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Jul 04

Best Spas of 2018: The Raffles Istanbul

  The Raffles Spa in Istanbul is one of our favorites on the list so far and we have returned to the hotel many times because of the beauty of its Spa.  In a city of Ottoman glory often expressed by powerful opulence and palatial adornment, the Raffles Spa brings the beauty of this distinctive …

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Oct 12

Hospitality takes the form of luxury and art at St. Regis Istanbul

  The imperial city of Istanbul is a place where luxury hotels offer palatial quality splendor and don’t skimp on the hospitality either. Historically it all makes sense, Ottoman splendor is after all the marriage of some of the best values and achievements of East and West. 

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Jun 06

One of the coolest ancient history Museums is in Ankara Turkey

The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations   Museums can be a real hit or miss attraction in any travel destination. There are some real stunning ones and others which make you wish you’d rather taken a walk in the park. The unassuming Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara Turkey, is one of the best we’ve seen …

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May 19

The Raffles Istanbul: Seriously this may be the best hotel of the world!

For many people a hotel is just a place to spend a night, in this case the Raffles has become truly an institution in the short time it has been open; to the point that it is said that you come to Raffles to really get know Istanbul.

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