Category: Transportation

Mar 25

Mile-High Marathons: Airlines are upping non-stop distance in 2018

Just this weekend Quantas set a new milestone by starting the first regular passenger service nonstop flight between Australia and Europe. The route is Perth-London and the time is a little over 17 hours for the 9,000 mile trip. While it is only ranked the seventh longest flight in the world it is the first …

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Mar 10

Getting from Rome to San Giovanni Rotondo (Padre Pio Shrine) in Italy

  This place of religious devotion in Italy’s Southern Puglia region should attract so much tourism and pilgrimage. The Capuchin monk who lived here was and continues to be a revered figure and a source of discussion, but the shrine is a must see for many people visiting Italy.

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Dec 28

A review of the American Express Lounge in Delhi Airport

Exclusive and intimate is the enjoyable feel of the excellent American Express Lounge in an otherwise massive airport that feels like several cities in itself. Located Just near gate 27 in Delhi’s Terminal 3, this is the only American Express Lounge in India and it is open 24 hours a day.

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Nov 03

How to reach the city of Quito, Ecuador from the airport

Landing in the high altitude city of Quito was a wonderful experience. The brand new airport is a gem, everything is orderly, clean and functions well. There are no shortage of transportation options to get from the airport to the city.

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