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Dec 13

One of the best Christmas markets is in a city full of a amazing heritage and a beautiful natural surroundings: Krakow may be your best bet for Christmas and beyond

  Krakow represents for us the opportunity to visit a gorgeous European city and a Christmas Market that almost no one knows about. Sure you can find tons of pictures out there of the famed Christmas Markets in Austria and Germany (and they are beautiful don’t get us wrong) but Krakow has its own special …

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Mar 15

Absynt Restaurant in Nowy Targ Poland

  On a recent day trip between Slovakia and Krakow we decided to stop and get lunch along the roadside. The trip takes around four hours total especially along the mountain roads and the scenery is gorgeous. Now Targ is one of the bigger towns along the way and sits around half way so it …

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Feb 07

Wawel Hill: Poland’s most exquisite castle hill in Krakow

  If you had to pick one spot from which to get a great panorama of Poland’s history, culture and lure, Wawel Hill, the site of a castle, cathedral and fortress is the place to see. The spot is easily discernible and essential for the Krakow visitor. Poland’s history is long and full a many …

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Apr 24

Love mountains? The Tatras of Poland and Slovakia are calling!

  Not too long ago we undertook a Winter trip that simply exceeded all the expectations we had for a mountain vacation in Europe. We knew that we were headed to a fairly unknown section of the continent for outsiders and what a treasure we found in this fantastic part of the world. In Southern …

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