Crusaders Restaurant in Caesarea, Israel

Crusaders Restaurant in Caesarea, Israel


Israel is a country that attracts millions of visitors every year, history, religion and natural beauty are just some of the main motivations for those who arrive to this destination. Finding a good restaurant without having to pay fortunes can be a real challenge in such an overcrowded market.

Caesarea is one of the most picturesque towns of . It is a very ancient port built hundreds of years ago by King Herod. Ruins are still nowadays a witness of its glorious past. The port has become in the present time an area of attraction for those seeking a place of relaxation, in a historical setting with good dining venues. Caesarea is located halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It takes around a half hour from any of these and it has become a good stopover for those traveling to Galilee. There is free parking at the main entrance of the historical park.


In fact there are several restaurants located among the ruins of the ancient port of Caesarea. In our last visit to Israel we had the opportunity to eat lunch at Crusaders. This particular restaurant offers a cozy ambiance with good quality food and value for Israeli standards. There is outdoor and indoor seating. Since the port offers such wonderful views, outdoor seating is probably the best call when the weather is good and in this corner of the world they are blessed with good weather almost all year round.


The restaurant is located inside the historical park and one has to pay a little fee to enter. But this is one of those things that does not make a lot of sense or that at least only makes sense in Israel, the entrance to the harbor is free except during main meal hours, anyway it is around 3 USD per person, it can be paid in cash or with credit card.


Service in crusaders Restaurant was fast and overall attentive. Service is not one of the strengths in general of the Israeli tourist industry and as well in this restaurant it could be better. The menu offers a good selection of dishes with many seafood specialties. We ordered some mediterranean appetizers and I have to admit everything was very well presented and the taste was excellent. The main dishes were no different, we enjoyed sweet potato ravioli and a Israeli salad. We loved it!


Prices were good, there is always a big push toward tips, and it seems they are even stronger about this with foreign visitors since as soon they bring the bill they write in perfect english with capital letters SERVICE NOT INCLUDED, and as they hand the bill they give kind of a weird look, but this not totally comfortable situation seems to be quite common in almost any restaurant in Israel.


We liked our experience at Crusader’s restaurant, this is indeed a unique setting, with a beautiful panorama and a great level of quality in the food. It is a place that we will not hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a great place to have an unforgettable meal.


Crusaders Restaurant in Caesarea, Israel

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