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Costa Rica Enters the International Conventions Market with a beautiful new facility

Its rare that a building project gets done on time and even rarer if its ahead of schedule, but Costa Rica’s brand new convention center achieved that feat by opening its doors yesterday to the world. It’s another great sign of how tourist-centric Costa Rica is and how they are leading the region and most …

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We have an exciting announcement for our readership: is now becoming

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Lisbon is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, here’s why:

  It may seem like a quiet corner of Europe compared to London, Madrid or Paris but Lisbon is very attractive as a destination. It has amazing museums, food, architecture, history and hotels. 

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Mukul: Nicaragua’s trendsetting resort

  Nicaragua has enormous potential for luxury tourism and refined landscapes and we got to see this firsthand in a recent visit to Mukul, an exclusive resort in an idyllic location. 

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