Category: Car Rental and Driving

Mar 10

Getting from Rome to San Giovanni Rotondo (Padre Pio Shrine) in Italy

  This place of religious devotion in Italy’s Southern Puglia region should attract so much tourism and pilgrimage. The Capuchin monk who lived here was and continues to be a revered figure and a source of discussion, but the shrine is a must see for many people visiting Italy.

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Jun 15

Dealing with electronic tolls and rental cars on Portugal’s highways

  Portugal’s electronic toll system has been causing frustrations for tourists and locals alike since 2013. Even now confusion persists mostly for the short term visitor because the electronic bill must be paid in very roundabout ways. 

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May 19

We hope you take full advantage of the Amalfi Coast, here’s our best tips:

  One of Italy’s most memorable coastlines is often one of the least well explored. That is to say many travelers speak of the Amalfi coast, yet only end up exploring a simple section or seeing it from the vantage point of one town or a guided tour or even a ferry ride. The Amalfi …

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Mar 28

Things to keep in mind when renting a car in Costa Rica

  Costa Rica is one of the hottest destinations for tourists nowadays and driving is one of the best ways to freely explore the diverse and scenic country. Some people prepay tours that include transportation, but it is quite common to see tourists renting a car. There are some things you should be knowledgeable about before …

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