Highlights of visiting Cologne, Germany

Highlights of visiting Cologne, Germany


The Northwest section of is home to some of Europe’s greatest farmland especially for cooler weather crops like Cabbage and Kale. While this might not be the most touristed sector of the country, (Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich are some more familiar names) it is especially worth seeing for its scenery, culture and natural beauty. 


Highlights of visiting Cologne, GermanyCologne (or Koln as its locally known) sits along the banks of the Rhein River, associated with Western Germany’s lush forests and farmland as well as much of its myth and lore.


Old Town

The beauty of the old town is that it is marvelously maintained and offers the best views of the Rhine. Its most notable attraction of all is the Cologne Cathedral. This is undoubtedly the city’s greatest treasure and one of the most fascinating and stunning cathedrals in the world.  Nearby are two other significant buildings the ancient church of St. Martin and the tower of the historic City Hall. Museums are found in abundance and there are wonderful pedestrian streets too. History runs deep with the remains of the Old St. Alban Memorial, and the Stapelhaus attractions.

 For the most authentic shopping and souvenir experiences head to Cologne’s old neighbourhood of handicrafts and trade, Alter Markt and Heumarkt.

Highlights of visiting Cologne, Germany

Rheinauhafen waterfront complex

This revitalized and very modern section of the city is complete with stunning architecture, developments, residential units, walkways, riverbank views, cafe’s restaurants and galleries. If you want to get a feel for what’s new in Cologne chances are here is where you will find most of the .



Cologne is renowned for its carnival festivities every year. From the Friday before Ash Wednesday until Ash Wednesday itself there is a theme for each day of the weekend. It is very family friendly and people celebrate with all sorts of masks, dances, costumes and parades.


Kölner Lichter in July is a Germany’s biggest high altitude fireworks display. An evening of summer riverfront festivities culminates in a celebration of pyrotechnics and simultaneous music.


Kolner Haie is one of the country’s foremost hockey team and they have a long history and tradition in Cologne.


Highlights of visiting Cologne, Germany



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