Review of the new El Dorado International Airport: Bogota, Colombia

Review of the new El Dorado International Airport: Bogota, Colombia


We recently flew through Bogota: Latin America’s 3rd busiest and one of the top 100 busiest in the world. To say the airport has improved would be an understatement, it has been reincarnated and this time looks much more like the mythical city of gold it is named after: El Dorado.


We’ve flown through the old airport many times over the years. It wasn’t the best or the worst facility, but the brand new terminals offer a world class operation.


First impressions:

Upon arrival to the airport we immediately saw how much faster and easier drop off, lines, check in and purchases went. It was the desire of the architects to design a place that would be much more navigable and efficient for passengers. The road leading up to departure has 6 lanes for traffic to move along steadily. Check in counters with eager agents or handy self check in options made waiting in line super fast. Due to the airline on which our outbound flight occurred, we were informed that our airport tax had been included in the ticket already, another plus.


Facilities and Services:

We experienced the domestic terminal for arrival and it had lots of floor to ceiling windows, black and tan stone, moving walkways, escalators and elevators. The automated baggage claim worked like a charm, getting our bags out quickly. The arrivals hall is bright and cheery and easy to find car services, taxi’s and practical things for coming into the capital.


The International Departures had abundant space for lines, souvenir shops, cafes and a well structured security check. Once past security a very inviting duty free area with abundant attractive staff offer the top luxury candies, perfumes, liquors, clothing and personal effects. The lounge we tried was top quality and world class. Abundant shops and a pleasant environment make the departure full of exciting things to do. Like any really good airport you feel conflicted about getting on your flight!


Atmosphere and Presentation:

The new El Dorado makes great use of natural light, wide floorplans, immense ceilings and abundant personnel to make the entire airport process efficient and friendly. The decor pays homage to the legend of El Dorado with golden mosaics, designs and design which integrates modern architecture with very earthy building materials. Maybe El Dorado has been discovered after all!


Review of the new El Dorado International Airport: Bogota, Colombia




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4 Responses

  1. Gus V says:

    My recent experience at El Dorado Airport was the worst.

    Upon trying to check my luggage with Delta Airlines, I was bombarded with a whole lot of questions by one of their employees. What was more upsetting was having to explain why I have taken vacations to other countries in the past. It was like being interrogate by the gestapo.

  2. Scott says:

    I was in Bogota last March, and was astonished… DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) copied their terminal.. it is nearly identical!!! What a marvelous experience…..I’m returning to Bogota in 22 days and I can’t wait to eat Colombian food again….Blessings to Colombia…

    • voyageurvoyageur says:

      Hello Scott. Thanks for your comment. El Dorado in Bogota is indeed a beautiful airport. We like a lot their VIP lounges. We have a lot of info on our page about great restaurants and places to visit in Bogota, please let us know if you have any question. Enjoy your trip! We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook in Instagram and in Twitter

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