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How to get tickets to see the Papal Audience in Rome

  One of the attractions of being in Rome is getting to see the Pope. Whether one is a person of faith or not it can be a truly rewarding experience to see the person who heads a major worldwide religion interacting with pilgrims and visitors. Every public event at which the Pope presides has …

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The definitive guide on how to experience the Vatican Museums

  Rome is one of the best cities in the world to view the master collections of great artists. The eternal city has more museums and artifacts than one could view in a decade but one of the best calls to see some of the highlights is to get to the Vatican Museums. 

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How to get a tour of the Vatican Gardens

  Until very recently the Vatican Gardens were off limits to most visitors. There are reserved times of the day for the Pope to be alone for walking, reading and meditation, but often important visitors and benefactors of the Vatican museums were the only regular folks getting in. Now the Vatican Museum offers a package …

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