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Oct 19

Skadarlija: One of Europe’s most memorable streets

  Serbia is not a European destination that rings with the familiarity of a Rome or Paris and Skadarlija street is certainly not as well known as the Champs de elysee or Via Condotti, but Serbia is an up and coming city and its most famous street is a collection of art, culture and food …

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Oct 08

Luxury hospitality in Belgrade: a delightful stay at The Metropol Palace

  The city of Belgrade has come a long way since its more frugal days decades ago. It is a rising star in Southeastern Europe where cruises, excursions and new tourism infrastructure is abundant. 

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Sep 22

Belgrade is a city most people would never think to visit, but the majority are missing out!

We just finished our second visit to Belgrade in the past ten years and it is truly an underestimated destination which has never been more exciting to visit than now.

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Apr 29

Belgrade, Serbia is where we appreciated lesser touristed Europe

  The word diversity is something that really strikes us every time we go back to Europe. A seemingly “smaller” continent is just full of history, culture, traditions and many divergent viewpoints all in one landscape. When we started to explore the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe what drew us there was its untapped potential and …

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