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Jul 14

Top Spas of 2018: Four Seasons Kyoto

Being part of an imperial city is an expectation challenge for any hotel and Four Seasons Spa delivers serenity and dignity on every level. With all of the gardens and palaces to sightsee, the spa is a special place for relaxation after lots of walking.

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Jul 08

Top Spas of 2018: Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi Grand Canal

ESPA at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi   What is immediately a wonderful impression of this spa is that it occupies its own grand space in the larger Venetian Village built with the theme of Grand Canal that surrounds the entire hotel. Some might consider it a small hassle to have to walk outside the …

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Jul 04

Best Spas of 2018: The Raffles Istanbul

  The Raffles Spa in Istanbul is one of our favorites on the list so far and we have returned to the hotel many times because of the beauty of its Spa. ¬†In a city of Ottoman glory often expressed by powerful opulence and palatial adornment, the Raffles Spa brings the beauty of this distinctive …

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Jul 02

Top Spas of 2018: Ritz Carlton Langkawi

The Ritz Carlton property is a tropical resort that really perfects the sense of place. Rather than a singular massive hotel it is a series of buildings, villas and bungalows spread out over a large forested coastline. Golf carts are abundant to help guests cover ground quickly and we were ferried to the spa immediately …

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