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High Tatras, Slovakia: a magical ski destination in Europe

  This is a winter wonderland! The Tatra Mountains are a range of alpine peaks located in the Northernmost part of Slovakia and Southern part of Poland. There are many natural attractions, first class hotels, historical towns, great restaurants and excellent facilities for the lovers of winter sports.

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Is it really a good thing to get Travel Insurance?

  At first glance travel insurance seems like a something not very important at least for a big number of travelers. Some people even will say that it is a waste of money. I can understand -in some ways- this kind of position even more when most of the times travel insurance is something for …

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Exploring the Markets of Fez Morocco

  Traditional Markets in North Africa and the Middle East are sensory experiences that bring one to the essential needs and treasures of life. The overflowing stalls, the chatting shopkeepers and the bargaining buyers are just part of the scenery. Going into the commercial district is an experience that involves all one’s senses, and the …

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