An essential tour of Tangier, Morocco


An essential tour of Tangier, Morocco


Tangier is a Moroccan city which attracts many visitors because of its proximity to the Mediterrean. It is not as alluring as Fes or Marrakech, but it has and an interesting blend of European and Moroccan influences. Whether by plane or by boat it is mostly accessed from nearby and its affordability is making it a popular spot to explore for increasing numbers of tourists.


To appreciate Tangier one must be prepared to get lost, be creative and stay open. Sites aren’t particularly well marked and the city is a maze in parts. Don’t get too engaged with touts who approach you on the street, just give a friendly “no thank you” and decide to be your own tour guide to avoid complications and scams. With a map in hand and some durability you get show yourself the most essential parts of the city.


Kasbah Museum

As the historic heart and center of the city, the Kasbah has retained monuments and artifacts from the ruling classes and foreign powers from across the centuries. The small entrance fee is worthwhile to see some of the city’s most alluring artwork and mementos of the trade era.


Grand Socco

This grand square is an historic spot where much of the political and colonial life of Tangier has taken place. The white stoned pavements, classic architecture and bustling crowds make it a great spot for photos and an open place to enjoy the nearby sea breeze.


An essential tour of Tangier, MoroccoAmerican Legation Museum

This building represents a long tradition of recognition and trust between the United States and . The legation was in effect the first embassy of the United States as Morocco was one of the first to recognize the sovereignty of the newly founded nation. The entire grounds are well worth the tour, go early since it closes early afternoon.



Much like any North African city Tangier has a maze like marketplace wherein all the social life of the city unfolds. Browse the covered markets, smell the abundant spices and peruse the tradesmen, shops and tea houses.



Grand Mosque

This unmistakable landmark is a true object of beauty and splendor located right in the heart of the city. It has served as the site of a Roman Temple, a Church and now its brickwork and colored tiles make for a splendid display near the Petit Socco. Most Mosques allow foreign visitors in Morocco, simply ask permission to be sure.



Café Hafa

This is a well known spot yet not everyone arrives since it is a little walk outside the city. The trek is certainly worth it as this hillside café has terraced levels on which one can overlook the powerful Mediterranean Sea.


An essential tour of Tangier, Morocco


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