Category: Travel Basics

Feb 16

Florida’s coasts offer many unique cultures which one fits your Spring Break plans?

  Spend enough time in Florida and you will soon realize that besides traditional names of beaches and towns, the tourism infrastructure has grown in such a way that certain sections of coastline in Florida have their own profile. This is a breakdown of those names and what a visitor can expect to find on …

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Aug 15

Lisbon is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, here’s why:

  It may seem like a quiet corner of Europe compared to London, Madrid or Paris but Lisbon is very attractive as a destination. It has amazing museums, food, architecture, history and hotels. 

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Jun 11

Ultimate destinations for serious bike lovers

  We love to ride at home and when we travel we are always seeing new places that inspire us to seek new roads. There are some places that are dream destinations for those who love to ride and it is well worth it to travel with a plan to cycle.   The considerations that …

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Jun 07

Even if you are rich, pay attention to these tips so as not to waste your money while traveling

  Making financial mistakes and losing funds on trips happens to the most savvy of shoppers. Some people just write it off as a part of the experience, others just don’t realize till its too late and worst of all some may never realize they’ve been made to pay more than they should (legally or …

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