El Mirador: A typical restaurant for an authentic Costa Rican meal

El Mirador: A typical restaurant for an authentic Costa Rican meal


A great journey is often made not only with good preparation and planning, but also refreshment along the way. When through the Costa Rican landscape it is possible to encounter many fine establishments serving succulent local dishes in a relaxed and homey atmosphere.


A restaurant well known and recommended for its savory dishes, unique atmosphere and panoramic views is El Mirador. It is located in the hills of Naranjo de Alajuela around 40 kilometers from San Jose. This region sees high tourism and local traffic due to the excellent coffee farms. Business booms for farmers and tourists flock to see and savor the excellent coffees. All of this has made El Mirador a prime spot for a tasty meal anytime of day.


The restaurant sits off a main road that runs along a very high ridge. The views that came with lunch we found simply impressive. From our table we looked far down into the valley below and see terraced fields of coffee plantations, rolling hills and small towns spreading out into the central valley. On a good day they say you can see all the way to San Jose.


Service is prompt and friendly and can be handled well in English or Spanish. The menus are very descriptive with full pictures of all the plates and if you know your local cuisine you can ask for things not on the menu too. Food is wholesome, tasty and irresistible. Prices are very agreeable too. Much of the décor is skillfully carved wood with artifacts and stone grills built into the backdrop.


The restaurant is open from, 6 a.m.–4:30 p.m. daily and can best be located by asking for the vicinity of San Juanillo. There are some major signs for it a few kilometers down the road as well. In addition to the naturally good views it has telescopes mounted inside of it to get a better look at the valley and food is grilled over local wood that gives an added flavor of distinction. Telephone is: 506/2451-1959




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