Ferry transport between Spain and Morocco

Ferry transport between Spain and Morocco


The straight of Gibraltar is much narrower than one might think as it separates two major continents. The truth is that it is very easy to move from Southern to Northern or vice versa on a trip. If you are visiting Spain’s costa del sol already it makes sense to take the ferry, if you are in central and northern parts of Spain there are many low cost flights to all different Moroccan destinations. 


Closest Moroccan point of destination:


There are many different ferries available to make the international crossing, but it is best to understand there are two major points of destination on the Moroccan side. Tangiers, an ancient and hectic port city.


Ferries Tarifa to Tangiers

The best ferry service is the one running between Tarifa Spain and Tangiers Morocco. It has the most ferries per day, ferries arrive directly to Tangiers (others arrive to Tangier Med which is outside the city). Ferries run from 9am till 9pm every two hours on a daily basis. The Travel service and Ferry provider FRS is a way to book tickets online and you can purchase tickets even for vehicles and pets as well, of course with proper documentation. Travel Time is 30 minutes and tickets run 30 Euros and up for this route. 


Comarit Ferries is another good option which can be booked online. They offer departures from various ports in Spain such as Tarifa and from further Genoa and Sete which are 30+ hour journeys.


Ferries Algeciras and Gibraltar to Tangiers Med

These are two other port on the Iberian Peninsula which offer ferries, but mostly to Tangier Med which is a port 1 hour from downtown Tangiers, so not the ideal prospect for a day trip, but fine for a longer journey. The price is a little cheaper and the voyage 30 minutes across the water. One of the other ferry providers additionally offering service here is Trasmediterranea.


Ferry transport between Spain and Morocco




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