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Jan 05

The Isle of Wight, is the best place to explore and enjoy ‘England in miniature’

  An idyllic vacation spot for British nationals and International tourists alike, the Isle of Wight a handy place to reach just a few hours South from London. Great Britain’s largest island is easily reachable via trains, buses and highways. Any experience of the island begins at the mainland city of Portsmouth, this is one …

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Nov 17

The seemingly unlimited attractions of London

  One of Europe’s best known capitals draws tourists all year round for a combination of the classic and modern wonders of all things British. There are literally thousands of ways one can visit this capital and its outlying districts, but we’ve highlighted here those parts which have stood out to us from past visits.

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Jun 15

There is a place where you can travel the world without leaving the building? Try The British Museum

  Every time I get to London I somehow find my way to the British Museum. I’m not a museum connoisseur by any stretch but when I do find one I like, it will often draw me back. So why is the British Museum such a draw for this traveler? A few reasons: Its free …

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Feb 14

Wimbledon: our favorite daytrip in London

  Whether you are looking to plan your trip to the annual Grand Slam Tennis tournament in June or simply looking to explore this London suburban city, Wimbledon has charming characteristics to attract visitors year round. The town is small, yet indeed charming full of boutique shops, lovely houses and has a great museum at …

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