Five European destinations for the Fall season

Five European destinations for the Fall season


Many travelers are looking for a Fall escape, and there are wonderful places to visit in , but where to go? Fall is prime time to enjoy a quieter and prettier side of Europe. Crowds disappear from the time-worn streets and lovely paths and gardens in and around the classic beauties of Europe. The days are cooler and still bright and the glorious colors of fall paint a completely surreal portrait of these fascinating towns and wild regions. That’s why if you’re getting a late start on vacation this year or just wanting to do things differently, here’s five great places in Europe from which to enjoy the best parts of the fall season.


Vienna, Austria

Five European destinations for the Fall season


As far as go, Vienna is a charmer year round. The glories of Easter and Christmas time see the streets arrayed in festive displays, but one of the best panoramas can also be seen in the fall. In this season the days and afternoons are light jacket weather, trees burst into an array of vibrant colors and their remaining leaves decorate the lawns, gardens and pathways of the city. This is the time of year when cooler evenings bring welcoming warm restaurants and all sorts of hot drinks and soups to warm the heart. Of course Austria has plenty of countryside and mountains to enjoy as well, but the city itself is a treasure to discover.


Bansko, Bulgaria

Five European destinations for the Fall season


Bulgaria is a country that captures ones heart more and more each time it is explored. Its deep history and proximity to central Europe give it a familiar yet mysterious appeal. Town here are like islands amidst some of nature’s greatest displays. Bulgarians themselves head to the vacation town of Bansko year round to experience the height of nature’s living appeal. The steep mountain climbs, the varied and wild trails which see a mix of streams, deciduous and coniferous forests and all kinds of wildlife are an array of indescribable beauty and the affordability of the destination is another great plus.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Five European destinations for the Fall season


A long time favorite, is a country that boasts everything from a Mediterranean climate to Alpine wonder. Somewhere in between all of this sits vast expanses of forests, crystal clear lakes and autumn displays of fallen leaves that look like carpets of gold on the forest floors. Slovenia’s greatest treasures are its delightful and alluring wilds which seem to fill in the spaces between its charming and elegant cities. Lake Bled is considered by many to be the highlight of the country’s beauteous displays. This still and transparent lake forms a natural mirror for the backdrop of alpine mountain slopes, rich forests and snowcapped peaks in the distance, not to mention its tiny island with an ancient church built right into this fairytale portrait.


Picos de Europa, Spain

Five European destinations for the Fall season


Often outshone by their nearby cousins, the French Alps, The Picos de Europa are some of Spain’s most impressive and lofty peaks. It seemingly can take hours to get just a short distance because these trails and roads have to climb immense summits and descend into profound canyons just to get from one side to the other. The Picos offer great opportunities for cyclists, huge natural parks and reserves for campers and hikers as well as stretches of fall foliage that illuminate and electrify the jagged and ancient slopes.


Budapest, Hungary

Five European destinations for the Fall season


The Danube River city is a lively and affordable attraction, which has seen a great Renaissance in recent years. Budapest is full of excellent hotels, fresh markets and historic castles, forts and brazen novelties in cuisine. This river city is full of parks and natural abundance, so it is quite clear when fall arrives. The red and gold tinge of the city shimmers off the broad river and an abundance of fall festivals like wine, chesse, palinka and sausage all give pleasant aromas to the city atmosphere. Don’t forget the abundant warm mineral bath facilities around town which are a welcome remedy for the chilly air.




    • Marc Hartvart on 1 June, 2013 at 11:26 pm
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    Thanks for this article.
    I will love to visit at least one of these destinations for this coming fall.
    I really appreciate the great ideas for traveling!

    • voyageur
    • on 2 June, 2013 at 2:32 pm
    • Reply

    They are all wonderful places to see and experience Marc. We hope you certainly go and enjoy the fall wonders waiting in these pleasant paradises.

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