Four Seasons Hotel Doha Qatar

Four Seasons Hotel Doha Qatar


The Four Seasons enjoys a privileged city vantage point as it sits at one end of the famed Cornice waterfront and just a few minutes walk from the commercial center. From the moment of entry several things stand out: the hotel offers a diverse layout, a very private getaway feeling and a sense of luxury that makes you feel spoiled.


First impressions:


The staff assisting in the hotel are abundantly present. There are always several persons assisting with check in, concierge services, baggage and dining. They do not wait for you to approach them but are very observant and willing to walk right up to you when you seem to need something.


Standout points:


The hotel blends a modern arrangement of classic luxury items. The stone floors shine, the chandeliers glisten in the sun lit lobby and a walkway worthy of an Arabian palace connects the Spa, private beach and squash courts to the main hotel complex. The hotel sits overlooking the West Bay and much of the downtown skyline with 17 floors of rooms.




Rooms are a blend of the Four Seasons penchant for luxurious comforts with the comfy opulence of the Middle East. Tapestries, rugs, soft fabrics and colorful décor and stonework combine into a symphony of taste. The views are excellent and the technology is thrilling. Staff make a point to deliver requested items immediately and go the extra step of following up on the satisfaction of requests.




The Four Seasons Doha stands out for the importance it places on its relaxation services. The private beach, family pool and water area is uniquely shielded from the city noise and gives the impression of a remote resort. The staff are immediately on hand to provide water towels and refreshment. The Spa is a three level facility in its own separate building with a full range of sense altering care and a stylish salon.




The Four Seasons here offers some eclectic restaurant options. There’s creative Italian, a range of Asian offerings, as well as a cigar and scotch venue for those who enjoy the post meal traditions as much as the gastronomy itself. And the newest attraction many are delighted to hear about is the forthcoming Nobu restaurant which will combine world class cuisine with the comforts of a stylish Doha address.


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