Ultimate destinations for serious bike lovers


Ultimate destinations for serious bike lovers

We love to ride at home and when we travel we are always seeing new places that inspire us to seek new roads. There are some places that are dream destinations for those who love to ride and it is well worth it to travel with a plan to cycle.


The considerations that need to be made are around the logistics of bringing the bike mostly and the type of riding too. It should be kept in mind that customs can be the most difficult part of getting your bike into your destination country so be sure and check ahead of time on the requirements. These are some of the best road and mountain destinations out there:

Road Biking:


Ultimate destinations for serious bike lovers

Colombia –  These guys are the kings of cycling for good reason, Colombia offers such challenging and beautiful terrain. This is an ever expanding destination and some of the best places we recommend to cycle are in the region of Antioquia. 

Costa Rica – Narrow are the roads, but the payoff is so great, world class views of volcanoes, beaches, tropical waterfalls and high canopy with mountain breezes. 

Nicaragua – This is a newfound gem for us, virtually untapped so far has miles of roadways which are prime for cycling through lush vegetation, savanna and volcano panoramic routes. 

California – This is the mecca of bike riding in the USA. The roadways are fantastic, the climate is mild and there is everything from sea to mountains in this nature infused state. 

Italy – Impeccable countryside whether it is the Dolomites or Tuscany, and some of the roads and routes date back to the times of ancient Rome. 

Spain – The roadways of Spain are impressive and bicycle culture is strong. There are so many variations of landscape to cycle on and every little town seems to offer a fantastic little bar to stop and refresh. 

Portugal – The roadways are quiet and the scenery majestic. Portugal offers some of Europe’s most serene and calming riding.


Mountain Biking:

Ultimate destinations for serious bike lovers


Offering a different set of challenges based on the type of riding, but with very often some of the most rewarding and wild views on the planet, the top Mountain biking destinations we recommend are , Andorra, France and Utah.


Adventure Biking:

Ultimate destinations for serious bike lovers


An amazing trip that can be thrilling and challenging all at once is to ride through the Andean Mountains from Chile to

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