one of these airports meanwhile,which one do you recommend?
    Thanks alot

    • admin says:

      Hi Kami,

      Suvarnabhumi BKK definitely has more advanced facilities, restaurant options and places to perhaps rest than DMK, which is a much older airport with very few options for things to pass the time.


  109. Renata says:

    we are travelling on 1st February from Bangkok to Samui. Our plane lands on 9:45am on Suvarnabhumi and we have connected flight from Don Mueang on 14:20pm with Air Asia. Do you think this is possible to catch the flight or better to choose another company, who has departure from Suvarnabhumi? Later flight with Air Asia is not possible. Many thanks for your advice. Renata

    • admin says:

      Hi Renata,

      The timeframe you mention should be enough under normal circumstances to make a transfer between the airports with plenty of time. In case of any change in circumstances or very heavy delays we would recommend a private car company transfer, but you should have plenty of time.


  110. Francesca says:

    February 21st I’m landing at DMK airport at 15.30 and I have a flight to catch at BKK airport at 20.10. Am I going to have enough time to reach BKK (taxi or shuttle are both ok)?
    Thanks for your help!

    • admin says:

      Hi Francesca,

      In general the time frame you mention between flights is adequate for the free shuttle and plenty of time for a taxi. We recommend to follow the news of the ongoing protests to be sure that taxi and shuttle options are running on time and to phone the airport if necessary closer to your travel date.


  111. gaurav says:

    Hi Administration,

    I have a flight from suvarnabhumi on feb 2 and will reach bangkok from phuket on 31jan 2014, can you let me know if i can use free shuttle service on jan 31 coz i have ticket for feb 2??

    • admin says:

      Dear Gaurav,

      If you have a flight leaving from DMK airport, even if it is on a different day, you can present your boarding pass to take the free shuttle.


  112. Walti says:

    I made the transfer from DonMuang to Suvarnabhumi yesterday (at 7pm), and the shuttle-bus worked normally, it took me exactly 1 hour. There were also Taxis available (500-600 Bath) and the persons at the information desks said that there was no risk or obstructions. Theres even the possibility to go with Bus A and then train/metro/airport link.
    Good travels to everybody,
    cheers Walti

    • admin says:

      Dear Walti

      We really appreciate your update on this matter, since we are receiving many e-mails asking about it.
      We are glad to hear that everything went well.
      Enjoy the rest of your trip there!

  113. sharla says:

    I am landing at DMK airport via air asia flight but my friend is arriving at Suvarnabhumi. It is her first time traveling to asia. Am I able to use the free shuttle even though I do not have an outgoing ticket??

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharla,

      The airport has stated to us that the free shuttle is only for use with those who are in possession of an outgoing ticket from the destination airport.


  114. Okan says:

    Since this page comes up at high ranks on google search, I thought it would be helpful to give an update. I have a flight 4 hours apart and was a little stressed about getting late, so i called the number given in one of the comments above, they said the shuttles still work and it does not take more than 2 hours to get from dmk to bkk. In my case it is even faster, it took onl 50 minutes to get bkk(Depart at 7.30) Hope this would help someone.

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much for this update.
      We are glad to hear that this shuttle continues working with normality and that travelers are able to enjoy a normal visit to this amazing destination.
      We are happy to hear you had a good trip!

  115. gg says:

    Just reportinf to everyone from on board the bus that the service is live and well. Just remember that due to construction you kust walk down towards the end of the terminal where there would be signs as well as a booth to check ur ticket.
    Lots of people using the service. We are over capacity and there is actually 10 people standing for the ride.

    • admin says:

      Thanks gg,

      We always appreciate updates in addition to our own experiences and news we receive from the airport and we encourage our readers to point out any information based on their most current experiences.


  116. Jerry Chan says:

    Dear Admin,
    My question is that I will travel from Jamaica to Myanmar via Germany and Thailand with Condor Airway and AirAsia but Condor Airway will arrive only to Suvarhabhumi Airport and AirAsia Departure from Don Muang Airport,so do I need to applied for visa for transit between two airports and how can I get to the free shuttle terminal.

    Thanks you.
    With Regards,

  117. Paul says:

    Good day all

    Service is alive and well. A check in desk has been setup just outside gate 5, at arrivals (Don Mueang). Here one presents your ticket for the onward flight from SUVARNABH. The bus leaves from here as well. Left Don Mueang at 20h00. Arrived Suvarnabh exactly 50 minutes later at departures, gate 5.

  118. Eva says:

    I am travelling with my family (2 adults 3 children) to Suvarnabhumi Airport from Frankfurt landing at 10.05am Monday 22.12.14 and am looking at catching a 14:00 Asia air flight from Don Mueang Airport. Do you think we have enough time considering it is high season. We would try and catch the free schuttle but if we have to wait more than 20 min then we would catch a Taxi, are there taxis that can take 5 people and luggage? What do you think?


    • admin says:

      Hello Eva,

      Under normal circumstances even in the high season you should have enough time to take the free shuttle. Basically the point to decide on a shuttle or taxi is once you’ve collected your bags and passed immigration. If you still have 2.5 to 3 hours remaining before your next flight departs, you should be fine taking the shuttle. Taxi’s can accommodate groups of all sizes no problem.


  119. Kerryn says:

    We have a flight landing in Suvarnabhumi Airport at 05:55am on Saturday 22 June and will have to go through passport control etc. We would like to take the free shuttle service for our next flight from Don Mueang at 09:45… would this be enough time between flights? [Was hoping someone else would ask for almost these exact times – you must be so tired of these questions 😉 ]

    • admin says:

      Hi Kerryn,

      The timeframe you present should work fine to take the free shuttle. However as we recommend to everyone, just be prepared in case for whatever reason your immigration and baggage claim take an extra amount of time. Basically once you find yourself outside looking for the shuttle do you have at least 2 hours until your flight departs (hour and a half for transit, half hour for check in)? If you don’t have sufficient time then grab a taxi. Have a wonderful trip!


  120. Ameena says:

    Hi There,

    We are landing in Don Muang from Chiang Mai but wish to take the bus from Suvarnabhumi to Hua Hin for the next stop of our trip. Do you know if it is possible to take the shuttle bus with only a bus ticket in hand, or must it be an airline ticket?

    Thank you kindly,


    • admin says:

      Hi Ameena,

      It is not possible to take the shuttle bus with a bus ticket, it is only for airline transfers. So we recommend a taxi for direct transfer.


  121. Percy says:

    We arrive at S’bhumi BKK at 14:10 from Trat via Bangkok Airways & due out from Don Mueang DMK at 15:40 for Krabi, so we have 90 mins to get from BKK to DMK.
    Rather than run the risk of delays from traffic jams, would it be practicable & more predictable to use the rail link from BKK to Makkasan & then onwards to DMK?
    We are not familiar with how the rail links work between the two airports.
    Any advice would be great & much appreciated. Many thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hello Percy,

      The rail link won’t do you any good for the timeframe you mentioned, because it links BKK with the downtown of Bangkok. In order to continue on to DMK you would have to get on the MRT city train, take that to the last stop and board a public bus for DMK, all of which would take far longer than a taxi ride from airport to airport, which we would suggest as your best option for the short timeframe you have, even with possible traffic delays.

      Best wishes,


  122. sharma says:

    I will be coming to Thailand in april with my husband. I wil be reachind S’bhumi airport on 18th april at 12:30 pm and I am having my next flight from DMK to samui on 19th april at 9:45 am.
    I just want to know that whether we can avail the free shuttle or not(coz our flight from dmk is on next day)??
    Thankyou 🙂

    • admin says:

      Dear Sharma,

      You can most certainly use the shuttle even if your flight is the next day, just present your outgoing flight ticket and that will get you on the bus.


  123. sharma says:

    Thanks for the information.
    Can you please tell me that how safe is to visit thailand because of the protest. We are staying for 1 night in donmuang airport hotel(before our flight to samui) and just have to travel from sbhumi to donmuang in bangkok. How safe it is? what is the current scenario of protest there?? thanks..

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharma,

      The protest continue to be centered around government buildings and areas where tourists are not normally found. Concerning safety, we recommend one take the normal precautions one would take in any big city as well as pay attention to the news regularly. Tourists continue coming and going during the protest period.

  124. Stanrick says:

    Hi Admin,

    Your advice is greatly needed.

    I am arriving at Airport (Suvarnabhumi) 5.25pm on 11 April 14 through Singapore Airline and I am required to take NOK Air from Airport (Don Mueang) 7.30pm to Nan.

    Based on your knowledge and experience, am I able to make it? Taking into Song Kran crowd (around the corner) into consideration? I am willing to take a taxi.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you


    • admin says:

      Hi Stanrick,

      Based on our experience that is quite a short time. If your immigration goes fast, baggage pickup goes fast and taxi encounters no traffic (all things that are impossible to predict) you might just make it. Everything would have to go perfectly. We always recommend three hours for a smooth transfer. You might consider trying to book a later option with Nok Air


  125. Josefina says:

    Hi Admin!

    your site has been a real help for me
    I am arriving to BKK airport the 22nd of July at 9:00 pm, and taking an Air Asia flight at 06:00 am from DMK airport on the next day. At what time does the free shuttle service ends? Am I able to reach it on time?

    Thanks a lot !

    • admin says:

      Hi Josefina,

      We are glad you find our site helpful. The shuttle normally stops running at 24:00 as you can see on the timetable written above in the article for your reference. Arriving at 9pm should give you sufficient time to catch any one of the last shuttles of the day.


  126. Blog says:


    I have a flight arriving at 1:40pm in BKK and i got a flight to catch at 4:30pm at DMK, do you think I can make it on time?

    I do not have any luggage etc.

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin says:

      We normally recommend 3 hours for transit, which is what you are proposing as your timeframe. Not having baggage will give you some time and in good traffic the actual journey time on the shuttle is 1hr 20 minutes, so you should have time.


  127. Dominic says:


    Firstly I think your website is excellent and provided me with a lot of information.

    Quick question, though this does relate to me travelling in June 2014.

    I will be flying into DMK from Siem Reap and arrive at 12.55pm. I then need to travel to BKK to catch my next flight to Samui which departs at 4.30pm. As this is approximately 3.5 hours in between, would it be beneficial to get on the FREE Shuttle between airports or to either get a taxi or use the rail link?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Dominic 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Dominic,

      The time you have between flights should be enough under normal circumstances of exiting Don Muang and traffic to use the free shuttle. Should you find yourself delayed for a substantial amount of time in getting your baggage and crossing immigration, then you may want to make a decision on the spot to grab a taxi. Under normal circumstances the 1hr 20 min shuttle ride between airports should work fine with your timeframe.


  128. Rvthryet says:

    Hi Admin
    You guys Rock!!! A lot of help given to a lot ppl. A big thank you to you from all of them!!(and me of course).
    My enquiry, if i may be so bold – flight touches base at suvarnabhumi 1620 hrs and my connecting from don muang @1955 hrs for my onwards destination.. you think I can make it?

  129. Rvthryet says:

    …Another quick question from the same.. Landing in Suvarnabhumi at 1620 hrs and connecting flight to Seim Reap is at 1740hrs thru bangkok air.. do you think I can make it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Rvthryet,

      Both scenarios you describe sounds like close calls, the first one because of the hour and a half travel time between airports(plus traffic at rush hour which is impossible to predict) and the second even in the same airport there will be transit time and it is a tight margin, why not think about spending the first night in Thailand near BKK airport? There are many good hotels nearby for good rates.

  130. DenDen says:

    I am going to travel in September. Arrive in BKK at 8:50 and have an **international** flight leaving DMK at 13:25. Is 4.5 hours enough?

    • admin says:

      Dear DenDen,

      We normally suggest at least 3.5 hours and recommend one be aware of the traffic at various points. Your transfer time suggests you should be okay, just be on top of getting your luggage, immigration done quickly etc so as to maximize your transfer time.

  131. ajinkya says:

    i am landing at suvarnabhumi at 0650 hrs from mumbai by bangkok airways and leaving for malaysia the same day at 1430 hrs from DMK Airport. so finally i am going to malaysia. do i need to take a thai visa for those 7hours? if yes then which category of visa would you suggest?

    • admin says:

      Yes since you are entering the kingdom of Thailand even for just a few hours you need whatever visa corresponds to your passport. We recommend you check with the consular authority website in your country to see what options are available. If you are coming back the same way with a transfer remember you will need a multiple entry visa. Go for the visa which is least hassle but covers your transit needs.

  132. kevin jordan says:


    I’m planning to visit Bangkok for two days flying into BKK on Oct 3 and arriving at 10:50am and departing from DMK on Oct 5th at 6:30am. What neighborhood do you recommend I stay for this short period? Would it be wiser to stay near DMK since I have an early Sunday morning flight or is the city better? Also, how would traffic from the city to DMK be Sunday at around 3am if I were to take a cab to DMK? Thanks in advance for any answers!

    • admin says:

      Hi Kevin,

      We recommend you stay in a hotel in the city proper, you will find nicer properties with more competitive rates and amenities so you can enjoy the city. Traffic in an early morning cab should not be bad.

  133. Helen says:

    Hi, I’m flying to BKK next week, landing at 7.30pm and then fly from DMK the next day at 10am so was planning on staying near DMK airport to save time in the morning. I have an email confirmation from Nok Air for my flight out of DMK, will this be okay to use the shuttle bus? It has a receipt and itinerary attached and has a bar code and booking reference and booking number… hoping to save a bit of money! H.

    • admin says:

      Hello Helen,

      Experience indicates they will honor your DMK flight information even if it is the next day, the general rule is accepting a ticket up to 24 hours later then the time you are boarding the free shuttle.


  134. Vicknesh says:

    Hi! I have Air Asia flight from Chiang Mai arriving DMK at 3.50pm. I need to catch my Tiger Airways flight to Singapore from Suvarnabhumi airport at 5.30pm. How long does it take to reach BKK airport from DMK by taxi? Am I still able to catch the flight?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment.
      To be honest, that sounds very difficult or even I will say impossible.
      Taxi takes at least one hour or longer in normal conditions, but you are arriving in rush hour.
      We advice people to allow them at least four hours for connections between these two airports.
      We invite you to like our page in Facebook and follow us in twitter to be always update about travel.

      Best Regards

  135. Lauren says:

    how much is a taxi between the two airports and will it save you a lot of time compared to the free shuttle in Bangkok?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lauren

      Taxi’s can range from 150 baht to 350 baht depending on the price you get. The time saved can depend on the rush hour traffic, the time spent waiting for the next shuttle etc. It is a similar trip, but the taxi may be 20 min faster all things considered.

  136. ondrej says:

    I started with the questions from 2013 and moving to August 2014 are the replies a bit more sceptical.
    We are supported land at BKK at 1225 and leave from Don’t Mueang at 1650. We do not need a visa, but have check in baggage.
    I expected to get out of the airport at 14 at worst case ( possible?). Is 2,5hr gap good enough to get either by bus or taxi to Don’t Mueang?
    What is in your opinion sufficient time buffer after airport leave at this time of the day?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your message.
      Well what happened is that there has been many changes during the last months in Thailand.
      Nowadays situation is quite normal, but there are still other things to considered such as the fact that traffic can be very bad at rush hour and some times lines at immigration are very slow.
      2,5 hours should be enough to move from one airport to the other in normal conditions, we personally prefer to have 3 or four hours.

      • ondrej says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        The 3-4 hrs you prefer is time from the cleared immigration process? In 2013 you mentioned that at least 1,5hr is needed from that point of time till the plane leaves from the other airport.
        If the bus takes 1hr and one should be 1hr before the departure at the airport, I find my 2,5hr once I leave the airport hall just at the border line.
        Is my understanding correct?

  137. Harish Ananthan says:

    I wanted to get to DMK from the main airport. Is it easy to take the 555 no. bus and how much will it cost in a cab?

    • admin says:

      Hi Harish,

      The 555 public bus operates as a standard public bus, the airport information can point out its departure point and it can be crowded or empty depending on the time of day. Taxi’s can vary depending on the carrier from 150-350baht.


  138. Gopan Mondal says:

    Do I need visa for transferring from Bangkok international airport to Don Muang Airport to catch airaisa flight ?

    • admin says:

      If you need a visa to enter Thailand you do need a visa for this transfer, because you are entering Thailand and moving across the city to another airport.


  139. Rahul says:


    Great work on helping people with these niggling doubts!
    My travel plans are :
    Mumbai to Bangkok via Kolkata which is a 7 hour trip with layovers included.
    I will depart from Mumbai at 7:45PM and reach BKK at 410AM.

    I am planning to head directly to Phuket what would be an ideal time to book the outbound flight? Any particular carriers you think are better than others? I am considering NokAir and Air Asia.

    I would want to take a breather, but avoid the rush hour so it would be great if you could elaborate on facilities to relax at DMK too!

    appreciate your help!

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much for your message.
      We normally recommend at least four hour to transfer from one airport to the other. Sometimes rush hour is a problem and even when it is difficult to predict when it exactly occurs most likely there will be a lot of traffic around 7 to 9 am.
      We like Air Asia, we never have had any particular problem with them and the carrier is quite punctual. There is not a lot to do in DMK it is actually kind of a basic airport, on the other hand BKK is an impressive international terminal.

  140. Sarah says:

    I have a flight into Suvarnabhumi airport, then have an overnight stopover in bangkok. Can i show my flight itinerary the next morning to catch the bus from Suvarnabhumi airport to DMK for my flight with airasia?

    • admin says:

      Dear Sarah
      Thanks for your comment.
      Yeah as long you have a copy of your itinerary or boarding pass they will allow you to use the shuttle.

  141. Shailender says:


    I will be travelling to Phnom Penh via Bangkok.

    I will land at Suvarnabhumi Airport, collect my check-in luggage and take a shuttle to Don muang Airport for my connecting flight to Phnom Penh.

    My question is, since I have to take a shuttle and also collect my luggage from conveyor belt, do I need Thai Visa.


    • admin says:

      Hello Shailender,

      Since I do not know your nationality, I do not know if you need a Thai Visa or not. However if you do need a visa to enter Thailand at all, you will need it here because even though you are just in transfer, you are actually entering the country to switch planes.


  142. Abhishek says:

    Hi, I am travelling to BKK, Phuket and Koh Samui

    My travel plans are :
    Mumbai to Bangkok via Kolkata which is a 7 hour trip with layovers included.
    I will depart from Mumbai at 7:45PM and reach BKK at 410AM.

    Which low cost airline would you recommend for Bangkok to Koh Samui ?

    Which mode of transportation would be cheapest From
    koh Samui to Phuket and
    Phuket to Bangkok

    • admin says:

      Hi Abhishhek,

      All the low cost airlines we’ve experienced are quite good, Air Asia has a great reputation and of course provides many options in the region. When you ask about cheap transportation you could take buses but these tickets are often sold out and distances can take 24 hours based on the routes you are asking about. Flights are often the most affordable and time efficient, while buses are sometimes cheaper and not time efficient.


  143. Deep says:

    Many bthanks for your inputs they’ve been great help, keep up the good work !!
    Im flying from Delhi, India to Bangkok, reaching bangkok by 5:25 AM and have booked a 10:45 AM flight to Phuket from Don Muang airport by Air Asia. Had a couple of questions
    – Is the time good enough keeping in mind on arrival visa, baggage collection, traveling to Don Muang and boarding the flight
    – Can i use the shuttle service since i would not have the boarding pass for the second flight
    – Since im travelling to Phuket anything specific i need to mention to the visa officials

    • admin says:


      We recommend 3 hours for immigration, security and transit, so you should have plenty of time to switch airports. You need some proof of a ticket to use the free shuttle, it can be a boarding pass or a receipt that AirAsia has sent you showing you have a flight at that date and time. There’s nothing specific you need to mention, you are free to move about within the country for the amount of time allowed by your visa.


  144. gubbi says:

    Question # 1: I am American citizen. I will be reaching Bangkok international airport on 11/16/14 at 11:45 PM by Air China. I need to go to Don Mueang airport (DMK) next day. My flight to Siem Reap is on 11/17/14 at 10:15 AM by Air Asia. I prefer to use free shuttle bus bew teen BKK airport and DMK airport. The first shuttle bus from BKK Suvanabhmi airport is at 6:00AM. Since my flight from DMK airpot to Siem Reap is at 10:15AM, do I have sufficient time to reach DMK from BKK.

    If I decode tp take taxi from BKK, is it safe to travel from BKK to DMK in the middle of night.

    Questuin # 2: I know I can get Exempt Visa for US citizens at BKK airport to enter Thailand . When I return from Siem Reap on 11/21/14 and renter Bangkok, can I get another exempt visa to enter Bangkok.or I will have to get multiple entry Thailand visa for US citizens, when I first enter BKK on 11/16/14.

    • admin says:

      Hello Gubbi,

      Since you are an American Citizen you have no need of a tourist visa to enter Thailand for thirty days. Any time you enter or exit the country the thirty days resets again. Secondly the time you ask for about the shuttle bus should be fine since it is 4 hours before your fight and the transit time is generally 3 hours total with immigration and security inspection. If you decide to take a cab in the middle of the night, it is safe, just exercise the normal precautions one would take in any major world capital.


  145. Harsh Shah says:

    I reach BKK at 0410 and have a flight from DMK at 0835… do u think there is good enough a time for us o make it considering visa on arrival, immigration etc?

  146. Harsh Shah says:

    I appreciate the time that ull take in keeping this page so up-to-date by replying to every single comment. hats off

  147. DMH says:

    Hi, We’re arriving this Thursday into BKK at 7am with a connecting flight departing from DMK at 10am. No luggage.I have 3 questions please
    1) Do you think that’s sufficient time?
    2) What is the traffic like a that time of the morning? Heavy? Predictable?
    3) Is the connecting shuttle every half hour or every hour at that time?

    • admin says:

      Hi DMH

      The time is sufficient for what we recommend under normal circumstances of course anything can change and things can be delayed in the course of any trip. Traffic varies there as it does anywhere else in the world. The shuttle does come at regular intervals as you can see on the schedule posted in the article.


  148. Vineet Gera says:


    I read your replies to so many queries and they are quite helpful. I will be reaching BKK Svarnbhoomi on 20th Dec at 620 AM. I will be taking Thai Airways flight. I want to catch Air Asia flight from Don Muang at 1020 AM. Is the plan okay and workable? Can I use shuttle or straight go for a taxi?

    Thanks a lot,

    • admin says:

      4 hours should be enough in normal circumstances to be able to go from one to the other airport. The only problem is that your trip may be happening at the same time than rush hour and it is something to consider. No one as well can predict how long it will take for you to go thorough immigration, so if you noticed that it took a long time use your better judgment at the time and maybe jump into a cab.

  149. Abhishek Baliya says:


    Thanks a lot for replies.

    I am reaching 4.10 at Bangkok Airport. Airasia flight is at 7 am from DMK to koh samui/ koh phangan.

    Is this 2 hour 50 min time safe ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Abhishek,

      We recommend 3 hours total for the getting in and out of airport formalities plus the standard transit time 1hr 15 min. You will have to take a taxi arriving that early and it will probably be the fastest way to connect you at that time, instead of waiting around for the first shuttle.


  150. Tapash Chakraborty says:

    As an INDIAN to go KOLKATA from YANGON via BANGKOK any visa is required between two air pot in BANGKOK .

  151. Ben Israel says:

    Dear Admin,

    You are extremely generous with your time and knowledge. You’ve proven your expertise and reliability. Why not charge $2 per question?

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much for your comment and compliments.
      We really love this! We are passionate travelers and we enjoy a lot helping people to travel.
      The best token of appreciation from all to us is to keep visiting our page, interacting with us, following us in Facebook, twitter, Instagram and the other other social networks and sharing with us travel experiences so in this way we can keep learning even more.
      Traveling is really fascinating!

  152. brenda says:


    My fiancé and I will be on our honeymoon arriving into BKK at 10:55PM. The next day we will be flying out of DMK to Krabi at 2:00PM.

    Do you suggest we stay at an airport hotel close to BKK? Or stay at a hotel close to DMK?

    Thank you =)

    • admin says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Since you are leaving DMK somewhat late and getting into BKK late we definitely recommend you stay near BKK. BKK has much better hotel options and almost any in the area of various budgets have free shuttles to and from BKK. The Novotel sits right on the airport grounds so you can simply walk out the main entrance and check into the hotel.

  153. Girish Sajwan says:

    I am arriving at Swaranbhoomi at 4.10 am by spicejet from Kolkota on 16th Jan15. My next flight is from Dom Mueang to Hanoi at 7 am by Air asia. Would I be able to connect ?

    • admin says:

      Dear Girish,

      Since you arrival time is early and you have under 3 hours we recommend you take a taxi. The time you have is less than we normally recommend for the whole process, (3 hours) but it seems you may be able to transfer as long as there are no delays, it is never possible to say with full assurance.

  154. Jack says:


    I am reaching BKK at 4:10 am and have to catch AirAsia flight at 7.30 AM from DMK. Will that be sufficient time for me to change the flights and transit from one airport to other. I will take either taxi or shuttle bus which ever is available. Also wanted to know the fare of taxi and are there any prepaid taxi stand?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jack,

      The time we recommend from gate to gate including transit is 3 hours (the transit in vehicle is 1hr 15 min in ideal conditions). It seems your timeframe fits this recommendation, but be aware there can always be unexpected occurrences like lines and traffic delays. Taxi fares usually run between 150 and 350 baht, there are metered taxis available, however we are unsure on the prepaid stands.


  155. Surya says:


    I am traveling from New Delhi to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) on 18th September. I was originally planning to travel to Vientiane (Laos) via the internation train t Nong Khai.

    I am now looking at taking a nok air flight from DMK airport to Udon Thani and the shuttles from there (Fly n ride Service). Will i be required to take a Thailand Visa for these transfers? Without the Visa fees this will be a faster n cheaper way for me to get to Vientiane.

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Hi Surya,

      Since you are transferring airports BKK to DMK you are entering the kingdom of Thailand, as well once you arrive in Udon Thani you are in Thailand taking a ground transfer. If your citizenship requires you to have a visa to enter Thailand you will need to get that visa since you will be in the country.


  156. Mayur says:

    Hi, on my return trip the time between the flight is only 2.35 Hours and i have to change the airport as well. From Don Mueang to Suvarnabhumi. Besides, we are required to check in early. I read most comments above and i think i may run into trouble with such a short time. Will Taxi be fast enough in this case? Thanks in advance for help.

    • admin says:

      The ride time in a taxi is 1hr 15 min in ideal traffic conditions. There’s no way to predict traffic so it will really be up to you to make the decision, we can’t say whether it will be enough time or not.


      • Mayur says:

        Actually, I think 2.5 hours is just too crazily short. Its just not possible to change airports within 2.5 hours. I know I am definitely going to miss the flight in this case. So I have contacted the agency i booked the tickets with, told them about the problem, and they said they will contact Thai Airways. I am hoping to get new flight details, I asked them to give me at least 5 hours to change airports. I will give another update here which may help others.

        • admin says:

          Thanks very much for your update. We really appreciate this feedback that can indeed help other travelers. Yes, 2.5 hours can be really tight, that is why we recommend at least 4 hours.
          Have a great trip!

  157. Adripriya Ghosh says:

    Hi Admin. I have a query. On 10th of March’15 I am arriving in BKK on 4.15 am. Then I have a connecting flight from DMK to Krabi at 8. 25 am. In this 4 hrs can it be possible to do all the following jobs.

    1> Apply & getting the Free Visa for my Thailand Trip.
    2> Luggage Claim @ BKK.
    3> Taking the Shuttle for DMK to BKK.
    4> Boarding for the Flight from DMK to Krabi.

    Please assists.

    • admin says:

      Hi Adripriya,

      We recommend 3 hours for persons transiting the airports as you are. Of course we cannot guarantee anything, there can always be unforeseen delays, but the time you propose seems to work under normal circumstances.

  158. Laura says:

    Hey, I have one question. I will arrive at DMK at 18.20, then I need to go to BKK to catch my flight at 23:40.
    Do you think I will do it in 5 hours with the Shuttle or should I better book the flight from Phnom Penh directly to BKK.
    Unfortunately there is just that one flight from PP to DMK this day, otherwise I would take an earlier one.

    Thank you so much,

    • admin says:

      Hi Laura,

      we normally recommend 3 hours for transfer with use of the shuttle and all practical concerns like immigration security baggage claim etc. 5 hours is likely to be sufficient time for your transfer with the shuttle.

  159. Katarina says:

    Hi, we will arrive to Suvarnabhumi at 6:30am (european flight). We have our flight to Cambodza, Siem Reap at 10:00am from Don Muang. What would be the best way for transfer between this two airports? Is there a big risk not to catch the flight to Cambodza?
    Thank you much.

  160. Simon says:

    Hi guys, I was wondering if I can use the shuttle between Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang if I arrive at Suvarnabhumi on Wednesday and then fly out of Don Mueang on Saturday? The reason is I have a lot of luggage that I don’t want to carry around and I would like to store it at at the Don Mueang left luggage office so I can easily collect it before my flight on Saturday.
    Thanks very much for your great info,

    • admin says:

      Hi Simon,

      We know that officially the shuttle bus honors free transfers for around 24 hours before a flight. However not having been in your particular situation we cannot say definitively if they will honor a transfer of some days before. Some comments we have found online indicate persons who have been able to transfer with flights later than 24 hours in the future. You simply will have to ask the shuttle on site.

  161. Cosmin says:

    Hello Admin,
    same question: 24.02.2015 i will arrive to Suvarnabhumi airport 07:35, next flight 10:00 Don Muang airport(Siem Reap Cambodge)
    is it possible to catch flight ? i apply for a visa Thai at the embassy, not the airport. i don’t have luggage!!!

    which is the best option? Metro, Taxi…?

    Thanks in advance for help!

    • admin says:

      Hello Cosmin,

      Of course anything can happen to delay your progress, but with the visa already in hand and no luggage you certainly will save yourself time transiting between the airports. We recommend the free shuttle to Dom Muang, the ride takes around 1 hour 15 minutes. If you find your time is shorter due to a delay we recommend to take a taxi. We recommend 3 hours for the whole transfer process, plane to plane as a good measuring unit of time to transfer comfortably.

  162. ria kumari says:

    i have a i need a thai visa to go to bkk from dmk via free airport bus?

  163. ria kumari says:

    do we need visa to take shuttle bus from dmk to bkk?

    • admin says:

      Hello Ria,

      If the passport you possess requires a visa to enter the kingdom of Thailand then you will need a visa to take the shuttle, as the shuttle is outside the airport you are in the country.

  164. Nwando Adigwe says:

    Hi guys, I have a few questions. Im leaving Thailand and travelling to Cambodia by land today. I know ill get signed out of Thailand and get voa for Cambodia. My flight home is from Suvarnabhumi airport in 6 days. I plan to fly from Siem Riep back to Don Mueang and then onto Suvarnabhumi. Will I need to get another visa to enter Thailand, or will my previous one be extended, as it wont expire until mid November? Also, I wont have my onward flight ticket yet (just email confirmation), so will I be unable to use the shuttle bus?

    Thanks for your help,

    • admin says:

      Hi Nwando,

      As regards your need for a visa when passing back through Thailand. It depends on what kind of Visa you have in your passport, if you have only a single entry then you will need another one, if you have a multiple entry visa that will cover the time period when you are passing in and out then you will not need another one.

      Also you can use the shuttle bus if you show email confirmation of an outgoing flight.

  165. micka says:

    Hi, is it possible to bring all our luggages (2 big ones (23kg) and handy luggages)in this free shuttle ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Micka,

      We have not found anything official online, but we would assume standard international airline baggage allowances would apply.

  166. Joyce says:

    Hi there, just wish to know where do we take the city bus #555 at the Don Muang airport and also Suvarnabhumi airport? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Joyce,

      At Suvarnabhumi you need to reach the BKK transportation centre. This is served by a free shuttle from level 2. Ask at the information desk for the location of the shuttle bus stop. At Dom Muang the 555 bus arrives either just outside the arrivals hall or across the street reached by pedestrian walkway, we would suggest you ask inside the airport on this one since we are not exactly sure which of the pick up points they are currently using.

  167. Triin says:

    I am arriving to Don Muang airport around 19 o’clock on 16th of November and have the next flight from Suvarnabhumi the next day at 10 a.m. Is it possible to take the free shuttle bus in the evening of 16th still, or does the flight have to be on the same date for that? Thanks in advance.

  168. Action says:


    I’m flying from India to Hanoi via Bangkok. My flight arrives at the Suvarnabhumi at 4am and I then have to take a flight from DMK to Hanoi at 7am. So I have only 3 hours lay over. On my way back (8 days later), the situation is slightly better – I have a lay over of 7 hours to change the airports.

    Will I need a visa for transferring the airports, or can I just show my flight tickets and get into the shuttle bus? Also, will i need to pay for visa twice – for my onward as well as return journey? Any suggestions, for making this trip efficient?

    • admin says:

      Dear Akshun,

      You will need to get a multiple entry visa or two single entry visas in order to move from one airport to another in Bangkok as you are entering the country even if you are transferring.

  169. Svenson says:

    Sorry to bother ya, (And thanks for ur awesome info! 😉 ) but i have one question.

    I have a flight ticket departing from DMK on tuesday morning. (at 8 am) So, I am planning to stay near Don mueang on Monday night. As a result, I am planning to go to BKK (Suvarnabhumi airport) on MONDAY afternoon, and take the shuttle to Don Mueang from BKK on monday afternoon.

    The problem is, I have my flight ticket, but it is the NEXT MORNING’S ticket. Does the next day’s Flight ticket allow me to take the shuttle?

    Your answer would be very much appreciated.

    Kapun kap!


    • admin says:

      Hi Svenson,

      You can take the shuttle the day before, the general rule is 24 hours before the flight time, but it is more or less understood to allow passengers on the date before.

  170. Chaillot says:


    We have a plane scheduled at 0105 at Suvarnabhumi and we plan to take a flight arriving at 2110 at Don Muang airport the previous day. Do you think there’s enough time to do the transfer between the 2 airports?

    Thank you very much!

    • admin says:

      Hi Chaillot,

      That is around 4 hours so it seems you will have enough time as we normally suggest 3 hours total for a transfer under normal circumstances.

  171. Ashwini says:

    Dear Admin,
    We have to transfer from DMK to Suvarnabhumi airport with a gap of several hours in between. We have planned for some sightseeing then. Can ew keep our luggage somewhere for a few hours?

    • admin says:

      Suvarnabhumi has luggage storage, and we are not sure if DMK has any. In town we do not have any ideas, but perhaps you might look into bus terminals and train stations which are places that normally have luggage storage.

  172. RAJESH says:

    Hi, I arrive at DMK airport from Cambodia but my next flight is from Bangkok Suwarnabhumi. Do I need to get a new visa to transit between the airports. I do not want to stay in Thailand on my return from Cambodia again. Please confirm and thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Hello Rajesh,

      Unless you have a multiple entry visa to Thailand from the previous time you entered, you will need a visa every time you come into the country and cross the city to another airport. You are entering the country’s space each time.

  173. Princess says:

    I will be arriving at suvarnabhumi airport on the 18th dec. 12:35pm & have a connecting flight to koh samui in Don muang airport at 2:20pm same day…can i make it to my flight if i get shuttle bus from Suvarnabhumi to Don muang?
    Please confirm & thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      The travel time itself is around 1hr 15 minutes in good traffic, this does not include exiting and entering processes in both airports. We recommend 3 hours total for transfer, it seems unlikely from the info you provided that you will make this connection in shuttle or taxi.

  174. izwan says:

    hi admin

    i’m already book flight to bangkok on january 2015 with my wife and baby (7month).
    my flight arrived at DMK around 14.00..
    so,with luggage and baby,i prefer to take a private car..
    normaly cost private car from DMK to bangkok city how much.?
    including traffic how long it will take..
    tq 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Izwan,

      Car companies vary in terms of prices and traffic can affect times to and from the city. Our recommendation is to contact several companies to get the most accurate info.

  175. Penny says:


    Is there any train service available from don muang airport to suwarnabhumi airport?
    My flight touch down at don muang airport 750am and I would like to catch the bus from Suwarnabhumi airport to Hua Hin at 9.30am, am i able to meet the time?

  176. norbu says:

    hi admin,

    landing at suvarnabhumi airport on the early morning of the 8th jan 12.45 am to be precise with a group of 7 people which consist of 2 kids aged 8 and 9 and then gotta head over to DMK to catch an early morning 7 am flight to surat thani…since your the expert i would appreciate if you could tell me what my best options are to move from one airport to the other and that too so early in the morning, and how much would a taxi cost me at that time of the night / morning.

    thanks norbu

    • admin says:

      Hi Norbu,

      At that time of night the free shuttle is not running till 4am. There is the 555 pubic bus, but that may be impractical for such a large group. Taxi’s can be an option, rates vary from 150-350 baht for a trip between airports. You may also want to consider a van service in which your whole group could go in the same vehicle. Several companies are visible on the airport website which you might write or call for a quote.


  177. Jigme says:

    Greeting, admin, kudos to the great job that u guys are doing,I am planning a trip to bkk on the 1st week of Dec, and would be visiting phukhet for 3 days out of which 2 days would be day trips to the phi phi island and the phangg nga bay, I had also included 2 nights for krabi, I am a bit confused as to after doing the boat trips, is it worth the money to visit krabi besides the beaches..Thank yuo

    • admin says:

      Hi Renee,

      It really depends on what you like to say if Krabi is worth it. Many of the beaches and islands are similar if that is what you are asking. In our estimation Krabi would be worthwhile to enjoy a splurge resort, but the beaches would be similar to those you would find in Phuket or on your day trips.

  178. mitra says:

    how min far to this air port

  179. rajeev gupta says:

    we are reaching suvarnbhumi at 7:20 am on 29th of this month…we have flight for phuket from DMK, at 10:50 am, kindly advise, is that manageable? which transit mode should be preferred?

    • admin says:

      You have over three hours which is what we recommend for transit with the free shuttle. However should you find yourself pressed for time we recommend a taxi as the fastest option.

  180. Karl says:

    Hi,I am worried about my connecting flight and I was wondering if you could advise me?

    15 of us arrive Tuesday 31st March @11.10am into Don Muang airport with AirAsia. Our next flight takes off from BKK with Bangkok Airways @1.45pm to Koh Samui.

    Is it feasible to make this?


    • admin says:

      Hi Karl,

      We recommend 3 hours to be comfortable with the transit time, getting in and out of security etc. The actual taxi distance between both hours is 1hr in ideal traffic conditions. We cannot say if you will make it or not, but it seems if you make an effort to be quick about the transfer it could be possible.


  181. Ali Clark says:


    We arrive in BKK at 11 PM and fly out of DMK the next day at 11:45 so we want to get a hotel for the night and are planning to take a taxi. Do you recommend getting a hotel near the DMK airport, or should we go to the city center and stay? If you have any recommendations for specific hotels I would be very grateful!

    • admin says:

      Hi Ali,

      Getting a hotel in the city has the benefits of being a better variety of places to stay while one near DMK has the option of being closer for your morning commute. Near Don Muang is Amari Hotel in walking distance and Asia Airport hotel which is 3 miles away.

  182. Janna says:

    I am female, 26, but I look fairly young and will be traveling alone between BKK to DMK. I land at 1AM in BKK and hoping to catch an 8 AM flight out of DMK so that gives me plenty of time. I’ll try to catch the first shuttle ride at 5:00 AM so hopefully it won’t be too busy or traffic won’t be as bad. Are the free shuttle rides fairly safe for a young tourist woman? What about the taxis?

    • admin says:

      Hi Janna,

      Your travel plan sounds good, both the shuttle and taxis are safe for all travelers, simply exercise the same precautions you would take in any large city around the world.

  183. Charlotte says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to check if the transfer shuttle was only free if you have a connecting flight? What I mean, is we have booked flight from the UK to BKK and then completely separately to that flight we are intending to book a flight from DMK to Chiang Mai.

    Would I have needed to book all of these flights as one journey to qualify for the free shuttle or will this still be ok?

    Thank you in advance and apologies if this has already been answered.


    • admin says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      As long as you have the boarding pass/reservation confirmation for an outbound flight you can use the shuttle, technically there are no connecting flights since it is an entirely separate airport, every flight out is an original flight.

  184. Farooq says:

    I will reach on Suvranbhumi Airport via Thai air from Lahore Pakistan and will leave for Kota Kinnabalu Malaysia next day. I have a Thai visa which I will use on my return from Malaysia. Can you please guide me how can I reach the Dong Mueng airport from Suvranbhumi without using my visa? i will re enter in Thailand on 28th January 2015 and then plan to visit Bangkok and Pataya. Please respond.

    • admin says:

      There is something very important to understand here: Suvarnabhumi Airport (BMK) and Don Mueang (DMK) are two completely different airports located in the opposite part of Bangkok. So if you are arriving to Suvarnabhumi and leaving from Don Mueang even if it is a matter of hours you are entering Bangkok, and if you need a tourist visa so will be require to have one to do that. So in your case you need is a Multiple entry visa. Let us know if you have any other question, and we will respond as soon as we can.

  185. su may says:


    I am really surprise you replying for all the way from 2013 to 2015. It’s really impressed. I will arrive in Don Mueang Airport tomorrow by Airasia and planning to go and meet with my girl friend in Suvanabumi airport when she lands. After chatting with online customer service agent they gave me following answer:
    17:21:32 Natcha: Okay,sir. I suggest you another way if you don’t want to take the Taxi ,you can go to Suvarnabhumi airport by van. When you arrive at the 1st floor at Don mueng airport you come out from the building and those van will be operating beside the terminal on your right hand if you can’t find you can ask the information at the airport for Van that come through Suvarnabhumo airport. Service charge would be 50 thai bath. sir
    7:23:50 Natcha: yes,sir. It takes about 45 minutes – 1 hour.
    17:38:58 Natcha: No,they don’t. The van will take passenger maximum 15 people with air corn and it’s not so crowded.



    • admin says:

      Thanks very much for your comment.
      We indeed love traveling and helping others to travel.
      We have to be honest: We are aware of the van service, but we never have try it. We have heard the van service works fine and it is an affordable option. The time will depends of the traffic, probably at least an hour and a half is more realistic. They run from 6 am to 6pm.
      We will appreciate any feedback If you use the van service, so we can share this with other travelers.

  186. Vikrant says:

    Hello, Had a quick query. We would be reaching BKK (International Flight from India) at 5:05 AM (March first week) and have flight from DMK at 8:45 AM .. Just wondering if it would be a little tight, given immigration and customs checks.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Vikrant,

      We recommend at least the 3 hour window to be inclusive of transport and immigration and security checks. It does not guarantee anything about the wait time as there is no way to predict that, but it seems most people are able to make the entire turnaround within a 3 hour time frame. One thing to keep in mind is that you may find heavy traffic at that time of the day.

  187. steffanie says:

    Hello, we arrive saturday the 31th of januari around 18.30 at the airport of Suvarnabhumi. Do you know if it is possible to catch the night train from 22 to Chiang mai or it leaves at 22:49 from Don muang airport I think. We don’t have a ticket right now, so I even don’t know if it is possible to get a ticket that evening. Or would it be better to stay somewhere in the neighborhood (suvarnabhumi or don muang)and take a plain the next day… ( we would like it first ti start in chiang rai)or we can also go to the mo hit station and take a bus over there? best regards

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Steffanie

      We are not familiar with the train schedule to Chang Mai, however since you are arriving in the evening and looking to move immediately to another form of transit for which you may not be able to get a ticket, our recommendation would be to stay in one of the nice and affordable hotels around Suvarnabhumi, many of them have free shuttle and breakfast included with the night’s stay.

  188. Putrie says:

    Hi there,

    Well, at this trip i’m using garuda indonesia airlines and arrived at suvarnabhumi but i need to meet up with my friend which is using air asia airlines and arrived at don muang
    As long as i read this article and another article after browsing there are 2 ways to get there using the public bus number 555 and 554

    So can you tell me exactly what is the difference between 555 and 554 as detail as you can, and which one did you reccommend for me? And for consideration actually i’m not in hurry to meet my friend in don muang

    Thank you for the answer

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Putrie,

      The buses are two routes that run between the airports, no real difference, simply take the first one that comes along.

  189. Gary says:

    Help Needed???
    Hi, we arrive in BKK around 2200, and reading this great site, we can get a shuttle to DMK before 2400?
    Also, we have 2 nights in BKK, before going to Koh Samui, which airport should we stay near??
    Also, the cost of flights from BKK to Koh Samui seem very high, are there any tickets sold on a stand by basis between these, and how much time is needed to get them.
    Thanks Gary.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Gary,

      The shuttle runs both ways until midnight, so you should be able to make one provided your plane lands on time and you exit immigration and customs in time. It would make sense to stay closer to the airport from which you are departing, but in general Suvarnabhumi has a greater variety of hotels, although Don Muang has good ones too. We are not aware of stand by tickets being sold, on that we’d refer you to call airport information and ask.

  190. pantelis says:

    hi there!
    so! we arrive in bkk 1st of february at 11.30am and the next flight is 17:50 from dmk to phuket with lion air. do you think is ok?
    and in the return 20 of february we arrive 09:30 to dmk from phuket with nok air and the next flight is 13;35 from bkk .
    do we have enough time to don’t miss any flight ?
    thank you in advance !

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      In our experience four hours is good to connect from one airport to the other. If the flight is not delay a lot and there is nothing out of the ordinary, you should not have any problems.

      Have a great trip!

  191. Davis says:


    Would just like to thank you for your precise and up to date info. I’ll be travelling from Don Mueang to Suvarnabhumi, in and out, all in 5 hours for my visa run.

    Thanks for this service, hope others are as helpful to you when you travel abroad. 😉

    All the best.

  192. Thomas says:


    We arrive at Don Muang at 14.30 and have flight out of Suvarnabhumi at 19.50. Will we have sufficient to time to get out for the airplane, pick-up of bags, take the free shuttle (or should we get a taxi), check-in, or do we need more time between the two flights?

    Can you inform us about estimated travel time by the shuttle bus?
    Can we use the free shuttle bus, we have separate tickets?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards, Thomas

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Thomas,

      We recommend at least 3 hours for the whole time between flights. This is calculating the time of the shuttle ride (1hr 15 minutes) and yes as long as you have a ticket for departure out of Suvarnabhumi you are free to use the shuttle.

  193. Mark says:

    Hello traveladept, I’m traveling to suvarnabhumi on Monday the 10th,I arrive at 6-30am after customs, will I make my connecting flight from don muang to Ranong that leaves at 8-40, I now it’s tight, shall I book a private taxi to pick me up at suvarnabhumi, any advice will be greatly appreciated..mark

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Mark,

      As you do have a tight schedule, it seems having a car waiting would save some time, however just remember it is not a guarantee you will make it, as no one can predict how long customs will take and immigration, it can be fast or slow just depending on the time. The ride between airports is around 1hour in a taxi, so the rest of your time you can try to make it getting in and out of the airports themselves. Remember at Don Muang you will have to check in as well in a timely manner before your flight and cross security.

  194. Robin says:

    Do you have any updates as to whether or not you can take the free shuttle between airports if your flight is more than 24 hours ahead? We arrive at DMK late afternoon on Thurs. then fly out of BKK very early morning on Sat. Ideally, we would like to take the free shuttle to BKK when we arrive, stay at an airport hotel for two nights, then visit the city by Skytrain during the day. Would we qualify to take the free shuttle? We don’t have boarding passes for our departing flight, but have a printed eticket itinerary. Thanks.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Robin,

      Officially the rule is 24 hrs, in terms of showing an eticket itinerary or a boarding pass to use the free shuttle. We have not experienced any exception to this, but have read online of persons saying the bus driver made an exception. Whatever your experience we’d be happy to hear how it goes. Safe trip.

  195. bill says:

    “I’m arriving by Airasia at DMK and meeting friends from Singapore arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Would it possible for me to ride the free shuttle from Don Mueang to Suvarnabhumi?”

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      As we just told you in Facebook, your best call will be to use the public bus, since only those with a confirm flight out from the other airport can take the free shuttle.

      Have a great trip!

  196. JC says:


    At this time I just have the booking confirmation (Air Asia Travel Itinerary with booking number) and I don’t have the boarding pass. Can I use the free shuttle bus between the two airports ?

    Thanks for your answer
    Best regards

  197. Wyn says:

    Hi there,

    I am going to Thailand on 12-Feb.
    My flight will arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 10:55am but I need to catch Domestic flight at Don Mueang 13:40pm.
    I am thinking to go with Taxi.
    Will the time be sufficient enough by going with taxi?
    What’s the usual taxi fare between these 2 airports?


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Wyn,

      The time we recommend for full transfer is 3 hours. It is not a guarantee of timely arrival, but the best estimate for the time it takes for the hour taxi ride and airport security and immigration. Cost is around 150baht to 300baht.

  198. Ahmed Agamawy says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to thank you for the informative flood of tricks regarding this subject, appreciated!

    We will reach BKK Airport at 12:40 and our domestic flight to Phuket from DMK Airport is at 14:55 (Almost 2:15 hours difference).

    I read your previous comments and noticed that 3 hours is the optimum span to do it but I’ve booked on Business Class. Will this expedite the process in immigration and make it work?

    Also, do you recommend to take a taxi or Lemo and how much will it cost?

    Thanks for your help!

    Ahmed Agamawy

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Dear Ahmed.
      Thanks very much for your message.
      Let me tell you 2 hours is quite tight. You are arriving at a time where traffic is a little complicated, and in Bangkok you never know how traffic will be. It takes around one hour at least to get from one airport to the other in a private car. It does not make a big difference if it is a Taxi or a Lemo. The metered taxi should cost you around 350 Baht plus around 75 baht for tolls for 4 people. That is around 15 USD. Immigration can be lengthy at peak times but being in Business Class should help you to go faster trough Immigration.
      If you asked me if two hours is enough I will have to tell you that you can make it but it is really a shorty time. When I am connecting there I try to leave for me at least four hours to transit from one airport to other.
      Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any other question. We appreciate if you follow us in Facebook or Twitter

  199. Ziggy says:

    Hey guys, great work on all the info provided.
    This question may have been asked previously but I couldn’t find an answer.
    Do you require a physical boarding pass to catch the free shuttle from DMK to BKK?
    Or will a printout of my flight itinery or confirmation email of booking from the airline suffice?

    Cheers for your help

  200. Jax says:

    Hi Guys, very helpful and I have to say I’m most impressed at you answering the same questions over and over when it seems people have not taken the time to read through the information what is already there or they simply don’t understand it. Well done!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Thanks very much for your comment! It helps us to keep focused and to help others to travel.
      Yes, we understand how nervous people can get when they are planning a trip to a destination they never have been.
      But that is just part of the adventure!
      Please follow us in Facebook or in Twitter

  201. Dara says:

    I will be arriving at BBK on Thursday at 23:10 and have a flight out of DMK the next morning Friday at 08:25.
    My questions are (I apologize in advance if you’ve answered these questions a million times already):

    1) What is the earliest and latest time shuttles leave BBK? (I’ve read both 5am and 6am…)
    2) Do you think we will be able to catch the last shuttle on the day we arrive at BBK?
    3) If catching the last shuttle is cutting it close and we choose to stay in a hotel near BBK to take the free shuttle to DMK in the morning, when is the latest shuttle we should catch to make our 8:25am flight?

    Thanks in advance!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Dara,

      The schedule on our article showing first and last times as 5am and midnight are from the airports official timetable.

      Regarding catching the last shuttle it is really impossible to say, your plane could be late, immigration could be slow or your baggage delayed, should everything go smoothly it seems like a reasonable assumption that you would make it.

      The ride itself is 1hr 15 minutes in good traffic, plus you would like another hour and a half for check in security so the 5am shuttle 6 at the latest.

      We will really appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  202. Pauline harrison says:

    Hi arriving at BKK at 10.50 on 2/04 and then out of DMK at 14.50 to Siem Reap. Arriving back to DMK on 5/04 and then onto Krabi Airport from DMK. Then staying in Thailand for 15 days. My concern is the mention of multiple entry visa for Thailand?? I was under the impression that I did not need a visa for Thailand under the tourist visa exemption. I do have a visa for Cambodia.
    Please advise. Thanks

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Dear Pauline.
      Thanks very much for your comment. Where are u from?
      If you are a British citizen you are under the Tourist Visa exemption. So nothing to worry about it.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  203. PS says:

    Hi…My flight lands in suvarnabhumi at 0410hrs and I have the option of taking the flight at 0720hrs or at 0800hrs or at 0955hrs from DMK. If it helps me take an earlier flight, I’ll get a visa in advance from my home country to save on time. Under these circumstances based on the traffic at the early hour, which flight do you recommend I book to make it safely on the shuttle. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      We recommend at least a 3 hour transfer plane door to plane door to be reasonably sure of success. If you have an equal option of all 3 why not take the 0955, however the 0800 may also work with the recommended timeframe. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  204. palmes says:

    how often does the transfer bus depart Suvarnabhumi? I have read elsewhere that it is every 15 minutes, is this correct?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Thanks for your message
      We posted in the article the scheduled of departures, of course this is always subject to modification. If it has changed in the last two weeks we are not aware, bc we have not been there in the last month. So if u go there soon, we always appreciate your feedback to update the article.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  205. Ming says:

    We will be arriving at BKK airport on Wednesday at 8.40am and out from DMK to Chiang Mai at 12.15pm. Is the transiti time sufficient by going with shuttle bus? Thanks.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      It seems like you will not have problems connecting. It is good to try to go as faster as possible in Customs and immigration, since Bangkok is a huge city and traffic can be sometimes difficult.
      Have a great trip! We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

      • Ming says:

        Thanks so much for your prompt response. We will travel in a group of 13 (12 adults and 1 kid with age 8 yrs old). May I know other options for us to transit from BKK to DMK with reasonable price beside the shuttle bus? Can 4 adults and 1 kid fit into a taxi? How much is the taxi fare from BKK to DMK?

        • voyageurvoyageur says:

          The cab is the other affordable option. The price changes a lot depending on the driver, but it is between 150 to 300 baht. About the kid in the cab, I am sorry but that is a question I do not know how to answer. Please let us your findings about this once you decide what to do.
          We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  206. Razvan Jianu says:

    Hello and many thanks for the great job.
    We are going to arrive in BKK sunday, 15th of March at 09:45 AM and the connecting flight to Phuket is from DMK airport at 14:50, so acording to the “3 hours for transfer” I think we are good ( we have 5 ).
    We will return to Bangkok after a few days and we would like to know which are the best things to do for a 3 days stop in Bangkok; temples, squares, trips, places to see etc, in your opinion.
    Thank you for your time.

  207. Noor says:

    Hi there,

    We will be arriving in BKK at 6:30AM and our connecting flight to phuket is in DMK at 14:40.
    We are wondering what the difference is between bus 554 and 555? 554 seems faster because it does not go through the city centre. Any opinions/experiences?
    All the best,

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Our experience is that both are very similar, one just have a few stops than the other, but there is not a big deal of difference in time. We normally take whatever comes first.But the free shuttle is faster why not to take the free shuttle?
      Best Regards
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

      • Noor says:

        Many thanks for the reply:)

        I thought those were the free shuttles, do you know the name/bus nr. of the free shuttle by any chance? 🙂
        And also, how long does the free shuttle take?

        Best Regards,

        • voyageurvoyageur says:

          Hello Noor,

          The free shuttle has no bus number, it is simply called the free shuttle. The trip should be around 1hr and 15 minutes in ideal traffic. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  208. Jessica Harding says:

    Hi There

    We arrive into the international airport and then a few days later fly to Phuket out of Don Mueang.

    I was wondering if you could recommend the best area to stay that has good connections to both airports?


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Jess,

      It really depends on your budget and city tourism interests. The area of the city near the river and along the BTS Skytrain Mo Chit etc. often has some excellent quality hotels to be had for bargain prices compared to their regular world rates. Of course if you opt to stay near the BKK airport of arrival hotels can be more affordable and you can catch the free shuttle the day of your departure, assuming your airport has a BKK shuttle. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

      • Jessica Harding says:

        Thanks so much for your prompt reply! We are on a tight budget but probably looking to stay in the city between BKK and DMK.
        I will look for you on Facebook and Twitter


        • voyageurvoyageur says:

          Thanks for following us! We really appreciate your support in that way!
          Do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any other question!

  209. Myat Yin Min says:

    We (20 people with lagguages) want to use free shuttle bus to go to Don Muang Airport from main airport at 22:00.Is it ok?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      There is a shuttle running at that time, as long as everyone in your group has a boarding pass to fly out of Don Muang it should not be any trouble, the bus is the size of a regular city bus. However if it is too full, perhaps some in your group would have to catch the next bus. It all depends on how many people are taking it at that time. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  210. Myat Yin Min says:

    We will travel in a group of 19 adults and 1 child ( 11 years old ).We’ll be arriving in BKK at 20:50 on 11th April and our connecting flight in DMK at 10:25 the next morning.So we would like to use the free shuttle bus between two airports because of our budgets.Can the free shuttle bus accept our whole group with lagguages?
    With Thanks,
    Myat Yin

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      It should be able to Myat, however remember you will have to negotiate the seats with other passengers who may be waiting already, so it could take several trips. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  211. Paula says:

    If taking the shuttle on Monday from DMK but flight at BKK is next day, would boarding pass from flight arriving at DMK be sufficient for shuttle?

    Thank you

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello, Yes the timeframe in which to use the ticket is not by day, but it is 24 hours officially before the flight but others have been able to do so up to 48 hours in advance. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  212. Lavonne says:

    Hello – I will be arriving 6:30 am at BKK and have a 845 am flight from Don Muang on a Thursday in April. Do you think I will have sufficient time to take the complimentary shuttle? or should I take a taxi? what would the taxi fare be? thank you!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      The transit itself in good traffic is 1hr-1hr15 min. You have a close amount of time, so a taxi would be recommended. Fares range between 150-300 baht depending on the time of day and rate available. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  213. Jimmy says:


    I have a flight landing at BKK 16.35 and thinking of booking a flight from DMK at 19.50 with Air Asia. I am assuming it is peak traffic but in your opinion would it be possible to catch the free shuttle? Or safer to catch a taxi?


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      As you say it is peak time, I thin everything depends on how long it takes you to go thought immigration and be out, if it is fast, that time should be enough for you to catch the free shuttle, but you should make the call once you are there. We will appreciate if you follow us in
      Facebook and in Twitter

  214. Alex McLaren says:

    We are staying in Rungsit, NOT flying in to DMK, but we have ticket for BKK to UTH. Can we still use the shuttle bus?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      The shuttle bus can be taken only between BKK and DMK or DMK to BKK. If you arrive to one airport and have a departing ticket for the other you may take the free shuttle. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  215. Messatsu says:

    Hello voyageur,

    Firstly, thanks for your help, beeing always in Japan where everything looks easy, I’m pretty lost for my future trip in BKK & Koh Phangan… 🙂

    My wife & me will arrive at DMK at 5:20pm, our next fly from BKK to France is at 9:10pm. (so…3:50h)

    As you told in the previous comments, 3/4h should be enough, but I would like to know which one should be the best between Bus/Taxi/Free shuttle considering that we really want to arrive at time 🙂 Wich one should be the safer way ?

    Thank you again!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Messatsu,

      The quickest way to transit between airports is the taxi and for that reason costs more (150-350 baht). Safety is standard in all three forms of transit but of course the shuttle and bus may take a little longer with more people getting on board. However any of the three should work for your time frame, but if you are worried a taxi is fastest.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  216. Clare says:

    Hi, I’m flying into don muang on Friday and flying out of Bkk the next day, can I use the shuttle bus? I have my ticket to prove I’m flying out of Bkk the next day. Thanks 🙂

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Clare,

      Yes you may use the shuttle bus even if flying out the next day, 24 hours is usually the norm, however they can extend it even for time beyond that within reason. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  217. Rakesh says:

    Sir, I am reaching DMK airport on 18/07/2015 at 14.00 hrs from Phuket and then has to catch an international flight back to my country India at 17.50 hrs from Suvarna bhumi Airport. Please tell me whether I have sufficient time to reach Suvarnabhume airport and also the posible ways to travel at the fastest possible way. Thanks.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Taxi is the fastest way to reach the other airport. If everything goes as planned (the flight gets on time, and there are not other delays) it seems like you will have enough time to use to free shuttle. The only problem is that at that time you may find a lot of traffic. You will have to make the call or taking a cab or using the free shuttle once you are there.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  218. Rakesh says:

    I will be reaching DMI airport on 18/07/2015 at 14.00 from Phuket and then to catch a flight back to India at 17.50 from BKK. Kindly tell me whether I will have sufficient time to catch my ongoing flight and please also tell me best possible way to reach BKK at the earliest possible.

  219. Eddie says:

    Hi voyageur

    we are travelling from BKK to Don Muang. Monday 30th March can we pre book a taxi or will we need to join the Queue.

    Thanks Eddie

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      It is possible to prebook Taxis, just search in google and u will find several companies that offer that service, we can not recommend any company in particular because we have never use the prebook service, we have never seen a need for that since there are always many taxis available at the airport. If you prebook a taxi we will appreciate your feedback about the experience.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  220. Eddie says:

    Hi voyageur

    we are travelling from BKK to Don Muang. Monday 30th March can we pre book a taxi or will we need to join the Queue.

    Thanks Eddie

  221. Umesh says:

    Hi, we are reaching to DMK by AirAsia at 14.30 and we have next international filght from BKK at 18.55.
    Is this time enough?
    1. What transport mode would you suggest? Is taxi the fastest way? What time would it take roughly.

    2. Typically how much earlier should we reach airport considering the queue and all other factors? (International flights)

    3. Is this peak time or peak season? 3rd May/Sunday

    Thanks in advance.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Traffic can be worse at that time of the day since you may find yourself in the midst of rush hour. Still it seems you have time to get without trouble from one airport to other. It is normal to be at least one hour before a national flight and an hour and a half or two hours before an international flight.
      The highest seasons in Bangkok goes from November to April, but one will find crowds all the year round.
      Taxi is faster, it takes around one hour or a little more, but the public shuttle is a great option, it takes around an hour and a half.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  222. Bangkok-Samui says:

    Hi guys, I am wondering if a taxi from Suvarnabhum to DMK is ALWAYS the fastest option vs. shuttle / bus? We are arriving at BKK at 11-20 and our connection flight from DMK is already at 14-40. I know it’s pretty tight timing so we obviously need the fastest option, no compromise. I would appreciate your good advice!

  223. Tu says:

    I’m having little confused.
    I will fly from Hanoi to BKK then fly to Chiangmai from DMK. I intend to buy ticket directly at DMK. Can i still use free shuttle bus to travel from BKK to DMK with Hanoi – BKK ticket or i must have DMK – Chiangmai ticket? Thank you in advance.

  224. Tu says:

    May I buy ticket for flight from DMK at BKK ( Thai Lion Air / Nok air / AirAsia). Thank you so much for helping!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      You Indeed can buy the ticket in the airport. But if you are intending to get to DMK and buy a ticket for that same day that is not a good idea since you will ending paying a very expensive price.
      With low cost airlines one has to buy way ahead the flight, otherwise just before the flight the prices are super high. Plus if it is for an international flight some regulations apply where you may have to buy at least 48 hours before the flight.
      Why not to buy online now?

      • Tu says:

        I will fly from Hanoi to Bangkok by with Vietjetair _ a low cost airline. They always delay. Sometime, the flight is delayed for 5 hours or more 🙁 I think this is the best way. Thank you alot. Have nice day!

  225. Neil says:


    I will be reaching BKK from Kolkata ,India next month by 5.40 am (Thai Time) , my next flight for Phuket by Nok Air by 9.25 am (Thai time ). Kindly suggest me – can i reach Don Muang airport latest by 8 Am if i avail free airport shuttle bus.

    Please help ,thanks in advance


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Neil,

      The time we suggest to make the entire transfer is three hours to be safe. The process can be shorter or longer depending on circumstances like traffic and lines, the timeframe you suggest seems like it should work with the free shuttle bus by our recommendation. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  226. Tu says:

    🙂 Thanks. I wil fly from Hanoi to Bangkok by Vietjetair – a low cost airline, they always delay. Sometime, the flight is delayed for 5 hours or more. I think this the best way. Thank you and have nice day!

  227. Lauren says:

    Hi, looking for some advice

    Taking night train from chiang Mai to Bangkok. Train arrives DMK at 558am and hua lamphong at 650am. I have a flight out of BKK at 1215pm. Should I get off at DMK and take the shuttle? Or should I get off at Hua Lamphong and take a taxi to BKK?

    Thank you

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      From either place you should have adequate time to reach your destination. The train is slow, so you can see why it still takes an extra hour to get into central Bangkok from DMK. I would recommend getting out at DMK and catching the shuttle as it will be free if you have your flight info printed and save you that hour ride into town. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  228. Thomas says:

    We arrive to DMK at 7:20am and are leaving from BKK at 11:55am. What do you think it’s the best/safest way to get to BKK? And also around how much does a taxi cost?
    Thank you

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Thomas,

      The free shuttle operates during that time and the ride is around 1hr 15 minutes in regular traffic, the taxi can be around 15 minutes quicker, minus the possible 15 minute wait for the shuttle bus. The safety factor is the same as in any major world city. The cost of a taxi is between 150-300baht. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  229. Michael Kyei Boateng says:

    Good day,

    I will be backpack through Thailand this summer by myself and would like to know if I arrive in BKK at May 25th at 11:00pm (23:00) and have a flight May 26th at 10:10am. Would I be able to take the shuttle to make it on time?


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Boateng,

      You certainly could take the shuttle to Don Muang if you catch the last one that leaves at midnight and spend the night at Don Muang. Otherwise you can get one of the first shuttles out at 5am and the transit time is 1hr 15 min in ideal traffic giving you plenty of time for the commute. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  230. Ali Tariq says:

    Dear Admin,

    lovely info in the comments section. I will be landing and suvarnabhumi at 0610 on saturday 23 May,2015. I want to take the nokair (flynferry) to samui from don muang which departs at 0900. What do you think will be the best and quickest possible way to transfer from suvarnabhumi to don muang. DO you think i will have sufficient time to make the transfer using the shuttle. I am assuming it is early morning so the roads will be relatively free of rush and will have enough time to make the transfer. I am keeping one hour for immigration and baggage (I have a valid thai visa) and one hour to get to don muang. I dont even mind taking a taxi. Please advise. TIA.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Ali,

      We recommend 3 hours from plane door to plane door using the free shuttle which it seems you are right around. Traffic is not always predictable, but the time frame should work. A shuttle takes around 1hr 15 min and the taxi takes around 1 hour normally and usually there is no wait while you might wait for the shuttle 15 minutes to depart.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  231. A B Roy says:

    Hi Admin!

    Similar query for me as well with below specifics –

    1. Mid June, I would reach at 1 am in Subarnabhumi and need to catch Air-asia which departs Don Muang at 5:50 .
    2. I need to get visa (VOA) , exchange money, buy SIM card and then reach DMK before boarding is closed for AirAsia.
    3. Considering midnight and no shuttle (and maybe no traffic at midnight)

    Does this whole scenario, work for me with enough air to breath or will it feel like tight schedule ? Please let me know as I am a bit worried…

    Many Thanks,
    A. B.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi A.B.

      The timeframe you mentioned 1am-5:50am is longer than the 3 hours we normally recommend for transfer, so that is a good starting point. We have not experienced Visa on arrival so we do not know how long this process takes, but the ride in a taxi between airports is only 1 hour and at that time of night the traffic should be light. It seems your transfer time period will be adequate.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

      • A B Roy says:

        Thanks! Yes I checked you in FB.

        So, Bangkok night cab from Suvarnabhumi would be safe and secure and drivers will not cheat ? Can I expect that?
        INR to Baht can be changed for better rates in which airport? Or, shall I exchange INR to USD in India and then change USD to Baht in BKK ?

        • voyageurvoyageur says:

          Thanks AB

          The Taxi’s like anywhere else in the world have all types of drivers, but we have always felt safe, the rates may be higher due to the time of night (150-350baht) and they vary sometimes based on companies and yes you may have to negotiate or insist on the use of the meter, but it really depends, always take note of the taxi company, and driver information.Don’t pay anything till you are outside the cab with all bags in hand. Both airports have good exchanges from various currencies and have the same rates. You will have more exchange offices at BKK.

          We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  232. Rakesh says:

    May be my question looks funny .Well I will be reaching Bangkok from Mumbai, India on 15 th June 2015. I will opt for Visa on arrival in Bangkok Int airport (Suvarnabhumi by Spice Jet) .My question is once I clear the immigration from BKK and then I will bound for Phuket (from Don Muang airport -NOK AIR) ,do I again need to visit Immigration counter in Don Muang airport as well as Phuket airport ? Please suggest or one time immigration at BKK Suvarnabhumi int airport is good enough.

    Please help

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Rakesh,

      Your visa on arrival will give you access to the kingdom of Thailand. Once you are inside the country and even if you are taking other flights/buses/trains inside the country (which you are: moving to DMK and flying to Phuket) you are doing all this within the country’s space, so you will not need to immigrate and procure a visa each time. Your visa will no longer function if you overstay the time it is valid for, or you exit the Kingdom of Thailand in some form of transportation, then you will need another.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  233. Pedro says:


    My flight should arrive Suvarnabhumi at 6:30am. Do you think that I have time to catch another flight to Siem Reap at 13:30?

    Thank you for the help.

  234. Taher says:

    Hello ,

    I arrive into Bangkok at 13h20 and have a flight to catch from Don Muang Airport at 17h10.
    please advise if I will have enough time. Thank you

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      We can never predict exact circumstances due to traffic and flight delays, but we recommend 3 hour total from plane door to plane door under normal circumstances which you will have of course with the timeframe you presented.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter


  235. Shane says:


    I am trying to work out whether I’ll be able to make a transfer between the two airports. I’m arriving at into BKK with emirates at 19:15 and there is a departure from DMK at 21:50. The flight from DMK is a domestic flight to Chiang Mai and check in is meant to close 45 mins before departure (we’d need to check in some bags)

    Is there any way that I can make this work?

    Thanks in advance,


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Dear Shane

      Thanks very much for your message.
      Around 07 pm is a very congested time in BKK since many flights from Europe and the middle East are arriving at that time and immigration can be crowded at times.
      If everything goes super fast, you may be able to catch a cab and make it in time to DMK for the next flight.
      I personally do not scheduled a connecting flight in DMK if I am arriving to BKK if I do not have at least 4 hours for the transit. If my time is short I prefer to sleep in a hotel around BKK, there are many very good an quite affordable hotels around the main international airport and most of these hotels offer free shuttle to and from the airport and free breakfast.
      Please let me know if you have any other question.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  236. Shane Hunt says:

    Hi Voyageur.

    Thanks for the advice. I think I’ll spend a couple of nights in Bangkok before moving on then.


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      This sounds like a great plan.
      In this case probably the best thing to do is to take the train from the airport to the downtown and stay in a hotel there.
      Have fun in Thailand!

  237. Ovlov says:


    Could your tell me how light/heavy traffic is after 10pm? I have read that you recommend 3 hours transit time between flights, however by far the best option I can find it one where my (domestic) flight arrives in DMK at 9:50pm on a weeknight, and then my connecting international flight is scheduled to depart from BKK at 12:15am. that;s just under 2.5hr window.
    Any chance you think we can make this work? I have seen adds on Google for transfer services that say you can get form one airport to the other un under 35min; if that’s true maybe it is doable….

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Ovlov,

      It is impossible to predict every scenario, but we have found the 3 hour rule from plane door to plane door to be standard. Even a quick taxi will take around 1 hour in transit from one airport to the other physically. Traffic should not be as bad after 10pm but anything can happen. What we can say for sure is that ideally both airports are an hour away from each other, everything else is up to speculation, you may get there in time or you may not, but 3 hours is a good rule to travel by.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  238. Rishab says:

    HI Administration,

    Im reaching suvarnabhumi airport from kolkata at 01:00 am on 14th, Dec,15. Then I have connecting flight from DMK to Chiang Mai at 08:20 am on 14th Dec,15. So do u you think that there is a sufficient time to reach DMK by using free shuttle from BKK.

    When I will get the first free shuttle from BKK to DMK.

    Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rishab Bothra

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Rishab,

      The first free shuttle starts running at 5am and so that will give you a 1hour 15 minute ride to DMK which should have you there in enough time for your flight. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  239. stephen cole says:

    Hi we are a family of 6 (4 kids) and arriving at Suvarnabhumi on Sat 11 July at 3.55 pm from Phuket (Thai) then we have a connecting flight from DMK at 8pm to Siem Reap (Air Asia). I have the following questions
    1. Do we have enough time to get the free shuttle
    2. If we don’t do we need 2 taxis or do they have 6 seater taxi’s and what is the difference in price

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Cheers Steve

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Steve,

      We recommend 3 hours total from plane door to plane door when taking the shuttle. Remember you will be traveling domestic (from Phuket) which cuts out immigration time when arriving to Suvarnabhumi which is good. We really can’t predict a given circumstance if you will make it with the shuttle. There can be rush hour at that time, flight might get in late and I don’t know how quickly your family moves. But looking at least at the amount of time you have, it should be possible.

      Should the decision or need arise for a taxi, there are larger taxi’s/van’s shuttle services in abundance. Regular taxi goes for 350 baht tops and a larger one should be 700 baht tops. From these staring points see if any of the van services work better for you which you can see in abundance at the many counters. Go with an official service but don’t be afraid to bargain.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  240. Shadi Khoury Noumer says:

    Hello dears,
    I will arrive (with my wife) to BKK Airport on 6 Jul at 18:40, and I want to go to DMK Airport to get the airplane to Phuket at 21:20 pm
    my questions are:
    1- the shuttle can transport us to DMK before 20:30?
    2- how much the price?

    Thank you for your quick answer

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Shadi,

      There is a shuttle after you arrive at 19:00, 19:20 and 19:40, It will depend on how long you take to cross customs and collect luggage as to which one you can get. Once you get into the shuttle it should take 1hr 15 minutes from airport to airport (there also may be traffic). Your time is under the 3 hours we normally recommend from plane to plane and with so many things that could go wrong it seems a taxi would be the only thing to recommend.

      Even the taxi seems a bit tight for the timeframe you’ve given. The taxi can cost between 150-350 baht.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  241. Chris says:


    We are a group of 3 people coming from Brussels to Suvarnabhumi Airport on Sunday 12th July at 7.35am and we would like to know if you think it is feasible to catch the AirAsia flight from Don Muang Airport to Mandalay at 10.50am? If yes, what should be our transport option? I know that the time frame is quite short and I guess that there are a lot of varying parameters (flights on time, immigration, luggage, trafic jams, check in, etc.).

    Thank you in advance for your answer!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Chris,

      The timeframe we always suggest is 3 hours plane door to plane door, so you are at least in the timeframe to use the shuttle ideally. As you mention many variables can slow you down and that’s why we recommend you reassess your position once you’ve collected your baggage. A taxi is quicker with an hour of transit and the shuttle is around 1hr 15 min plus the possible wait time if you’re coming out between shuttles. Once you’re out with the bags look at how much time is remaining and make the call to use the free shuttle or take a taxi immediately would be our suggestion.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  242. Natalie says:


    If we arrive at Don Mueang from Roi Et at 9:15pm and have a flight to Australia at 23:59pm, do you think we will have enough time to collect luggage, travel between airports, get through immigration etc. Do you think the traffic would be quieter at this time of night?

    thanks is advance

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      The traffic should be less and you are close to the 3 hours we recommend. One can never estimate every situation, but it seems your timeframe should be doable. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  243. FM says:

    I intend to take the 7am free shuttle bus from DMK to BBK airport where I will catch the 9.45am SQ flight out of BBK. I do have an APEC card to clear express immigration. Will there be sufficient time ?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      It is impossible to predict what an immigration line will be like as well as traffic, however the ideal shuttle time is usually around 1hr15 min. Which seems like you will have a good amount of time at your disposal if you get the 7am shuttle.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  244. Justine says:

    Hi, I’m scheduled to arrive at DMK at 9:30 PM, and my flight in Suvarnabhumi leaves at 12:45 a.m. Will 3 hours be enough time for that?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Three hours is what we normally recommend from plane door to plane door. The actual transfer in shuttle is 1hr 15 min.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  245. David says:

    Why after all this time is it still so difficult to transit between to 2 major airports, I would have expected the shuttle bus to accept travellers holding valid tickets for either airport to travel either direction or at least a facility to buy a ticket for the shuttle bus as most the time it is only half full. I often have to fly in to suv then taxi to dom to pick up friends that arrive at dom.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Thanks very much for your message.
      Yes, we know that the fact of having flights arriving to these two different airports makes it challenging to many travelers.
      We hope that as you say transportation would be even easier in the future between those two terminals.
      There are as well public buses that run from one airport to the other.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  246. Luke says:

    Dear Admin, I am from India and I am flying to Siem Reap Cambodia via Thailand. These are my flight timings:

    To Cambodia
    Arrive at Suvarnabhumi 00:55 AM
    Depart from Don Muang 10:10 AM

    Arrive at Don Muang 3:25 PM
    Depart from Suvarnabhumi 02:05 AM

    I have a Cambodian Visa but not a Thai Visa. I understand that I will need a Thai Visa for transiting between the Airports and I am hoping to get a Visa on arrival for Thailand. Could you please advise how can I smoothly procure the Thai visa on both entries and also transit between the airports within the time I have for both the trips. Please not that, I am traveling on low budget and I will not have a checked baggage.

    Thank You

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Thanks very much for your message.
      As you can read in the post your connecting times seems to be good to be able to go from one airport to the other using the free shuttle.
      About the Visa, yes you will need one each time you are entering Thailand. The information offered online is that Indian Citizens can apply for one on arrival. If you want more details about the application for your specific case it is better to contact your nearest Thai Consulate: they will be the best ones to offer you the most update information.
      As a general rule it is good for you to carry passport pictures, copies of your flight itineraries and proof of means for your travel.
      As a suggestions: Why not to ask in the Thai Consulate about getting a multiple entry visa for Thailand?

      Please do not hesitate in writing to us if you have any other questions.
      Happy travels!
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  247. mollie m jenkins says:

    im transferring from BKK to DMK on saturday, where i will take my next flight, I have only 2 and a half hours between flights so its going to be extremely tight but it’s at 6 am so hopefully there wont be traffic.
    I was wondering if i will need to buy a visa to transfer between airports? what are the immigration regulations for people flying
    into Bangkok who are flying straight back out?
    thankyou in advance!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Mollie,

      It depends where you are from. Some countries do not need a visa to Thailand. If you do need one generally, you need one for this airport transfer because you are entering the country.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  248. Greg says:

    I will arrive Thailand on the 15th of August and will stay in udon Thani for two daysthen go to Laos for 4 days.
    Will it be problem to enter back to Thailand from Laos trip. In this case I will be entering to Thailand two times in 6 days.
    How does this work? Thanks in advance.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Thanks very much for your message.
      To give you a better answer we need to know your citizenship, the rules are different according to where you are from.

  249. tarush says:


    We are a group of Indian nationals travelling to Bangkok and Bali in September.

    Our routing is as follows:

    Delhi – Bangkok return flight (Jet Airways)
    Bangkok-Bali Return flight. (Air Asia)

    We plan to stay in Bangkok for a night and then head the next day to Bali via Air asia.

    My return flight to Bangkok reaches Don Muang airport at 11:30 AM and my departure flight to delhi is at 2:40PM from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

    I need to clarify certain things :

    a) Is the time sufficient enough between the two flights keeping in mind- baggage collection + transfers+ formalities etc.

    b) Will I have to cross immigration twice in Bangkok(and essentially require visa/multiple entries – One while entering Bangkok for the night stay and one while transiting between the two airports)



    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Tarush,

      1. We recommend the 3 hours for transfer from plane to plane including the normal steps along the way. While we cannot predict every travel situation this amount of time works for most people.

      2. Every time you enter and cross to another airport you will need an entry visa. Multiple in this case.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  250. Rebecca says:


    My husband and I (UK nationals) arrive from the UAE to BKK at 640am on 11th August and we are deciding whether to fly or bus to Siem Reap. If we fly, its from DMK at 1010am, do you think there is enough time to get the free shuttle? If so, what are our options? If not, would it be best to take a taxi?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Rebecca,

      We recommend 3 hours plane door to plane door and that includes taking the shuttle. The ride itself is only 1hr 15 minutes, the rest we recommend for traffic, immigration security etc. Of course major delays are possible like anywhere in the world but you have more than 3 hours which is the time we recommend for all. A Taxi will save you 20 minutes on the ride itself and any time you would spend waiting for the shuttle.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  251. Terry says:

    We will be arriving at Savarnabhumi Airport on an 11:10 pm arrival from America. We wll then be leaving airport for hotel for evening, then flying out of smaller Don Muang the following day at 8:00 pm. If we take a taxi back to Savarnabhumi the following day, can we then access free shuttle if we have our ticket to Hat Yai, or only if you don’ leave airport?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Terry,

      You can access the free shuttle between airports as long as you have your boarding pass, it doesn’t matter if you stayed in the airport the whole time or left and came back.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  252. Diane says:

    Hi, we planned to travel to Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand on August 25, we will be arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 1150 pm and need to go to Don Mueang Airport for 5:40 am flight (August 26) going to Phuket, it seems free shuttle is not available with this time of arrival, any suggestion what transport service is best (cheap and hassle free) that can accommodate 5 of us? thanks

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Diane,

      As you can see in the article the 555 public bus is an option that runs further into the night. Beyond that you can approach any taxi stand and request a larger taxi. The rates will be slightly higher due to the number and persons and late hour, but are still decent compared to what you would pay in any other major city around the world.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  253. Joy Vaz says:

    I will be in Thailand for the full moon party of October 2015 to be held on 27th October. My arrival is at BKK airport and I have planned my schedule accordingly. I have a return flight to Chennai, India from DMK Airport on 30th October 2015 at 19.55 hrs. As per my schedule, I will be in Bangkok city on the morning of 30th October 2015.

    What would be the ideal time to leave from Bangkok city so as to make this flight on time.

    Also, Can we avail the free airport shuttle bus from BKK airport as we would anyways be going to BKK airport to see off a friend who has a departure to Singapore on the same day.

    Many thanks in advance.

    PS:You guys are doing a fab job by helping travelers with critical information helping us plan our schedule.
    God bless!! Cheers!!

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Joy,

      As for getting to the airport, it depends where you are coming from in the city but we would say allow 2 hours before your flight plus an hour of commute to the airport, so 3 hours before or more if you are coming from far away.

      You can ride the shuttle to the airport as long as you have in your possession a boarding pass for the airport of destination you are going towards.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  254. Deb Datta says:

    Hi Voyageur,

    Thanks a ton for your selfless help in helping out fellow travellers with your expert guidance. Really appreciate the same. Can you kindly advise on the following :-

    1) We arrive at Suvarnabhumi from India at 04.10am and have to travel to DMK to catch a flight to Surat Thani. There is an Air Asia flight at 7.00am, which will be pretty tight to catch even though its early in the morning. Hence I would prefer the Nok Air flight at 9.20am. Please advise.

    2) When is the earliest that the free shuttle departs Suvarnabhumi ?

    3) In your earlier blogs, I see that confirmed tickets from DMK were needed to board the bus from Suvarnabhumi. However in your later posts you have mentioned that one needs to show the boarding passes of the DMK flight. Can you kindly comment pls.

    Thanks a lot for all your help.

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Deb

      If you have a choice between the 7am and 920am flight go for the later one, it will give you more time and the possibility of catching a shuttle, whereas the earlier you may have to take a taxi if you arrive between or before shuttles.

      The earliest the shuttle departs BKK is listed in the article on the picture of the table of shuttle departures.

      Regarding the tickets boarding pass, you need some proof that you have an outbound flight, this might be the boarding pass you have already, the printed out proof of the ticket, just something that has your name and a real flight on the same document departing in the next 24 hours.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

      • Deb says:

        Hi Voyageur,

        Thank You so much for your reply. Actually I missed your earlier post, expecting your reply to come to my email, which somehow didn’t happen !! My bad !!!

        Considering that we get out of the airport in approx 1 hour after arrival, i.e by 5.10am, and considering that the early morning traffic will not be heavy ( that too on a saturday), and if we decide to opt for a taxi instead of the free shuttle, do you think we can make it to DMK by 6am ? And if we reach DMK by 6am can we manage to check-in, clear Security and catch the 7am flight ? I mean how big is DMK airport and how much do we have to walk to reach the actual deparure gate etc? I know this is a foolish qs, but just wanted to get your views.

        Thanks once again,

        • voyageurvoyageur says:

          Hi Deb,

          No question is foolish, no worries. We are of course speaking in generalities as you know there are so many things , traffic, lines etc that can happen. Overall a taxi usually takes 1 hour between airports and Dom Muang is not as big as BKK. There are many low cost airlines, but in our travels it has never been long passing through security and check in. Hope this helps.

          We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  255. Keen Traveller says:


    Can u guide me regarding the following:

    I’ll be reaching Suvarnabhumi Airport at 0700 hrs and have a connecting flight to Phuket from DMK at 1030. Should I be taking the shuttle or taxi to reach in time for my flight.


    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Everything depends on how long it will take you to cross immigration and get out of the airport. If your flight gets on time you should not have problem using the shuttle.
      I personally prefer at least four hours between flights.
      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  256. daz says:

    G’day Guys,

    My ETA on 25 August, to BKK International is 17:20 pm. I need to be on a 19:20 pm NokAir flight from Bangkok (Don Mueang) to Ubon Ratchathani.

    Will I be able to check immigration, collect bagage and catch a taxi to Don Mueang airport in time to catch the NokAir flight?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      The actual vehicle time between airports in a taxi in good traffic is 1 hour. Your immigration, baggage and possible traffic are things that really can’t be predicted and may cause you to lose time, or may go smoothly. We recommend 3 hours to be sure, 2 hours may be possible if it all goes right. If you decide to keep this plan we recommend you have a backup in case this doesn’t work out.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  257. kerry says:

    Hello friends,

    I will reach BKK at 4.10 am and have Air Asia flight for Phuket from DMK at 8.45 am.

    Is the time sufficient and what is the best way to reach DMK?

    Is there a metro between to airports?
    If I take a Taxi what will be the cost?Is the price negotiable?
    If I take shuttle, will I reach on time?

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hi Kerry

      Please refer to the article above, it has all the answers to your questions on how to access either the free shuttle or a taxi, there is no metro link between the two airports.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  258. Ruth says:

    Arriving from Phuket to Don Muang, do I have to worry about going through immigration again?

  259. Rekha Mishra says:

    I will be arriving in DMK by Air Asia at 10:35 .My onwards flight from BKK to Ccu is at 15:45,would be able to make it in time after transfer from DMK to check in at BKK.Do you think this time frame is safe to travel?