The cultural offerings of Amsterdam

The cultural offerings of Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a success story of ingenuity. Much like the beautiful canals of Venice, this watery capital was founded on great engineering and sustained with international trade. From a tourist perspective this is one of the best to walk or bike in. The city is well connected via trains and its to the rest of and the world, but once on the ground a pedestrian pace is the best way to enjoy the culture. I found that the canals have a mystic affect as the foundations of buildings literally rise from the waters. Two of the larger canals which offer lovely strolls are Keizergracht and Prinsengracht. 


Culture in architecture and city planning


The great streets of this town are delightful and they lead to some amazing wonders. Pass along to the Damrak district to see amazing street performances, view the typical styled houses and finish up with a look around Dam square. Next the area of Wallen hosts a variety of colorful and ornate structures. The Old Church is an ancient gothic structure and a place of fine art. The Westertoren tower is an example of fine Dutch Renaissance architecture. And if seeing these buildings isn’t enough, many of them offer even more staggering views with their canal reflections just alongside, making some wonderful photos. The city is one of Europe’s best for tourism. The climate is nearly always decent and there are provisions for handling many shoppers, clients and explorers.


Highest concentration of Museums in the world

Even if you don’t enjoy museums that much, this is probably the place to go see one. The city’s most heavily concentrated area is at the Museumplein. There is a Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum and the Rijksmuseum which houses the largest selection of classical Dutch art. Classical performances can be attended with all due pomp at the Concertgebouw. For those seeking less pomp the Heineken Music Hall is always packed to the rafters with pop and rock bands due to the large contingency of youth both native and visiting the town. Discotechs and clubs necessarily abound especially venues like Sugarfactory, Paradiso and Melkweg. The city is host to a great number of festivals which take advantage of the size, youthfulness and beauty of the town itself for surroundings and decoration. Celebrations are often centered around the arts, music and various forms of self expression. Museums cover almost any topic imaginable: torture, sex, tulips, cheese.


There is always a romance present in this town unlike others. Amsterdam allows for one to capture all the grandeur of Dutch culture, cuisine and architectural mastery, while being constantly linked to the area’s natural beauty.


The cultural offerings of Amsterdam


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