Four Seasons Hangzhou: a timeless experience in China

Four Seasons Hangzhou: a timeless experience in China


It may surprise many readers in the Western hemisphere even to even hear the name Hangzhou, a city that comes as an unknown place when actually it is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in this giant Asian country. Here in the midst of a unique natural setting is located the Four Seasons, a one of a kind property, certainly one of the most beautiful ones in the chain’s portfolio, a place to visit and to enjoy.


Approaching the hotel is already an amazing pleasure. One has to circle the West lake, a place of singular natural beauty, timeless temples, and ancient traditions such as the cultivation and production of silk. The hotel is not far from the botanical gardens and the many other gardens and paths surrounding the lake, for lovers of the outdoors there is no shortage of places embrace the fresh air. The entrance of the hotel is magnificent and the service is exquisite. The lobby is a real mix of modern and ancient Chinese architecture. The friendliness of the personnel is beyond expectation –something not hard to find in most five star properties in China- there is a feeling of relaxation and well being here. Four Seasons is a hotel to abide and be fascinated with every corner, secret and manicured garden and the intrinsic connections with the mystical West lake.


It is hard not to be happy with any room in this hotel, the smaller ones are 63 square meters –this is bigger than many suites in other hotels around the world- and the suites here are as big as three stories. The decoration is enough to leave anyone speechless with a luxury that blends perfectly with the astonishing beauty of the canals and small ponds that surround the building. Excellent service is hard to miss  in a property like this where there are only 81 rooms. Four Seasons Hangzhou take care even of the smallest details. One can enjoy the best of the best, even the toiletries are from the L’Occitaine one of the best names for these kind of products.


A visitor surely wants to enjoy the traditions of local cuisine mixed with the best international influences and this can be found at the upscale luxurious Chinese restaurant: Jin Sha whose location cannot be better, it is close to more water canals and waterfalls with astonishing views. For those looking for a little more uncomplicated gourmet experience but without foregoing quality there is the all day dinning venue WLB. Room service also offers excellent dishes to be enjoyed in the comforts of one’s abode.


But if there are enough excuses to not go out of such great room, there are equally good excuses to enjoy the surroundings, maybe starting with the magnificent spa and health club. A combination of the best of traditional Asian treatments are offered here, something that one who cares for body and soul can not miss. There is a splendid swimming pool open year round and several other aquatic and fitness facilities.


Just walking around the grounds is a singular experience, there is such peace in enjoying this beautiful nature, hearing the sound of birds, looking at the green scenery of mountains, wetlands and lakes. It seems hard to believe that one is located just steps from a huge city with millions of inhabitants. Explorations outside the hotel are very rewarding, one can connect with a millenary culture and with a unique natural setting. Maybe a slow trip crossing the lake in a boat is something that every visitor should do, of course with a stop at one of the ancient pagodas. Actually when one is in the hotel the overall feeling is that this was probably an ancient palace of village just recently remodeled. This conclusion easily comes as consequence of witnessing such an amazing blend of architecture and beauty but it can easily surprise the visitor to know that this is a brand new construction.


Four Seasons Hangzhou is a fantastic hotel, one of those that anyone has to visit even if is once in a lifetime.


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