Emirates Palace: a fantastic hotel managed by Kempinski in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace: a fantastic hotel managed by Kempinski in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is a major draw to visitors to the Emirates these days. It has witnessed a period of steady growth in , tourism venues, malls and leisure activities. The Emirates Palace remains one of the city’s earliest and top since it is the second most expensive hotel ever built and boasts the status of being a “seven star hotel.” 

See it as a visitor or a guest


We’ve had the opportunity to both stay and visit the hotel. Our visit awoke a desire to experience the place as a guest. It is located close to the Marina mall and the beautiful beachside walkway called the corniche. Arriving to the hotel was a breathtaking experience, the wow factor is everywhere. There is complimentary valet parking and everybody seems to be eager to welcome the distinguish guests. The lobby is absolutely fantastic. The personnel are friendly, their uniforms are marvelous and they really try to make one feel like this is the most unique hotel stay of a lifetime.


Emirati Hospitality

Even when I arrived quite early check-in was done fast. They did not bring us to the desk but they invited us to one of the comfortable coaches, they offered us dates, rose water, cold towels and cold tea: what a treat! The same person from the reception walked us all the way to our room, and this was a long walk. The hotel is huge, there are two main wings and as a matter of fact there are complimentary golf carts that are going all around taking guests from one side to the other.

The Room

The room was big and astounding. I guess that I can say that this is how every hotel room should be. Service was fantastic. The first thing I noticed is that there was no coffee machine in the room, I inquired about the possibility of having coffee and ten minutes later a superb set of coffee utensils with a great selection of different kinds of coffees and teas were delivered to our room complimentary! A couple times during the day I continued receiving more coffee. Everything in the room is controlled by a tablet: from the light, to AC and even room service. There is a butler always available who addressed every single one of our requests in a perfect way.


The grounds

We had a beautiful view from our balcony of the sea, the corniche and the pristine gardens. It was really a delight to walk around the manicured landscaping. The beach is gorgeous, and there is on the beach a couple Bedouin tents, where a very friendly local man offers complimentary coffee and tea and takes visitors to walk around the hotel riding his camels (once again complimentary).


Hotel specialties

There are two fitness centers which are amazingly equipped, and several swimming pools and Jacuzzis. The area in the right side is more of an adult environment and the one on the left side is more kid friendly. The spa is an absolute treat, but because is run by a different company one has to pay to get a day pass. Still there is no shortage of activities. In the rest of the hotel one will find so many things to do it is like a city in itself. The hotel is quite a destination, a truly fantastic palace, with awesome restaurants including one of the very few Emirati specialized restaurants.


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