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Peterhof Palace: a perfect day trip from St. Petersburg, Russia

  If St. Petersburg is Russia’s showcase city then Peterhof Palace must be part of the reserve collection. This prized palace, estate and gardens sit inside the wooded shorelines of the Baltic Sea rendering solitude and singular opulence all at once. The property is a palatial estate constructed and realized under the same spirit of …

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Recreo Verde: a great zip-lining locale in Costa Rica

  Recreo Verde, is a thrilling and intimate place just outside the small town of Venecia San Carlos in Costa Rica. For enjoyment of a place that is off the major tourist grid, with informed and expert guides this is a great spot to not only go zip lining but to take advantage of their …

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High Tatras, Slovakia: a magical ski destination in Europe

  This is a winter wonderland! The Tatra Mountains are a range of alpine peaks located in the Northernmost part of Slovakia and Southern part of Poland. There are many natural attractions, first class hotels, historical towns, great restaurants and excellent facilities for the lovers of winter sports.

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