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Nov 15

Toledo: a living monument of Spanish history and culture

  Each Spanish city has its own vibrant character and allure. The Iberian peninsula is so different from place to place but is very much united by themes of history and political rule. Toledo is a welcome destination which somehow we’ve always managed to fit in to every Spanish excursion. The proximity to Madrid helps, …

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Oct 13

Five European destinations for this Fall season

  Many travelers are looking for a Fall escape, and there are wonderful places to visit in Europe, but where to go? Fall is prime time to enjoy a quieter and prettier side of Europe. Crowds disappear from the time-worn streets and lovely paths and gardens in and around the classic beauties of Europe. The days …

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Apr 27

Granada is one of our top cultural destinations in Spain

  Granada is very popular because of its famous history of occupation and conquest which is encapsulated in the iconic Alhambra Fortress. We think this is an impressive world class attraction and the city as a whole is one of the top places in Spain to be fully immersed in its living history.  

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Feb 20

What to see in a road trip from Madrid, Spain to Portugal and back.

  Spain and Portugal are two countries that offer innovative possibilities for a fantastic road trip in Europe. There is an excellent network of highways, many historical and colorful towns, great lodgings, delicious food and both countries are more affordable than any other European duo.

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