Doha Qatar Airport Review

Doha Qatar Airport Review


The newly opened Hamad International is in the top tier of airports worldwide. The vastness and modern appeal is quite singular. While many airports around the world might be put together piecemeal, have ongoing renovations or simply be overdue for updates, the beauty of this facility is that it is seamless from start to finish, a great promise and investment in the future of air travel terminals. 


Information and Logistics

To go along with the modern travel experience, it should be noted that the airport has a superb website featuring the many facets of arrivals, departures and transfers. Any outside visitor to Qatar needs a to enter the country, however a great many countries have the visa on arrival option. This is quite simple, one simply pays a nominal fee with credit card upon inspection of the passport. There are desks for cash transactions as well, although the price will be higher. Passengers arriving into the country or to transfer will find the airport well marked and with many greeters holding signs and available to answer questions about navigating the airport. Departing passengers can expect to be swiftly processed through check in, exiting the country and security. The airport has many employees and booths which can handle a high volume of traffic.


Airport to city transfers

Getting from the Airport to the city of Doha is quite easy. The taxi line is visible and the rate always starts at 25 Riyals, it is imperative to have local cash on hand to use a taxi. A ride to the city center should cost around 60 Riyals. Passengers wishing to take public will need to get a Karwa bus card from the driver and pay for limited or unlimited trips in 24 hour intervals. The cost is 10 and 20 Riyals respectively. Routes 109 and 747 serve the airport and larger area.


The shopping and waiting experience

This is where the airport really shines. The spacious halls are packed with the world’s top luxury brands in clothing, food, watches, jewelry, electronics, accessories, liquor and tobacco. The duty free shops have good prices, on par with what one would expect to pay on average around the world. The collections of refined perfumes, liquors and fashion items are interesting, whether one intends to buy or simply gaze. There are state of the art lounges with a full range of foods and comforts. Dining venues are abundant Arabic, American, European and International delicacies. Selected sleep and quiet areas make resting before and between flights a real privilege for every traveler.



The airport has a strong free WiFi service that is quite modern and handy. There are many outlets and charging stations. The furniture is comfortable and lovely and services such as handicap accessibility, meet and greet and concierge services are never too far away.


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