Driving: Tips while preparing for a Road trip in USA

Driving: Tips while preparing for a Road trip in USA


Summer is a wonderful time to plan road trips in the . This a country where makes a lot of sense. There is a lot of free parking in most cities and tourist . Gas is cheap, road connections are excellent and there are abundant affordable lodging and restaurants almost anywhere. Here are some tips to keep in mind while driving in the USA.

Renting a car is most of the time a great deal

It is an easy straightforward process and the rates for car rental are normally very affordable. Most rentals come with unlimited millage but it is always a good idea to confirm that. The insurance can add more than double the price, so if your credit card already covers that part just go with it.


Be aware of toll roads

There are many non toll roads in the USA, but there are some states in which the main highways are toll roads, a good example is the Florida turnpike where even with other alternative options this highway represents an excellent call. Plan your trip ahead and be aware of possible tolls, most of the times it is possible to pay with credit card, but it is better to carry some cash, there are very few tolls that are only automatic, it means that the car rental company will be billed by the state and then they will charge your credit card and they may add an extra fee.


Be careful and mindful of security

There are many unsafe places in USA, and many cars are broken every year with the intention of stealing things from inside, so do not leave bags or other things in the car that may attract unwanted attention. Always park in a public, highly visible spot. In the night it is better to park next to a lamp and even better close to a Security camera.


Avoid speeding fines

Traffic tickets can be expensive and a real headache, some times drivers may be expected to show up in court days after the infraction. The best thing is to be familiar with speed limits and local rules and obey it to avoid being in a unpleasant situation, remember that most car rental companies will charge an extra fee for these kinds of infractions.


Be familiar with the kind of car you are driving

Most cars in USA use Gasoline, but now it is possible to find some diesel cars. Just be sure what do you have to put in the car so you do not damage it. Some luxury cars require premium gasoline and putting a cheaper kind gas leave you without coverage from the insurance in case of a mechanical problem.


Traffic laws can be different from State to State

Most rules are the same within the USA, but there may be some regulations that may change from State to State, just do a quick search on the internet about particular rules in specific States.


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