Charleston and Casa Medina hotels in Bogota becoming Four Seasons: what is the background of these two properties?

Charleston and Casa Medina hotels in Bogota becoming Four Seasons: what is the background of these two properties?


It is certainly some exciting news in the hospitality industry that Four Seasons has chosen not one, but two properties to be opened in Colombia’s Capital city of Bogota. The news comes rather suddenly, as many other in development for Four Seasons have been announced long before this.


What makes the announcement so noteworthy is that each hotel has been established for some time under their own names. Each has held a good reputation and prestiege in the Bogota hotel scene. Both hotels offer diverse styles of accommodation and are found in different parts of the capital, this is how they differ. They are similar in that both hotels had Leading Hotels of the World status and share the same ownership (The Gilinski Group). Both hotels are now closed for the renovations which will make them ready for the Four Seasons Launch later this year.


The Charleston


The Reputation:


This hotel has operated for 30 years on standards of excellent hospitality, Miami style opulence in the guestrooms and lobby as well as state of the art furnishings and technology. Amenities like the gym were top of the line for such a splendid city spot. The overall location in Zona T was a lifestyle hub with endless opportunities. The decor was quite reflective with polished chrome, mirrors, windows and granite. The terrace restaurant called La Biblioteca was a place to see and be seen in Bogota with succulent Mediterranean dishes. Overall the style and presentation of the hotel was considered contemporary.


What to Expect:


The official opening will occur in Late 2015. The official name of the property will be Four Seasons Hotel Bogota. As it is located in the culinary and shopping center of Bogota, the hotel will continue to be a place that keeps in step with urban pleasures. The 64 rooms and suites are expected to be stylishly renovated from top to bottom. A Japanese robata dining concept will bring an authentic and new world class cuisine to the eclectic area. The culinary upgrades are seen as important as the accommodation ones here.



Casa Medina


The Reputation


The Casa Medina hotel is aptly located in the financial and commercial centre of Bogota. It has a long reputation of being a classic cultural icon with French and Spanish architectural elements present. The hotel had all the trimmings of a mansion: hand carved wood, grand staircases, leather paneled elevators, stone fireplaces and balconies. The gym was small but well equipped and the room count stood at 58. Rooms were complete with posh surroundings and modern rainfall showers, marble bathrooms and the best in integrated technology.


What to Expect:
Undoubtedly the hotel’s classic architecture is one of its greatest treasures. Many of these unique designs will be preserved while sophisticated modernizations are worked into the display. The official name will be the Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogota. The renovations will create an authentic experience with all the modern amenities guests have come to expect from Four Seasons. The room count will increase to 62 and the upgrades will include re-imagined room design concepts. The restaurant cuisine will favor Spaniard gastronomy and there will be an inclusion of luxury meeting facilities.


Charleston and Casa Medina hotels in Bogota becoming Four Seasons: what is the background of these two properties?

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