How reliable is it to fly low cost in Thailand?

How reliable is it to fly low cost in Thailand?

Millions of tourists are arriving to every year, it is certainly one of the hottest destinations right now. There is a lot to see and to do in a country that offers everything. With the arrival of tourists there has been an explosion in services, tourist infrastructure and of course airlines.

Many keep asking how safe and reliable it is to fly low cost there, even more now after the unfortunate isolated incident of last year, but it is important to understand first that flying is something that makes a lot of sense when traveling in Thailand. This is a big country with a lot to explore, so why spend hours or days on the roads when one can simply fly?


As a general statement we can clearly affirm that flying low cost in Thailand is a wise decision. There are many carriers, but we are talking here of a demanding market with some of the best low cost airlines in the world that offer great service for very low prices.


We at have experienced the service of several of these low cost airlines in Thailand and even internationally. We always have been quite impressed. We are familiar with Air Asia and we have used them to fly to destinations such as Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, , Bangkok, and even China. Their airplanes are mostly new and in great shape, their service has always been friendly, the interior of the planes look clean and the flights has been always been punctual. We have paid as little as 20 USD for a flight from Bangkok to Phuket or 30 USD from Macau to Kuala Lumpur.  Inside Thailand they fly to almost any imaginable point with dozens of daily flights in the busiest routes.


Nok is an airline with very colorful airplanes, the name itself means bird. They are good as well and they fly to many destinations. Their main hub is Dong Muang airport. They started operations in 2004 and are just starting to fly internationally to Myanmar.


Tiger Airways is a Singapore based carrier flying to 13 different countries including many domestic destinations in Thailand. Jet star is a low cost airline with hubs in Singapore, Vietnam, Australia and arriving to destinations as far off as Hawaii.


It is good to keep in mind that low cost airlines operate different that standard carriers, many times it is hard to reschedule flights, almost always one has to pay for check-in luggage, they operate mostly from point to point, which means no connections, and almost all the on-board service is through direct sales.


Once one learns the little tricks of flying low cost, it is possible to take full advantage of this way of traveling. There are always passengers who complain for several reasons like delays or insufficient customer service, but in general we can say that the standards of the low cost airlines in Thailand and particularly on those such as Air Asia are quite high and trustworthy.




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