Frankfurt Airport to City Transit

Frankfurt Airport to City Transit


Frankfurt sits just outside the city and can most easily and affordably be reached via the local S Bahn trains.


What to take:


While travelers can get between the airport and the city via taxi, and bus Line 61, The commuter trains are the best and most efficient way.


Where to get tickets:


Upon arriving at the airport make your way to Terminal 1.

Then follow signs to the B concourse. You will most likely be on the arrivals level 1.

From here head downstairs to the 0 level. Look for blue signs overhead saying Bahnhoffe/Train station

The entrance to the train ticket area sits just across the way from the information kiosks, head down a flight of stairs.



How to Purchase

Once downstairs you will see a series of automatic machines to print tickets from. Those with local credit cards may use them, otherwise the machines only take local cash (Euros).

If you have a foreign credit card, walk over to the DB TravelCenter (Reisezentrum) to pay one of the attendants with credit card. It is helpful to know ahead of time which city station you need to get to.



What to purchase

If you want to go near or to the train station buy a stop at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

If you want to go the city centre, get off at Frankfurt Taunusanlage, Frankfurt Hauptwache or Frankfurt Konstablerwache, all of which are in the heart of the historic center near many .



Types of Tickets

A single journey ticket is priced according to the zone your metro stop is located in. Prices range 3-5 Euros for downtown trips from the Airport zone.

To save money for multiple journeys you can also buy a day pass, 9.50 Euros that entitles you to use all other city transit with unlimited number of trips. You can get to and from the airport in the same day, however you cannot use this multi-use ticket for return to the airport on a different date.

Discount Group passes are available for groups of 5 persons.


Where to board:


Your ticket receipt should be validated, and kept with you on the train.

To go towards the city, take lines S8 or S9. It is the first escalator on the right when coming down from the airport terminal. (platforms 101 and 102)

These trains are Regionalbahnhof heading in the direction of Offenbach Ost or Hanau.

The trip takes around 15 minutes and there are plenty of luggage racks and seating areas for passengers.

Downtown stations are large and with many street exits, so it is helpful to know what street you are looking to surface at ahead of time.



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