Category: Transportation

Dec 28

A review of the American Express Lounge in Delhi Airport

Exclusive and intimate is the enjoyable feel of the excellent American Express Lounge in an otherwise massive airport that feels like several cities in itself. Located Just near gate 27 in Delhi’s Terminal 3, this is the only American Express Lounge in India and it is open 24 hours a day.

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Nov 03

How to reach the city of Quito, Ecuador from the airport

Landing in the high altitude city of Quito was a wonderful experience. The brand new airport is a gem, everything is orderly, clean and functions well. There are no shortage of transportation options to get from the airport to the city.

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Oct 04

A recommended Taxi Hire in Nawpyitaw, Myanmar

  Our trip to Myanmar and the capital city of Nawpyitaw was fascinating and unforgettable! We were concerned (as you might be right now before reading this article!) because information about the planned capital is sparse online. Not many tourists make it a destination since it is assumed to be uninteresting and only for government …

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Apr 01

How to get cheap airplane tickets?

When we love to travel getting an affordable airplane ticket is a big deal. Cheap does not necessarily mean to compromise in service or the experience.  To get a good airplane ticket at an affordable price one has to do a little homework before buying.

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